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There is no way to win the argument about how the buildings fell. It is too complex. I saw a building demolition. You saw a building collapse from fire, in part because you were told that was what happened.

On the drug side. All the drugs that come from South America are laced with chemicals that keep you from having the religious type of high that led people to God in the sixties.

Do you drink? If you remember how alcohol made you feel in 1982, let me ask you, when is the last time you had that kind of alcohol high? The last time I had it was in 1989, drinking from a bottle of $50 Scotch called Glen Morange. When that bottle ran out, the next bottle had been laced with the same chemical that was in all the beer and all the cheaper alcohol. I didn't get the same high, and haven't had that high since. And I never drink anymore.

A few years ago, a company came out with a beer called Crazy Horse. It was just beer with no added chemicals. There was big stink in congress over it. They made them stop making it. There is now no beer or alcohol in America that isn't laced with a chemical that keeps you from feeling the same kind of high that can inpsire. The alcohol you can buy does make you sick, and dizzy, and gives you a headache. Some people call that high. I don't.

I spent a month in Chicago in 1988 while trying to sell Wilson on my racquet design. There was beer there made by the same company who made Crazy Horse, called Old Style. No one in Chicago drank Budweiser. Budweiser was laced with that chemical, but they all drank Old Style. I thought it was remarkable that almost no one in Chicago drank Budweiser. They all drank what you would consider an "off brand" beer, but Old Style gave the old-fashioned alcohol high.

The same is in all the marijuana and all the drugs that come out of South America. The government and military do control the entire drug trade from South America. They do not control the drugs that come out of Afghanistan, and that is the problem, so they create a reason to have a war.

But it isn't really about drugs. It's much deeper than that. About 2000 years ago, the original Catholic church changed Christianity. The Catholic church created this idea: if it feels good, you are going to hell. Everyone knows that is fundamentally what the Catholic church believes.

Today there are two kinds of people: those who usually do what they are supposed to do, even though it doesn't feel good. They are constantly fighting a war against themselves so they can be accepted and successful in the world. But in Jesus's terms they would be selling their soul to gain the world.

Then, there are people like me, who say, "What feels good is what is right!" I worked for the first part of my life and hated every minute of it, then I quit and started doing exactly what I wanted to do. I designed a tennis racquet. It felt good. Then, the racquet changed the look of pro tennis. If you look at any match from 1987 and before, it looks different from big matches in 1988 and after. In time, everyone had a form of this weighting and the look of tennis changed. But they didn't pay me, and even my own father doesn't repect me for what I did because in his eyes, and Wilson's I wasn't really working. I was just having fun. Wilson would never hire someone like me, but they would use my idea to make millions. God put it in our hearts to do what would be profitable to Him and to the world. When we do what is truly in our hearts, we help the world.

This is the kind of truth you discover from occasionally drinking scotch and occasionally using good drugs. If the whole world discoverd these truths, the world system could not control people. People would be controlled by their hearts.

There was a real Christian rival in the 'seventies from TV evangelists coupled with the "Love Generation". The idea evangelists preached was that God loved you and wanted you to have your desire. That movement is dead now. The one religion that still follows the concept, "If you do what God wants you will be happy" are the Moslems. This is contrasted to the Catholic line, "If you make yourself too happy you will go to hell, so be careful."

The world system says, If you do what you want, you will be fired, not be respected, etc. People dress, wear their hair, and do everything to be accepted by the world. In other words, they sell their soul to gain the world. True Christians, and true religious people believe that if you do what God wants, God will save you. These people are considered dangerous to the world system, and this is what the war is about. The system wants a license to get rid of all the people they consider dangerous to society.

This is a war for "civilization". It is against people who don't need to follow the ways of the world system because they follow their own hearts and God. These people have always argued they are not dangerous or violent, but they actually are. When they are totally rejected by the world, like the Palestinians are rejected by Israel, and like Mohamed Atta was rejected in his personal life, they are willing to die in service to God. One solution is not to totally reject these people, because they aren't really dangerous until their lives become hopeless.

The world system says, if these people would be more like the world they would be successful. That is the only solution that is acceptable to the world system, but the Moslem religion mandates that people who conform to the world system to get ahead are infedels. What an intense and true conflict!

The system also has to control all the drugs, so the drugs will not give anyone a religious experience and show that it is more rewarding to be truly happy than to be successful in the world.

But in a proper world we can have both, and most rich and very successful people have gained their wealth by not selling their souls, by doing what is truly in their hearts. In fact, it is poor people who really have to sell their souls to have money.

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We are the same and we are part of NATURE.

I wish that all of you are living a truly happy life (i.e. not attached to worldly pleasure and material things).

Do all that is good and nothing that is bad.

Life is a form of suffering.
Do you agree?

It is very important for us to find out the truth meaning of life; otherwise we are wasting our time pursuing the wrong things.

The eight sufferings of human beings are:
Sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death.
We do not attain what we seek, suffer hardships, are parted from our loved ones and find ourselves in the presence of those whom we resent or even hate.

The root causes of suffering are:
Greed, anger and ignorance.

How to get out of sufferings?
Remove the root. Use wisdom to remove greed, anger and ignorance so as to convert sufferings into happiness. If you agree that the existence of all things are a form of illusion and we are just like living in a dream, your mind will not be attached to any material things. One needs to be mindful of it at every moment.

Why do human beings DISCRIMINATE against each other?
All RELIGIOUS people and free thinkers who are working in the WTC, companies and educational institutions, etc are working under a system that discriminates against each other. Do you know that or are you being IGNORANCE?

CEO, Principle, President, Director, Manager, Section Head, Technician, Operator, Lecturer, Teacher, etc. It is a discriminative system (a non-equal system). Isn’t this is a form of ugly or evil system?

The financial war in the stock market.
Isn’t the stock market system considered an EVIL system?

What about the action taken by Bush towards Afghanistan?
Is this a form of discrimination?

I believed that you are able to gain the wisdom to answer the above questions. Your self-nature is pure and infinite (infinite life, infinite wisdom, etc). We are part of nature and we are supposed to be equal.

All the things and happenings in the universe are due to cause & effect. When the condition exists, the cause turns into effect. The effect becomes a new cause and the cycle of cause and effect continues without an end to it. We can control the conditions i.e. to purify our mind.

The Anthrax scare in USA is an example of cause & effect.

Your question 1:
I am also would like to know if your beliefs falls into certain belief system or is it your own personal insight?

It is an education to tell us the truth about life and the universe.

Let’s restrict ourselves on human aspects so that we can verify the truth of it.

My past: Deluded mind (emotional, full of desires, greed, frustration, anger, hatred, selfish, jealous, discrimination, high face values, worries, not happy, not healthy, etc).

Now: Awakened mind (no worries, truly happy, healthy, peaceful). I felt sorry for myself and all my friends (human beings and others). Hence, I live to help myself and any friends (out of compassion) whom have realized that they are living in a form of sufferings and they are ready to search for true happiness.

Based on my personal experience, the most difficult desire is to get rid of sexual desire. I have succeeded it. The best contraception is “no sex and don’t even think of it”.

I believe many of us have asked this question “How do we come about?”
The question is how sincere is your heart when this question is asked. The sincere minds will get the answers and others do not. The sincere mind will verify the truth.

What are we trying to achieve in this life?
Money, wealth, power, etc. USA and many other countries are trying very hard to compete each other until their very last days on earth. It is so logical that you can’t bring any of these items to heavens or better worlds. Hence, why on earth are we competing for all these non-value added items. It is obviously wrong to do so.

Competing on money is an evil act. The existence of money is a form of discrimination.

There is nothing on earth that we can bring with us after this life except our soul.

It can be as simple as learning letter a, b, c. The awakened mind finds that it is easy to learn and accept. However, the deluded minds have difficult learning and accepting such a simple teaching. They will continue to talk about material stuff (we are great, we will win, my penis is big, I’m a ranger, I like this food, some will say Christians are better than Muslims, vice versa, etc). My answer is simple: nothing is interesting in the universe and nobody is great at the end of everything.

Your question 2:
I'd like to specify, you wrote "Emptiness is an achievement" - does it concern also love, friendship? Does it mean person should be completely calm without ANY emotions?

Emotions are one of our sufferings.
Love with wisdom and not with emotions.
The purpose of friendship is to help each other to get out of sufferings. Friendship talking about material stuff is a waste of time. However, it is an element of contact to win the trust of someone, show care, concern and respect for each other.

I played a responsible role as a parent to love my children and treat them as my friend (just as anybody else). I use wisdom to educate them and not be attached to emotions. Being emotional will do us wrong.

Truth emptiness is not empty.
Being a normal human, it is almost impossible to achieve the state of emptiness except if one’s mind is pure and not polluted by the society. One may find such person at quiet places such as the village, forest or mountain area. I can’t achieve it in this life, hence I have to make strong vow and need the help of my teacher so that my soul will be born into western pure land.

All material things are impermanence (including our earth and our galaxy). However, cause and effect is not empty.

One must cultivate oneself to transcend the cycle of born-old-sick-die i.e. get out of suffering forever.

All living beings have their own minds.
We make our own decision and hence it determines our FATE.

Equality is the key to stop discrimination among human beings.

A peaceful mind is a truly happy mind, it is not affected and influenced by external events. Look within yourself and not externally because all external things are a form of illusion.
If we agree with it, then we shall not attach our mind to anything. We may help someone but the mind does not attach to it. The purpose of sharing my view here, is to hope that someone will realize one day that he or she is actually living in a dream. However, I try to cultivate my mind not to attach to it.

With a SINCERE and COMPASSION heart.
Live a wise and truly happy life.

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You said life is a form of suffering.

The Moslem God, the Jewish God, and the Christian God are the same God, and that God said, "TO PLEASE ME YOU MUST HAVE FAITH." To have FAITH means, you believe you can cure your sufferings.

If you want to IGNORE your sufferings, then you have no faith that you can relieve your suffering.

America is great because we created the system of free enterprise that allows people to make a lot of money by making life better and to relieve suffering. America is the richest and healthiest and happiest place on earth. In America, all day long we relieve suffering and make life better: and we make money from it. The house you live in today is probably more comfortable and pleasureable than the house you lived in twenty years ago. The car you drive gives you pleasure, because it has been designed to appeal to human needs. God said to Adam "...subdue the earth", which means to make everything fit human needs.

The stock market generates money so we can create better products that make our lives healthy and happy. People invest in the future in the stock market. They have faith that the future will be better and that faith is pleasing to God. Other people use that money to make the future better. Without investment money, people who have talent and ability can't do anything to make the world better. The stock market is very pleasing to God, which is why the Devil first targeted the World Trade Center and the financial district.

Compassion, you ask good questions, which is half the battle. God loves the way your mind thinks.

But we compete to make the world better. If one product does not give as much joy as another, the product that gives less joy is defeated and the one that gives more joy is elevated in our free enterprise system. In America we have a perfect system. Greedy men can only make money by creating products that people want more than they want their money.

But there are powerful people who say the desire for pleasure and joy is evil. They say everyone should be satisfied with what they have. Socialists and communists, and those people in our world today who say desire for better things is evil all came from the old feudal system. In the feudal system, the less the lord had to pay his people, the more money he had. The less his people needed, the more he had, so he created the idea that it was good to do without. That was only so the feudal lord could have more.

My father has ten million dollars. You know my story, I designed a tennis racquet weighting system that is now #1 in the market, but Wilson used my idea without paying me. Now my father, who has about ten million or more, gives me a condo to live in and $750 a month. That is evil, like a feudal lord.

The secret to happiness in the feudal system is to learn to do without. The secret to happiness in the American system is to learn to satisfy desires and needs. That system makes greedy people do good things.

But some people are very bad. Lords who want to control the world want to give people as little as possible while they get as much as possible. That is why they pay people $1 an hour in foreign countries. That is evil. They want to create a system like the feudal system. The people who work have to be satisfied with the $1 an hour. They cannot directly serve other people. The washcloth they make in Pakistan that we buy at K-mart for $2 has about a nickel of labor costs in it. If we paid the worker five times more, we would have to pay about 30 cents more for that washcloth. Regular people would be willing to pay that to have a more joyous world, but the lords who control the world are not willing to lose a dime. They want to create a world in which we cannot serve each other, we can only serve the lord.

Now we have created an "American Christian Religion" in which the mainstay is to "serve the Lord". This is evil. Our real purpose, given to Adam by God is to satify desires and needs.

Ironically, the only people whose religion does not distort this principle in the world today are Moslems. They serve God because they want to have true happiness. Muslims understand that America is very close to being rich enough create true happiness in the whole world.

If we share what we have with rest of the world by building manufacturing factories and shopping malls and paying American wages in poor countries, then the formerly poor people will buy more of our products and we will make even more money. They will be happy, and the whole world will be happy. This is on the verge of happening naturally; so, very evil people want to destroy our finacial system so we will not be able to spread our wealth and joy to the whole world.

Bin Laden attacked the World Trade Center. Once he grabbed the world stage and got our attention he wanted to explain all about how America could be helping the rest of the world. He is willing to give his own life to give this messsage, because he knows we will kill him for what he did. Poor people have to do extreme things to be heard. That is how we created America and took it from the British.

However, people whose purpose was simply to destroy wealth, so that no one could pursue pleasure, helped bin Laden come to power. Remember that bin Laden used to work for the CIA. He and the Taliban may still work for the CIA. Part of the proof is that we are not supporting the Northern Alliance, who represent a relative form of sanity in the region. Colin Powell is talking about including the Taliban along with the Northern Alliance equally in a future government! This is insane until you realize we installed the Taliban to acheive our goals which were to control the counrty and get rid of a world supplier of drugs. They say drugs are evil because all pleasure is evil, and they say we should just serve the Lord. This is the future if the bad guys win.

Bin Laden's purpose was not simply to detroy wealth but to make a point about the suffering of the poor. He is not being allowed to speak, so he quit doing his end of the bargin for the true bad guys. They wanted him to just make America poor through through terrorists acts carried out with his well-funded, well-trained terrorist organization.

At the moment there is no terrorist war because the Far Right, who controls the press and just about everything will not let him speak. He could not have done one-third of what he did if he was not being helped. Fundamentalist Christians and the Far Right want to totally destroy wealth so no one can satisfy needs and desires, while bin Laden wants to make us understand that we should be using our wealth to help satisfy the needs and desires of his people.

Bin laden is no saint. Maybe he is evil, but he is willing to give his life for what he believes, and he believes his people should benefit from America's wealth, not be paid a serf's wages or given second class treatment.

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Your message is great and very wise. But did you come to this board to preach moral or talk about the topic?

The West March Against War; Islamists Keep On Killing

Now they marched even in NY.
The most incredible is that these cretins are poeple who want to be cool, free, liberarian, leftist, openminded... They don't know they are supporting the men who are the most oposite to theyr ideals and who would kill them on the first day they put a foot on Afghan land.

Sunday October 28 6:17 AM ET
Gunmen Kill Christians in Pakistani Church
By Asim Tanveer

BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Women keened over the bodies of 15 Christians lying in pools of blood in a Pakistani church Sunday after masked gunmen on motorcycles drew up, shot dead a police guard and sprayed the congregation with Kalashnikov fire.

``This is terrorism,'' Senior Superintendent of Police Arif Ikram told Reuters. The army was sent to patrol streets after the attack.

Christians have long expressed fears they could become targets if unrest broke out in Muslim Pakistan over opposition to the U.S. attacks on neighboring Afghanistan (news - web sites)'s ruling Muslim Taliban militia.

``We are investigating and we will take action against whosoever is involved, no matter what their religion,'' Ikram said.

As some 70 Christians in central Bahawalpur gathered for regular Sunday morning services, six men on three motorcycles rode up to Saint Dominic's Church and pulled AK47 assault rifles out of their bags, one witness said.

``They were carrying the bags and when they came they took out guns,'' the witness said. Shouting ``Graveyard of Christians -- Pakistan and Afghanistan,'' and ``This is just a start,'' they raced up to the church while the guards were asleep and opened fire, killing one.


In what was clearly a planned attack, four gunmen entered the church chanting ``Allah-u-Akbar'' (God is Greater) while two waited outside to shoot anyone who tried to flee, a witness said.

Police have been posted at Christian churches since the deadly September 11 attacks on the United States. These have been blamed on Saudi-born Osama bin Laden (news - web sites), who is sheltering in Afghanistan under the protection of the hardline Taliban.

``The method used and the inhuman tactics clearly indicate involvement of trained terrorists,'' President Pervez Musharraf said in statement expressing his shock and sorrow.

``I to assure everyone that we will track down the culprits and bring them to justice,'' he said.

Christians account for about one percent of Pakistan's 120 million population.

``It is a security failure,'' Pakistan's minister for minorities affairs, S.K. Tressler, told Reuters, adding that the Christians of the area had been receiving threats for the past few days.

``They (the administration) should have properly reacted to these threats,'' Tressler, a Christian, said.


Lying sprawled on the floor of the church, its walls scarred with bullet holes, were the bodies of seven women, two children aged three and five, and the pastor, Father Emmanual.

Saint Dominic's is a Catholic church but a Protestant service was being held at the time of the attack. The gunmen, who fled, killed 13 in the church and three died later in hospital. Five were wounded. On the wall above the bodies, a biblical inscription was painted in red: ``We want peace, order and harmony.'' Thirteen of the victims were from the same family.

``We have nothing to do with what's going on in Afghanistan. We are innocent people,'' cried one woman.

``This is terrorism related to Afghanistan,'' said Sharif Azhar, a member of the church's organizing committee, adding that local authorities had been informed of a recent stream of threatening phone calls and letters against the Christian community.

Pakistan's hardline Islamic groups are opposed to the military government's support for the U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan.

It was the first such attack on Christians in the region, he said. Christians from about 100 villages blocked a main road to protest against the attack.

``We are not supporting attacks on Afghanistan. We have always supported the Muslims of Pakistan in their causes. We have nothing to do with Afghanistan. Why are we being targeted?'' said one member of the congregation, Piyarey Lal.

In 1997, Muslim rioters in southern Punjab sacked 13 churches and a school and burned and looted hundreds of houses, saying some Christians had committed blasphemy by throwing torn pages of the Koran into a mosque.

A 1986 law that makes blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammad punishable by death has been used to intimidate religious minorities, including Christians, rights groups say.

Around 2,500 people are said to be in jail or to face charges for blasphemy.

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Thank you all for your insightful messages, I truly enjoy reading them.

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very funny AA ! I understand that same officer quoted Jesus' approval of fighting on Easter Sunday when he was heading Holy Roman Empire.

have not watched TV for a few days so your message was interesting, and feel your observations are on the money. Israel could (and should ) do so much to defuse tensions but instead ratchets them up a notch. It is time for UN resolutions to be honored, and indeed outstanding dues paid in full.

have to cut down online time due to other demands on my time but still look forward to showing up coupla times a week and being more contrary than today. But last night Ray Charles destroyed any cynicism lurking in my conservative soul.

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Those are horrible, horrible things. But the purpose of everything that is happening is to start a war. Criminals will do anything if you pay them and they were probably paid to do that.

As I wrote my previous post I tried to explain a very complex set of ideas and circumstances. My girlfriend would came into the room saying, "Get off my computer. Everything you say is stupid. Post it and get off. I have to e-mail my sister."

She has absolutely no respect for me, and in the same vein, when I was twenty, in 1971, my mother realized I didn't shape my conclusions in order to be acceptable to the world. The reason is because I see what I see. I am not influenced by what other people will accept, but only by what I see. My mother realized I would never be able to fit into the world, and then she had a dream one night that I would design a tennis racquet and become famous. I forgot the dream. But I remembered it when my racquet design, and even the name I suggested, "Hammer", became the #1 racquet in the world. I had forgotten her dream before I even started working on tennis racquet balance. I began to dabble in tennis racquet balance between 1975 and 1979, and then I found a concept that worked and developed it for eight years between 1980 and 1988. After showing my ideas to Wilson asking for a job, my ideas became the #1 racquet in the world. I went to my mother and said, "That dream you had when I was twenty came true." She said, "I don't remember any dream."

Later she said, "I just told you about designing a tennis racquet to motivate you."

I said, "No, you were worried that there was no place in the world I would fit in, and God gave you a dream showing you what would happen to me in the future so you would feel better." But she disagreed saying there was no dream. All I know is, she told me she had the dream. When I needed my parents to help me fight Wilson because I had no money, my mother denied the significance of what happened by denying she ever had the dream. My father just said, "Get a job."

And yet, in America you can't get a job at McDonald's, or at Walmart if you have a full beard. You can't take the very first step in life if you don't mold yourself into what other people believe. Even if you are right everyone around you will hate you, they will not respect you, no one will give you a job, and you won't have any money. This is an even greater violence against people than shooting them.

My tennis racquet was designed exactly the opposite of what racquets are supposed to be. The weight is concentrated in the lower middle part of the shaft rather than in the head. You have to be among racquet and golf club designers to know how controverisal that is. But it became the best selling racquet in the world, however, because I am different I never got anything for it. Even according to my own parents, and now my own girlfriend I don't deserve anything because I am stupid and confused. This is violence. The violence of shooting someone ends when they die. The violence against people whom world thinks are different lasts for a lifetime of misery, and it never relents. I just wish I were wrong so I could be like them. Everyone just conforms, and never admits to what they really see because they know how much trouble it will get them into.

This is what this war is about. Our side wants to officially reject everyone who is different. If there is a person living next door to you and you see he is different, they want more power to come in and take that person away. I used to think God would come down out of heaven and save the Israelis from the Arabs, who unfairly did violence to them. Now I think the same God will come down out of heaven and save the Arabs from the Israelis.

You don't understand how much violence it is not to let bin Laden give his point of view. The so-called "All-American" was a concept fabricated in the 1930's by Roosevelt to oppose the idea of Americans who were inventors and millionaires going after profit and a better life in the 1920's. The so-called "All-American" in the 1930's became, not the millionaire like Gatsby, but the working man which was a socialist ideal (the working man). Later that same idea was called The Ugly American by Europeans, after WWII. Today, we Americans are ones who are violent.

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Hey, good message, if your sending it to a child. No one is buying the America set up the puppet government and walked away and everything they did caused this.

Just like every other facist I know, you take no accountability for your own actions.

The moslem pigs have choices, yet like you and your Commy fatalist friends, they continue to make the wrong decisions, and refuse to accept resposibility.

If liberals and the rest of the civil liberty gang spent half thier time trying to find solutions for there self imposed problems,and took some accountability for thier actions instead of trying to blame everyone else, maybe just maybe, they too could acheive something, and maybe take control of thier own lives.

But than again, it would be very difficult for you to admit how deeply flawed your perverted thinking is, and how it is you and your thinking that is the source of your terrible experience, this would drive you insane now wouldn't it?.

Get some perspective, work on yourself and don't.
worry about evryone else sporty. Or I'll sight that teledyne on your ass, and make put a little spunk in that step of yours.


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Hey AA,
what are your thoughts on the Ramadan cease-fire issue ? OK this is not supposed to be a war against Islam, so we should respect it, right ?
BUT this "holy month" has never stopped them from slaughtering each other has it ? Well it probably has over the centuries depending on who the antagonists were, but there are plenty of recent examples to the contrary. And this is war, or is the PR more important. Remember Tet.

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If you conform to get along, you will be successful.

If you see a better way you can be more successful. The whole point, as you said, is to be successful.

But if we see a better way and we ignore it and conform, we are selling our souls. Once I had a job as a busboy at a hotel. They said I had to cut my hair. I said, if I cut my hair I will look really bad. I had to cut it in order to keep the job, so I cut it. Then the boss fired me saying I looked really bad. A waitress said I did look okay with longer hair, except that longer hair was socially unacceptable. I wasn't acceptable when I tied to conform and I wasn't acceptable if I did what worked for me.

My life has been amazing in that way. Luckily I have a rich family, but I can see all the contradictions and impossible situations that some people are faced with.

For me, there really hasn't been any solutions, except that I have perfected my racquet design and I am about to sell a modified racquet that is better than anything on the market. It's a modified Wilson. Wilson has a "W" as their logo. If I put a small "t" upside down beside the Wilson W; the W becomes an M and it is M-t, which stands for Moron Technology.

I am the one they think is a moron. But tennis is a game (life is a game) and I can finally sell my racquet as an aftermarket product, and make money and maybe become famous like the other half of my mother's dream said.

Sometimes you have to be innocent like a child, and sometimes those people have the biggest success. Gradually the world changes, as we all learn what is truly good and truly bad. I don't think you are bad. I have to look up facist to see exactly what that means. I don't even qualify my assessment of you by saying you are different from me. I am ruthless and all I want to do is win. But I won't deny what I know or think is true, and I guess not having to deny what you think is what America is all about.

I know, or at least strongly think people in the US set up the Taliban to undermine Afghanistan. And the main reason the super powers want to conquer Afghanistan is to get rid of good drugs. If you don't think America and Russia are working together in everything, think again. How in hell did we lose in Vietnam, anyway?

I say those things even if people do not buy it. I don't need for them to agree with me. I have my family's money and my racquet. That's how come I understand where bin Laden's is coming from, even though I would never fly airplanes into a building and kill people. But now I have this little temptation to fly a plane (radio controlled) into a tall steel building just to show the world the building wouldn't come down from a plane crash and an upper story fire.

Bin Laden's part was really just to create special effects. Now that they won't let bin Laden talk he quit doing terorist acts and they are strapped for attacks on America because they want to start a war and destroy our wealth: so no one buys tennis racquets and stupid things like that. I use the word "they" in it's truest sense, not obscure, "they" are the real bad guys.

Well, my theory on Vietnam is they wanted the communists to control Southeast Asia because they wanted to stop the really beautiful Southeast Asian girls from selling sex to the world. They actually failed because the comunists ended up controlling Vietnam, but not Thailand. The real God likes good sex and good drugs and protects His world, but it hasn't been easy.

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To Facts,
What a loaded question. Or so it seems.
The way I see it is that we have every thing to gain by breaking for Ramadan(I keep thinking about the hotel chain) and can only lose by keeping up the war through it.

Yeah, as you stated, many a war between Arab/Muslim states have been fought on this holiday, as well as many more that were stopped for it. The difference being that when family fights they don't stop being family but when an outsider fights family, even those that are at odds with each other, members step up to defend that part of the family that is under attack. The family that was at war suddenly becomes a family again. Our task could thus be stated as trying to get at a McCoy while not looking like a Hatfield. For the rest of the world this means that America must exact her justice from the ones who committed this crime without looking like an anti-Muslim/Arab antagonist. Now that's a tall order considering America's history in relation to the Islamic states. So if the Muslim world is asking for a respite, a hiatus, how can this hurt the ultimate goal? With the technology we have at our disposal as compared to the Taliban, I can see no possible change in the outcome. Except one. There might be a group, a small group, in the muslim world who would now be able to say the phrase "America the merciful" with a little more conviction.

Remember this is not a real war. This is not even a police action. It is both and more. It is The US and it's allies trying to develop a new strategy, a new foreign policy, a brand new approach to counteracting and eradicating the very basis(not just bases) for the type actions we all witnessed on 9-11. If this is so then justice must not only be done, but must be perceived as being done as well. Part of justice in the muslim world is mercy. Remember some of those that are dying are innocent. Maybe this will give them a chance to find safer ground. Most of all though, this will only be perceived positively in this sphere. Bearing in mind that this is also a struggle for minds and hearts.

tommorrow, AA.

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Not only are some of the people who are dying innocent, but we put out their power and water. Why did we have to do that if we are only going after military targets? That makes us into bigger assholes than anything I have heard, especially with the approach of winter. Many innocent people will die. But we don't have to worry about that, because it won't be reported or blamed on us.

One of the news agencies, CNN, MSNBC, or Fox had a novelist report the first man who died of anthrax, in Florida, was closely related to Atta.

If this is true, why wasn't it reported earlier? If it was just learned, why isn't it a major news story? The information does not seem plausable.

If a news agency is trying to make an untrue connection between Atta and the anthrax, this is suspicious. But if we "hired" bin Laden to do terrorists acts against us, in order to reduce America's wealth and get us into a WWII state of mind like our parents and grandparents, and if bin Laden has now pulled back because the press will not let him speak; then, they are desperately trying to find a terrorist to continue the job, and desperately covering up the fact that bin Laden has jumped ship. It sounds crazy, but I am going where the facts take me. To have a novelist report that the first man who died of anthrax was closely related to Atta, if it is not true, was an almost desperate act of disinformation.

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Stop the bombing for Ramadan?
Why? The Taliban forced all the afghan to fast permanently like under ramadan. We will end theyr everlasting privations.

The taliban won't respect the ramadan against the NA. They will counter attack.

It will be irelevant to regard a tradition and stop a bombing campain, while we are killing inocent poeple.

Just imagine:

"Hey, we are not monsters, we kill your civilian, women and children only before and after the Ramadan. Never during."

As someone put it on another forum:

"Why should we respect the Holly Truce of the Ramadan? They didn't rescpect Holly Cofee Braek Time when they smashed the WTC. F**ck them."

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To all my friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers,

We live to save and help each other on earth.


1. Cause
2. Condition
3. Effect

1. Bible/10 commandment
2. Practice it in daily life; Faithful to God.
3. Christian heaven

1. Koran
2. Practice it in daily life; Faithful to Allah
3. Muslim heaven

1. Sutra
2. Practice it in daily life; Faithful to Buddha
3. Buddhist heaven

1. Other good teachings(i.e. teachings with good moral values)
2. Practice it in daily life; Faithful to their God
3. Their heaven

1. Evil teachings
2. Practice it in daily life; Faithful to their evil
3. Their hells

All these heavens and hells (i.e. all worlds) are created by the minds.

God created Christian heaven; Allah created Muslim heavens, etc.

The common teaching is good moral values.

We shall work on common grounds, i.e. loving kindness.

Jesus is the son of God. He is kind towards people because he came to earth to save us. One of his objectives is to help us awake our mind and go to Christian heaven.

Mohammed …….. also has the similar objective. He is kind towards people because he came to earth to save us. He helped the Muslims awake their minds and go to Muslim heaven.

Bodhisattva (a state below Buddha) came to earth with similar purpose.

God existed infinite years ago, Jesus was his son in one of his life.

Allah existed infinite years ago, Mohammed …. was his son in one of his life.

Buddha existed infinite years ago; a Bodhisattva was his son in one of his life.

I may be your son or daughter 1 million years ago. It was so long ago, I couldn’t remember anything because my mind has too much impurities and it does not have the abilities now to recall the past. If I purify my mind, one fine day (1 million years later) I will be able to recall it.

There are infinite ants, insects, animals, etc. on earth. They possessed the similar features as we do e.g. parent and children love, selfish, anger, fight, sexual desire, greedy, fear death, etc.

The main difference is that they possess more greed, anger and ignorance than we do. These 3 items are the main cause of our sufferings.

There are infinite heavenly souls in Christian heaven.
There are infinite heavenly souls in Muslim heaven.
There are infinite heavenly souls in Buddhist heaven.
There are infinite evil souls in hells. There are many level of hells.

There are infinite worlds in the universe. All these worlds are created by our minds.

Infinite means the number is too big for us to compare. The number of souls in heaven is much more than the number of souls on earth.

I hope that the above info. will enlightenment all of you.

Human beings who habour evil thoughts will become animals or evil souls in hell in their next life. In this forum, you know who you are. It is time to repent your wrong thoughts.

All sufferings (including the terrorists, killing of innocent life, anthrax) are created by IGNORANCE souls and/or evil souls???.

Cause: Terrorists (evil souls) filled with hatred targeted at the Americans and as a result killed Americans and innocent people.

Condition: USA leader and some Americans are furious with the terrorists.
Effect: Bomb their military network in Afghanistan and killing innocent people.

Condition: Terrorists are furious with the Americans.
Effect: Anthrax attack.

Condition: May the world leaders work as ONE team, come out with a WISE solution to solve this critical issue. The Americans and the terrorists must be willing to forgive each other. Let’s put our past behind for a new and friendly future. Let’s communicate and solve it on a round table.

God blessed America. This statement is used by most of the leaders in USA; it is discriminatory and selfish. One of the American writers had commented about it recently.

God should bless all people on earth not just the Americans.
It seems that the leaders have used God statement wrongly.
This is the cause to many problems on earth.

If you know that you are wrong because of your IGNORANCE, the leader should announce publicly and make an apology with a sincere heart and vow not to do it again.
It applies to all leaders whom are still alive.

Money is not a valid item in heaven.

Live a wise and truly happy life.
Wise means simple, humble, contented, loving kindness, friendly, etc.

With a SINCERE and COMPASSION heart.

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cannot see how we are going to go in on the ground now, not with harsh Afghani winter almost upon us. We would be fighting both Taliban and the weather. It won't let up until spring, are we going to keep bombing for 4 more months ? Millions of ordinary Afghanis will perish this winter without massive aid operation. Hard to see how we can avoid this now. To be honest I am more concerned with feeding them than catching/killing Bin Laden. His days are numbered anyway and he knows it. And while we're at it let's drop a little largesse on a few other nations that can't feed their own people.
I say we feed Afghans through the winter via the UN and then deal with Taliban and al-Queeda in the spring. The desire for instant justice can lead to frustration and poor military decisions. We'll get 'em eventually. Nothing will bring back WTC victims, and fighting through winter would result in more US casualties than would be necessary if we slowed up. As for Ramadan- a- ding- dong, we could wait and see if Taliban attack Northern Alliance, in which case all bets would be off.

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