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We have a relative, Mubarak Farfi Khoja, age 55, who just happened to have traveled to Indonesia for vacation three days ago. We neither have his phone number there and do not even know the city where he was staying. He was living in Medinah, Saudi Arabia and is orginally from Uzebakistan. We are concerned about him (due to the quake in Indonesia). Any info regarding his present state is appreciated.

Posted : 26/12/2004 3:51 pm
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Wondering about Hyderabad

Posted : 26/12/2004 4:31 pm
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I have a brother on the Island of PHUKET. Our parents and I are very concerned of his saftey but do not know how to contact him does anyone have information on how to do that?.
his name is Owen Swerdfeger from Richmond British Columbia Canada.
I can be contacted at

Posted : 26/12/2004 8:42 pm
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update re Owen Swerdfeger
Happy to report Owen has reported in safe and sound. He and his buddies had good luck when they decided to play golf Sunday morn so they happend to be on the other side of the Island when the wave hit.His hotel was spared but one of his buddies condos was distroyed.

Posted : 27/12/2004 2:12 am
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I am very curious has there ever been a Earth Quake. That has cause the whole earth to viberate I have never heard anything like this before. Please anyone who has heard of this before please let me know. I know this one that hit South East Asia cause the whole Earth to tremble.

Posted : 27/12/2004 2:52 am
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Gaby and Dicky from Harrogate, please post message to Julia in Hereford! Your Christmas card says you are going to Sri Lanka...

Posted : 27/12/2004 5:08 am
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Urgent--- More than 700 bodies recovered in Krabi

โดย Manager Online 27 December 2004 17:49

BANGKOK (Manager Daily)- More than 700 bodies, victims of Sunday’s towering ocean waves, were recovered in Khoa Lak, of Pang Nga’s Takua Pa district, while more than 1,000 were still missing, said Thailand’s Prime Minisuter Thaksin Shinawatra who was at the scene on Monday afternoon.

Khao Lak, where white sand beaches line up a hilly shoreline north of Phuket, is one of the most spectacular seaside resorts frequented by both Asian and European vacationers.

The discoveries bring the ocean waves death-toll to more than 1,000 since Sunday.

Prime Minister Thaksin said Army troops and volunteers from private owned charity agencies discovered the bodies after a series of search/rescue operations starting on Sunday.

The prime minister said he had told ministries concerned to arrange caravans of buses to transport hundreds of survivors in the area to safe places.

More than 1,000 are still missing, said the prime minister, as officials were providing foods, and medics offering first aids to the injured.

Khao Lak beaches were devastated by a series of tsunami-type tidal waves unleashed by an undersea massive earthquake north of Indonesia's Sumatra Islands on Sunday morning.

The prime minister said many survivors were still shocked while mourning their dead friends and relatives.

Aerial views on a TV news coverage earlier in the day showed debris scattered on beaches, trees fallen, houses levelled, and dead bodies littered some local roads.

ITV reported earlier that dozens of rescue workers resumed combing wreckages for bodies as the death-toll kept rising.

It is believed that several bodies were buried in the mud when the gigantic waves swept into the sea tourists who were on the beach late Sunday morning, according to the TV broadcast.

Prime Minister Thaksin said injured survivors, many seriously, had been admitted to Takua Pa hospital, many of whom were later transferred to hospitals in Songkhla on the Eastern Coast.

Lastest news at 18.14

unofficial amount of tsunami victim
Phuket: dead - 130 people , injured - 1070 people
Trung : dead - 4 , injured - 70
Pungnga : dead - 528 , injured - 4799
Krabi : dead - 68 , injured - 1208
Ranong : dead - 102 , injured - 99
Satool : dead - 7 , injured - 15
Conclude :dead 839 people , injured - 7261 people

Posted : 27/12/2004 7:41 am
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My name is Melissa Brosk. I'm a reporter for The Washington Times in
Washington, D.C I'm hoping to speak to people who are trying to find
and friends missing since the tragedy in South Asia. If you've heard
family or friends, or if you're still looking to hear from them and
willing to talk to a reporter, please call me or email me. (202)
636-4888 or

Christina Bellantoni
Virginia State Reporter
The Washington Times
(202) 636-3219 - D.C. office
(804) 788-4261 - Richmond office (Jan 10 through March 1)

Posted : 27/12/2004 2:28 pm
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Hello everyone. I have a college friend named Missy Glader who was vacationing in Thailand with her family for the holidays. I am very concerned about her well-being since the tsunami hit. If anyone has any information about Missy or her family's whereabouts, or any way that I could possibly contact her, I would really appreciate hearing from you. She is originally from Chicago. My e-mail address is Thanks so much,

Posted : 27/12/2004 5:22 pm
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We are looking for any information on Po Chen and his family who were vacationing in Phuket this week. Do you know of a survivor/victim list?

Posted : 27/12/2004 10:23 pm
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Any news on Justin Ledingham or Seda Tokez who were on Phi Phi Island?

Posted : 28/12/2004 3:56 am
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My heart and prayers goes out to all the peaple and their families who'm have suffered from this catastrophy.

Posted : 28/12/2004 9:47 am
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May god be with you all, my heart truly goes out to everyone that is affected by this catastrophy.

Posted : 28/12/2004 6:20 pm
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Here are some useful and informative sites for the latest information on the Indian Ocean earthquake and deadly tsunami:

Here is a resource site for information about a tsunami:

Posted : 28/12/2004 8:52 pm
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what happened?
web sites with no info tremours all over the world governments with no comments

Posted : 29/12/2004 12:03 am
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