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Got back last night after a long, tiring week in
st. Barths. For those of you concerned about
upcoming vacations, here's the deal:

The island will be fine. There was a significant
rock slide on the road leading into Gustavia. That
will tie up traffic on that road for a bit. There
is significant flooding in the are leading into
Saline Beach. At this point access to that beach
is cut off. Power is up and running though phone
service was spotty when we left on Monday
afternoon. I imagine it will be fine by the time
you read this.

Due to good building codes there is no major
structural damage. Maya's Restaurant is no more
though. Completely leveled. Every other restaurant
is oaky, I think.

Most of the problems for upcoming vacations will
be purely cosmetic. A lot of foliage on palm
trees, etc. was blown clean. But the beaches are
in good shape and just need a good cleaning. There
are a lot of droopy power lines all over the
island but they seem to be functioning.

The airport is a pain in the neck but that's
because you're at the mercy of these tiny
carriers. Air Guadeloupe, which provides direct
service between St. Barth's and San Juan, is
struggling badly to get its act in order. But that
alternative is still FAR preferable that having to
connect via the airport in St. Martin, which is a
disaster (both sides).

If you can go the San Juan direct route via Air
Guadeloupe or Air St. Thomas you'll be better off.

I think that by next week most of the kinks will
be ironed out and a vacation is still doable.
(This does not apply to St. Martin. I would
seriously reconsider any vacation there this year.

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We are traveling to Aruba on Nov. 30. How is the situation there after "Lenny"? Is traveling affected? What about hotels and beaches?
Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Our Caribbean local weather website will hopefully be taking it easy till July but please stop by for the daily weather updates and chat!...

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Will Katrina be upgraded to a Category 5 storm due to the impact of the storm?

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I have family menbers please help me find them!
Alice Kathy Rama, 238 Rollingwood Dr. Carriere
MS 39426
Her Son: Guy Gibson 24
"Health problems"
Alta and David Henly + Son David 121 Ozona Rd., Carriere, MS 39426 Alta has many Health problems
I Can be reached at 407-234-3932
Margie Lynn and Ron Galloway

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Disaster Agencies Complaints should be made public.
So if you feel that any agency that you have encountered was inept, rude, inefficient or just awful to get help from tell us your story.