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Goede morgen Kolina, alles goed?

I live in the Caribbean
on a small island
blessed with a great diversity in
race, religion, ethnicity,
multi-lingual (incl.Dutch) and multi-national,
but, most important
no war ever in our history.

We are very passive and tolerant people
For us humans are first and foremost .... humans.
Any other "tag" is secondary.
That's why in the case of Kosovo
we feel we have to do something
if only express our indignation.

Word er goed voor jou/jullie gezorgd ?
Mag jij werken?
Hoe ziet de toekomst eruit?
Laat mij weten of ik iets kan doen.


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Kolina, your statment caught my eye. Something we have gone throught. I think people who are feeding America with proaganda lies know history quite well. Repeating Bosnia stories. Repeating II. world war stories. Like 20 teachers murdered in front of their students. Strange, the village of population of 200 has 20 teachers. But I am sure you know the song about how Germans killed 20 teachers cause they didn't leave their students to be shot. In the II. world war. It was a propaganda lie for NATO to use it. Perverted. A mass graveyard is familiar also, from Sarajevo where they buried people cause there was no graveyards left. NATO ( with Thaci's help again ) abused that fact to say there is a mass graveyard in the Pristina stadion. It was proven to be a lie. Perverted again. They can not even leave dead to rest in peace.

Some more information you can see on BBC and other European democratic stations but CNN won't show you cause it doesn't want to upset American viewrs.
Refugees are saying the food they are given by NATO is poisoned ( I think they mean it went bad )
and they are getting fever and diarea cause of it.
Robin Cook, British foreign minister in direct contact with Thaci, KLA terrorist leader. They talked for 45 minutes today. Foreign minister of the democratic country chitchats with a leader of the group that has not only killed many Serbs but also people of his own nation.
NATO didn't attact the part of the ZASTAVA factory that actualy produces arms but the ones that produce cars and heating for the town. The damage is $ 800.000.000. Since many of the other factories were working for ZASTAVA they will be jobless aswell. 200.000 people will suffer cause of this act.
Spies go to the Yugoslavia pretending to be a humanitarian workers.
KLA is attacking Serbian military across the border and then when they strike back it is said they are attacking Albania. Now KLA is asking NATO to do the job instead of them. Publicaly. NATO, the defence alliance is doing a work for the terrorist organisation.
Russian trucks stopped on the Hungary border driving arms to Yugoslavia. CNN doesn't inform American public of this so they would not wonder how many arms Russia has already smugled to Yugoslavia.
9 civilians died in the last nights bombing of Pristina, most of them Albanians. The are killing people they say they are saving.

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The U.S. government continues a massive propaganda campaign aimed at good
and disbelieving Americans to justify its war against our long-time ally,

I am one of those Americans. And I still have questions.

A letter I have got from a friend who has got it from his friend.

Mr. Clinton, you keep wagging your finger at Yugoslavia to obey
international law. Isn't everything you are doing in violation of those

Now that your recklessness has resulted in the capture of three American
soldiers, you drag out the Geneva Convention. Well, Mr. Clinton, you have
been violating the Geneva Convention every day for 11 days. From the first
day of bombings, you have been targeting civilian areas. Last night in
Belgrade you targeted an area with a maternity hospital. Among your victims
in the city of Nis are Bosnian Serb women and children. They were killed in
an international refugee center only 300 feet from your intended target.

You are using cluster bombs. Mr. Clinton, have you ever read the Geneva
Convention? Those are illegal weapons.

You are targeting and destroying Europe's historical monuments. The
medieval monasteries and churches you are bombing in Kosovo are UNESCO
protected, Mr. Clinton. The part of Belgrade you are bombing now is not only
one of its most densely populated, it is its oldest. You are aiming at old
architecture, libraries, and museums.

You have bombed schools, hospitals, civilian factories. You intentionally
destroyed a bridge rebuilt after World War II to commemorate Jews and Serbs
murdered at that same spot by fascist invaders. Is this your bridge to the
21st century?

Mr. Clinton, do you really expect us to believe that your bombing of Kosovo
is not the cause of the humanitarian catastrophe there? On the very first
day you bombed a town [Djakovica] which was 98% Albanian and flooded with
60,000 refugees. Writing about the lies of this war, the Sunday Times of
London reported:

"[Mirvei], a tall Albanian woman clutching her four-month-old baby, looked
bewildered when asked if Serbian troops had driven her out. 'There were no
Serbs,' she said. 'We were frightened of the bombs.'"

So, Mr. Clinton, what else are you lying about?

The State Department said that Albanian leaders were being executed. Then
Mr. Rugova and Mr. Agani turned up alive. It was a lie.

The State Department told us a stadium in Pristina was being used as a
concentration camp for ethnic Albanians. A western reporter went there and was a lie.

The State Department now is screaming "show us the missing Albanian men!"
Well, if you read news agencies like the Associated Press, Mr. Clinton,
you'd know they're being forcibly conscripted by the KLA at borders as they
try to flee your bombs.

Mr. Clinton, you probably need to explain to Americans the source of all the
horrible information you are passing out: a KLA commando known as "The
Snake" [Hashim Thaci]. And despite all the proof that he is unreliable, you
continue to broadcast his propaganda to us.

I'm wondering, Mr. Clinton, how long have you been lying to us?

Let's take the tale of Racak, for example. You started this war by
repeating over and over horrendous claims about this incident made only by a
single "unnamed source" in the Washington Post and specifically,
categorically, denied by Helen Ranta, the head of the Finnish forensic team.
The U.S. has suppressed the results of the Finnish report for weeks. Why
was it not published immediately, and why has it still not been published in
its entirety? I think it must incriminate the KLA. It must incriminate Mr.
Clinton's Ambassador William Walker, a veteran of Iran-Contra and Central
American massacres.

Mr. Clinton, you like to talk about genocide and massacres. Then why don't
you tell us about the remains of 22 Serbian civilians found in a KLA
crematorium at Klecka last August. Or the 39 civilian bodies dredged from a
river at Glodjane last September, Serbs and Albanians all murdered by the KLA.

Mr. Clinton, why don't you tell us more about the KLA?

The KLA is not fighting for human rights and democracy, is it? They silence
dissent by assassinating Kosovo Albanian citizens who disagree with them.
Just since the so-called cease-fire last October, they have murdered 82
Albanians. Last month alone they killed 15 times more of their own people
than they did Serbian policemen.

One must ask, Mr. Clinton, why does the KLA find it necessary to murder so
many of the very people it claims to be liberating?

In fact, the KLA is not a liberation army, it is a violent international
heroin cartel. Mr. Clinton, why don't you explain that to us?

The very day you started dropping bombs on the Serbs, The Times of London

"THE Kosovo Liberation Army, which has won the support of the West for
its guerrilla struggle... is a Marxist-led force funded by dubious sources,
including drug money. "

But you already knew this. In 1985 the Wall Street Journal estimated
that Kosovo Albanians moved 25 percent to 45 percent of the total U.S. heroin
supply. In 1996 your own U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reported:

"...ethnic Albanians from Serbia's Kosovo Province were considered to
be second only to Turkish groups as the predominant heroin smugglers along the
Balkan Route ... Kosovan traffickers were noted for their use of violence
and for
their involvement in international weapons trafficking."

Those words are on record at the U.S. Department of Justice, Mr. Clinton.
Can you explain to us why you are risking American lives for the drug mafia?

Mr. Clinton, you seem frustrated that Americans just don't understand enough
history and geography to understand what you are doing.

Well, I know the history of the term "ethnic cleansing." I quote from the
New York Times, July 12, 1982:

"The [Albanian] nationalists have a two-point platform...
first to establish what they call an
ethnically clean Albanian republic and then the merger
with Albania to form a greater Albania. "

These words were spoken by [Becir Hoti] an Albanian member of the Communist
Party of Kosovo. At the time this was reported, at least 57,000 Serbs had
already been forced out of Kosovo. "Ethnically clean." 1982. Why weren't
we told then, Mr. Clinton?

If you want Americans to understand history, Mr. Clinton, why don't you tell
us the part about how Yugoslavia lost 10% of her population fighting the
Nazis? 1.7 million lives lost, 1.4 million of them civilian. They died to
save a world you have made miserable only 50 years later.

Tell us about how the Serbs saved 981 U.S. airmen shot down over occupied
Yugoslavia. Read to us the letter from a veteran of the largest
behind-the-lines rescue in our history. Retired Air Force Major Richard
Felman pleaded with you:

"Where is America's sense of honor, decency and gratitude to those on
foreign soil who saved American lives? Do we return their sacrifice and
kindness by killing them? It appears to our shame that the answer is 'yes.'"

What have we come to? Mr. Clinton, our children should be learning history
and geography in decent schools, not from your war room.

Finally, I want you to tell the truth about who created this crisis. Mr.
Clinton, you have explained that Kosovo is strategic because "it sits on a
major fault line between Europe, Asia and the Middle East." In fact, isn't
it so strategic that the U.S. government has been working to occupy the
Balkans for over a decade? Do you not think it would interest the American
people that U.S. legislation began the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1990?
Legislation the CIA warned you would cause civil wars? Please tell us
again, Mr. Clinton: Who has been pouring gasoline on the flames of ethnic

There are many countries with venal, perverse, third-rate leaders, but Mr.
Clinton, you are the only one among them who is actually threatening the

The real moral imperative is for Americans to understand that it is not
Serbia which is destabilizing the Balkans, it is the U.S. government.

The real moral imperative is for Americans to understand the cost in lives,
our own and those of all the people victimized by Yugoslavia's destruction,
seven years of deadly sanctions, and now American bombs.

My forefathers helped found this country and are veterans of every American
war. I stand up for them and I stand up for the people of Yugoslavia. What
we are doing breaks my heart.

This war is about America and Americans must stop it.

Save our allies the Serbs! Save Yugoslavia! Save America!

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Greek Athenaiki newspaper reports that there is no more red and white paint in the shops in Yugoslavia because the Yugoslav army is using it to paint its tanks with the red cross of the Red Cross. Is this beyond believe or can we expect this from people that hide their tanks behind monasteries and use hostages as human shields?

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I was sent the above letter from a friend who has got it from his friend. I could not have written it better myself.

Just right now CNN is comparing Kosovo to Iraq. Are this people morons? How can you compare an attact on the soverign country to Iraq who has attacted an soverign country and America helped
to liberete it. Not that America cared for Kuwait people. It wasn't saving them but saving cheap oil.

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XTO, that doesn't matter or help anybody. America is bombing hospitals aswell, and they have a red cross on them.

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Off course, sure they do, you've seen it on SERB TV have you? That is a very reliable source - isn't it?

Personally I have not heard of one single hospital bombing incident. But since you have, can you share the name(s) with us - Please Maja.

If NATO does bomb a hospital they will likely kill Milosovic because that's exactly where the world's greatest COWARD is likely living as we speak. The world's greatest COWARD. Killer of innocent people, IS YOUR HERO.

Slobodan Milosovic has not won a single military fight, not in Croatia, not in Bosnia, not in Kosovo. The only fight he has ever won has been his fight to stay in power - and that is thanx to people like you who seem to be as entranced / hypnotized by him as the Germans were by Hitler. This is a phenomenon that defies explanation.

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I have not only seen it on Serbian television but on many others aswell. I don't believe your free press would show that. Sure, not a direct hits. Just a floor or two missing cause the near building was hit. Or all windows broken and smashed into the operation rooms destroying everything. And yes, one direct hit on the hospital in Nis. And in Aleksinac. Remember the town NATo killed 17 people when hitting the area of civil houses and a hospital?

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Pristina, April 11th; Three civilians killed by Saturdays bombing of the village Mirovac not far from Podujevo. Bozin Tosovic ( 30 ) and his one year old daughter Bojana died, while her pregnant mother is seriously wounded. One more civilian died, Dragan Dubalo ( 41 ).

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Massacres? What about the Pristina stadium?

1. On March 30, James Rubin suggests Serbs herding Albanians into
Pristina stadium. NOTE: He attriutes the report to KLA commander
Hashin Thaci (Thaqi), with whom according to Agence France Presse
(3/18) Rubin personnally has a "good rapport."

2. March 31: Reporter (AFP) visits stadium -- nobody there.

3. March 31: Rubin: "We never made that claim."

Question: how good are the other atrocity stories we're getting?

1. March 30, James Rubin suggests Serbs herding Albanians into
Pristina stadium.


March 30 (James Rubin):

QUESTION: You said that the secretary had talked to Thaqi the day
before. Has she talked to him again?

RUBIN: No. He called into the department today, and he provided
another chilling account of what's going on in Kosovo. He
basically indicated that the situation is worse today than it was

QUESTION: Could you elaborate on that? Why it is worse? How it is

RUBIN: He said that the killing is more widespread, that they're
shelling the whole series of towns, that the Kosovar Liberation
Army is doing the best it can under the circumstances, but that
it's becoming increasingly difficult.

He indicated that people were being held in the soccer stadium in
Pristina, that people were being held in two other locations, that
several thousand people who had been evacuated from a particular
town, whose name I don't have in front of me, are missing. And a
number of other reports of that nature.


2. March 31: Reporter (AFP) visits stadium -- nobody there.

Copyright 1999 Agence France Presse

Agence France Presse March 31, 1999 Kosovo-stadium 16:04 GMT

HEADLINE: No sign of Serbs massing Kosovars in Pristina stadium
DATELINE: PRISTINA, Yugoslavia, March 3<

A football stadium in the Kosovo capital Pristina stood empty
Wednesday, one day after reports that Serbian forces were herding
ethnic Albanians there in an apparent prelude to a massacre. An
AFP reporter who visited the site said the stadium, whose
galleries can host some 25,000 spectators, was completely empty
and there were no signs of any mass groupings.

On Tuesday, Hashim Thaci, one of the commanders of the separatist
Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) told German TV ZD that 100,000 people
were massed by the Serbian forces in the Pristina stadium.

But on Wednesday, rows of seats stood empty and the grass looked
intact, an AFP reporter who managed to enter the stadium through a
non-guarded entrance said.
The windows at the stadium offices were smashed in NATO air
strikes overnight Sunday, when a nearby Serbian police
headquarters was shelled.

A worker cleaning the broken glass said that "no one has entered
the stadium for a long time, since there is not much to see
there." Also on Wednesday, a spokesman for the Democratic League
of Kosovo (LDK), Kosovo's largest moderate political party, said
Serb forces have herded 3,000 residents of the Kosovo town of Pec
into another stadium. Entire families have been rounded up since
late Tuesday by Serbian paramilitary forces and the police, the
spokesman said. str-md/an/po LOAD-DATE: March 31, 1999

3. We never said there was . . .

March 31. James (Jamie) Rubin:

Q: Jamie, on that -- and I don't mean to suggest that you're not
getting correct information, but we've gotten a report this
morning which is what I believe is the first independent report
out of Pristina in some days, saying that Thaqi's claim yesterday
that a hundred thousand people were massed in the Pristina stadium

MR. RUBIN: I didn't make that claim -- we didn't make that claim.

Q: Well, it's been referred to. But anyway -- anyway, this report
says that this --

MR. RUBIN: I never heard him say that.

Q: He said it yesterday on German radio --

MR. RUBIN: He hasn't said it to us -- a hundred thousand people in
the stadium.

Q Yeah, in the Pristina stadium.

Anyway, given the fact that he said this, maybe not to you, but he
has said this, and the fact of the matter is is that the reporter
that went there this morning and said it was empty and there was
no signs of anyone in any large numbers at all had been there for
the past couple of days at all, that the grass was intact and
undisturbed and it is was just deserted, how confident are you in
the reports that you are getting from him and others? And how
comfortable are you repeating them to us in this forum?

MR. RUBIN: We believe that the basic information about the
situation in Malisevo is accurate. We have our own independent
corroboration that there is massive burning of houses. And Mr.
Thaqi has been quite clear with us that he is hearing reports --
he is not saying that these things are facts -- and I am sure an
enterprising reporter can debunk any report, if you wait long
enough. But I think the reality is that reporters who are on the
ground in Kosovo, and reporters on the ground in Albania, have
tended to corroborate the vast majority of the information the KLA
has provided about the atrocities being conducted. In fact, the
reporting that I have seen from Albania and Macedonia, from direct
interviews with refugees, has tended to corroborate most of the
information that we have received. I have no reason to dispute the
particular reporter's information about a soccer stadium. But let
me say this. Our own information is rather dramatic about this
whole situation here. U.S. government information is that, prior
to forced expulsion, Serbs have looted the homes and businesses of
ethnic Albanians in at least 20 towns and villages. In addition,
Serb soldiers have reportedly occupied Albanian homes in Pristina.
The refugees report widespread burning of homes in 13 towns and
countless villages throughout Kosovo.

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The goverment of a democratic country is feeding the world information it gets from the leader of the terrorist group without even checking it.
One wonders how much of what they say can we believe.

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The Independent 6th April 1999

A war of words and pictures

Nato casts doubt on the veracity of Yugoslav war reporting, but is
our own media any less guilty of propaganda?

By Philip Hammond

It takes two sides to fight a propaganda war, yet critical
commentary on the "war of words" has so far concentrated on the
"tightly controlled" Yugoslav media. We have been shown clips from
"Serb TV" and invited to scoff at their patriotic military
montages, while British journalists cast doubt on every Yugoslav

But whatever one thinks of the Yugoslav media they pale into
insignificance alongside the propaganda offensive from Washington,
Brussels and London.

"They tell lies about us, we will go on telling the truth about
them," says Defence Secretary George Robertson. Really? Nato told
us the three captured US servicemen were United Nations
peacekeepers. Not true. They told us they would show us two
captured Yugoslav pilots who have never appeared. Then we had the
story of the "executed" Albanian leaders - including Rambouillet
negotiator Fehmi Agani - whose deaths are now unconfirmed.

When the Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova, who was said to be in
hiding, turned up on Yugoslav television condemning Nato bombing,
the BBC contrived to insinuate that the pictures were faked, while
others suggested Rugova must have been coerced, blackmailed,
drugged, or at least misquoted.

They told us the paramilitary leader Arkan was in Kosovo, when he
was appearing almost daily in Belgrade - and being interviewed by
John Simpson there. They told us Pristina stadium had been turned
into a concentration camp for 100,000 ethnic Albanians, when it
was empty. Robertson posing for photographers in the cockpit of a
Harrier can't have been propaganda. Only the enemy goes in for
that sort of thing.

Nato's undeclared propaganda war is two-pronged. First, Nato has
shamelessly sought to use the plight of Albanian refugees for its
own purposes, cynically inflating the number of displaced people
to more than twice the UN estimate.

Correspondents in the region are given star billing on BBC news,
and are required not just to report but to share their feelings
with us. As Peter Sissons asked Ben Brown in Macedonia: "Ben, what
thoughts go through a reporter's mind seeing these sights in the
dying moments of the 20th century?"

Reports from the refugee centres are used as justifications for
Nato strategy. The most striking example was the video footage
smuggled out of Kosovo said to show "mass murder". The BBC
presented this as the "first evidence of alleged atrocities,"
unwittingly acknowledging that the allies had been bombing for 10
days without any evidence.

Indeed, for days, the BBC had been inviting us to "imagine what
may be happening to those left in Kosovo". After watching the
footage, Robin Cook apparently knew who had been killed, how they
had died, and why. Above all, he knew that the video "underlines
the need for military action".

The second line of attack is to demonise Milosevic and the Serbs,
in order to deflect worries that the tide of refugees has been at
least partly caused, by Nato's "humanitarian" bombing. Parts of
Pristina have been flattened after being bombed every day for more
than aweek. Wouldn't you leave? And what about of thousands of
Serbian refugees from Kosovo - arethey being "ethnically
[Image]cleansed", too? Sympathy does not extend to them, just as the
200,000Serbian refugees from Krajina were ignored in 1995.
Instead, the tabloids gloat "Serbs youright" as the missiles rain

The accusations levelled against the Serbs have escalated from
"brutal repression" to "genocide", "atrocities" and "crimes
against humanity", as Nato has sought to justify the bombing.
Pointed parallels have been drawn with the Holocaust, yet no one
seems to noticethat putting people on a train to the border is not
the same as putting them on a train to Auschwitz.

The media have taken their cue from politicians and left no cliche
unturned in the drive to demonise Milosevic. The Yugoslav
president has been described by the press as a"Warlord", the
"Butcher of Belgrade", "the most evil dictator to emerge in Europe
since Adolph Hitler", a "Serb tyrant" a "psychopathic tyrant" and
a "former Communist hard-liner".

The Mirror also noted significantly that he smokes the same cigars
as Fidel Castro. Just as they did with Saddam Hussein in the Gulf
war, Panorama devoted a programme to "The Mind of Milosevic".

Several commentators have voiced their unease about the Nato
action from the beginning. But press and TV have generally been
careful to keep the debate within parameters of acceptable
discussion, while politicians have stepped up the demonisation of
theSerbs to try to drown out dissenting voices. The result is a
confusingly schizophrenic style of reporting.

The rules appear to be that one can criticise Nato for not
intervening early enough, not hitting hard enough, or not sending
ground troops. Pointing out that the Nato intervention has
precipitated a far worse crisis than the one it was supposedly
designed to solve or that dropping bombs kills people are
borderline cases, best accompanied by stout support for "our
boys". What one must not do is question the motives for Nato going
to war. Indeed, one is not even supposed to say that Nato is at
war. Under image-conscious New Labour, actually going to war is
fine, but using the term is not politically correct.

The limits of acceptable debate were revealed by the reaction to
the broadcast by SNP leader Alex Salmond. Many of his criticisms
of Nato strategy were little different from those already raised
by others, but what provoked the Government's outrage was that he
dared to compare the Serbs under Nato bombardment to the British
in the Blitz. Tony Blair denounced the broadcast as "totally
unprincipled", while Robin Cook called it "appalling",
"irresponsible" and "deeply offensive".

The way Labour politicians have tried to sideline critics such as
Salmond is similar to the way they have sought to bludgeon public
opinion. The fact that Blair has felt it necessary to stage
national broadcasts indicates the underlying insecurity of a
government worried about losing public support and unsure of
either the justification for or the consequences of its actions.

Audience figures for BBC news have reportedly risen since the air
war began. Yet viewers have been ill-served by their public
service broadcaster. The BBC's monitoring service suggested that
the "Serb media dances to a patriotic tune". Whose tune does the
BBC dance to that it reproduces every new Nato claim without
asking for evidence?

Just as New Labour has sought to marginalise its critics, so TV
news has barely mentioned the protests across the world - not just
in Macedonia, Russia, Italy and Greece - but also in Tel Aviv,
Lisbon, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney and
elsewhere. Are we to suppose that these demonstrators are all
Serbs, or that they have been fooled by the "tightly controlled"
Yugoslav media?

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Even for those not physically hurt,
This war is a troublesome thing.
I feel you really have a lot of energy.
So much bottled-up anger - even hate.

It can not be otherwise : you are anxious.
You have relatives in harm's way.
I'm sorry for that.
But like Kolina said,
it is not all black and white.

There is very little we can do from here.
We will just have to wait
and see how it will end.
I am angry also - for the human toll.
Yet I have a degree in psychology (minor)
and I can channel my anger well.

You are young (range 20 - 25)
If you allow yourself to become fanatical,
blinded by hate,
you will close out other possibilities.
(i.e. the Serbs may - JUST MAY -
have been using excessive force
in dealing with their internal problems)

Step outside - touch a stone.
Hold it in your hands for a while.
Look at the sun - embrace it.

It will be over soon
NATO, Russia and Serbia will agree
before this month ends
to the following :

1. NATO will not occupy Kosovo
NATO will stop the bombing of Serbia.

2. SERBS will retreat their troops from Kosovo.
SERBS will not "lose" the war (they will not win either). Very important for their nationalistic pride. SERBS will keep Milosovic in power - the most important thing for the Slob.

3. RUSSIA will supply ground-troops.
RUSSIA and Russians thereby regains respect (internal and external)
NATO stays out (your fears of occupation thus die).

4. KOSOVARS return to their land, without SERB troops, under protection of RUSSIAN troops with NATO observers.

There - all sides win.

There is a God.

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Hopefully. But you are wrong, I only hate few people. Clinton. Albright. Blair. Amanpour. And such. I don't hate Albanian people. I feel sorry for them. You think pictures I see don't touch me?

But what I know is, this war was staged by Clinton and Albright, one wants a legacy another one blood. They both got what they wanted. Clinton a legacy of a war criminal and Albright blood. And others who help them will have many innocent people on their souls, Albanians and Serbs.

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    The reality behind NATO involvement in Kosovo and Serbia lies within the roots of World War I (look into WWI for yourself).  The NATO operation in former Yugoslavia was started with the intent of stopping the conflict between people of Albanian and Serb heritage from spilling over into the neighboring countries of Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania (with Russia and other world powers to follow).  The fact that Serbs have been conducting ethnic cleansing operations has nothing to do with America's presence.  Otherwise, America would be in Rwanda, Sudan, Algeria, and several other countries lacking basic human rights. It is easy to understand why the members of NATO would be concerned with containing the current conflict by considering the military capabilities of the countries in the general area.  After all, modern military technologies (including nuclear weaponry) is far more threatening than the machetes and what not used in the Rwandan conflict.  Also, Greece, predominately Orthodox Catholic, and Turkey, with its Muslim influence, are both members of NATO.  If these two countries end up at odds, there would be a riff in NATO itself which has been a stabilizing influence in Europe since its inception 50 yrs ago.
    The reason for the actual conflict between the Serbs and Albanians is rather pathetic.  If you look at the area, it is where people of roughly Middle Eastern descent meet up with people of Eastern European descent.  They are basically fighting over ancestral rights to a territory, which means that they feel like they are not capable of living with each other (undoubtedly the Serbs need to take the brunt of the blame for the conflict).  From an evolutionary point of view, this boils down to "you don't look like me, you are my competition, and therefore I must kill you."  None of this is helpful to the functioning of modern civilization, and actually humorous when one considers that most Americans couldn't tell the difference between a Kosovo-Albanian and a Serb based upon appearance.  In America both would be considered Caucasians ("white people").
    The reactions of average people from all countries is also rather pathetic.  Americans, and probably the people of most other NATO members, generally support NATO actions because they feel sympathy for the people of Kosovo via the media (at least there is free press among NATO members).  Yet again, there are other situations around the world that cry for attention in the name of human rights far more than Kosovo.  On the other hand, the people of countries sympathetic to the Serbs support the Serbs because of ethnic and religious bonds as opposed to supporting them on the basis of political practices.  The general masses from all countries need to realize how they feel and where their feelings are coming from so they can get past how they feel in order to apply rational thought to the larger picture.  There would then be less of a concern about a major war in Europe, and there probably wouldn't be any ethnic cleansing in Kosovo in the first place.

-Ronald McDonald in an F-117 Stealth fighter 🙂


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