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Dear Suitboy

May i ask why you refer to me as Zoya/Nalini?

I don't know a person called Zoya, i only read about Zoya in the archives. Unfortunately Zoya seems to be right which means i won't get any straight answers. Then i also may assume you nor Daniela Don't know this Zoya for real.

I wish you well

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Yes, you may.


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This just shows you what Mad Madeleine thinks about a free media. She and her State Deptartment Gestapo want to shut down, jam, or otherwise destroy all media sources in Serbia until there is nothing left but the propaganda broadcast by the likes of VOA/RL/RFE.



By Jack Katzenell
Associated Press Writer
Thursday, Nov. 4, 1999; 3:47 p.m. EST

JERUSALEM –– The United States is "furious" with Israel for allowing the government of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to use the Israeli Amos-1 satellite for television broadcasts, a U.S. official said Thursday. The Israeli satellite company says it has stopped the broadcasts.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Secretary of State Madeleine Albright raised the issue with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak when she met him at the U.S.-Israel-Palestinian summit in Oslo this week. However, another U.S. official denied that Albright and Barak discussed the matter.

The United States holds Milosevic responsible for the deaths of thousands of ethnic Albanian Muslims in Kosovo province and the expulsion of many more. Washington has said it will not help to repair the damage caused by the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia so long as Milosevic is still in power.

An official with Spacecom, which operates Amos-1, said the company has stopped the Yugoslav television broadcasts by order of the Israeli government. "All that is on the screen now is the bar signal of Yugoslav television," said Coby Keret, Spacecom's marketing manager.

Keret said the programs were screened in violation of an agreement between Yugoslav television and Spacecom. He said Spacecom had authorized it only to test the satellite link.

U.S. Embassy Spokesman Larry Schwartz confirmed that Washington has been discussing the broadcasts with Israel. "We are concerned about any assistance extended to the Milosevic government in broadcasting its propaganda and I can confirm that we have had discussions with the Israelis about the matter," he said.

In Washington, State Department spokesman James P. Rubin said Thursday, "we are deeply concerned about this cooperation that has enabled Milosevic's propaganda machine to stay on the air in certain areas. We are going to and have raised this with Israel."

© Copyright 1999 The Associated Press

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On 10/29 you wrote the following to Daniela:

>> Daniela, to claim, either directly or indirectly, that Human Rights Watch is incapable of being objective is the easy way out. If you have 'objective verifiable evidence' that contradicts their report, present it. Until you are able to do that, their report because of its obvious objectivity and verifiability, stands unchallenged.

>> It is evidence such as what is presented in their (HRW) report that will stand up against really sharp scrutiny in a court of law. And of course that's all that really matters, isn't it.

Well, Phil, I can tell you that I have spent countless hours studying this report - reading it many times line-by-line, word-by-word, cross-checking back and forth between sections, cross-referencing names, places, testimony - until I had splitting headaches from eye strain.

I must tell you that I have never read such an unmitigated piece of shoddy reporting - a report based on nothing but anecdotal testimony, hearsay, rumour, second and third person reportage, innuendo, and blatant absurdities. There is not a shred of evidence presented in this report that could stand up to even a cursory scrutiny in a court of law or anywhere else. In fact, there isn't ANY evidence in this report. Because there are no bodies. EVERYTHING is circumstantial and anecdotal. Everything is IMPLIED between the lines.

Be honest, Phil did you really read this report. I have strong doubts that you did, or that you read it with a critical eye. Talk about true believers! If you believe HRW, you'll believe anything. Hey, wanna buy a sinking man-made island in the middle of Frisco Bay? It's got a great view of the downtown skyline and a slightly earthquake damaged bridge running through it! But then, why should I be surprised at your critical judgement. Considering your "critiques" of David North and Diana Johnstone, condemning them as "class struggle" types, and then confessing ignorance of what you presume to be "socialistic" speak, I should expect you would slavishly fall for the likes of HRW. I always get a chuckle out of the knee-jerk liberal reaction when one drops a word like capitalism into the conversation - you can almost hear the doors slamming shut, the curtains being drawn, and the lights going out. Fifty years of brainwashing has worked wonders - there are no social classes in America and we don't discuss "capital" (and how it's used) in polite company. I digress.

Below is a brief critique of the first few pages of HRW's report A VILLAGE DESTROYED: WAR CRIMES IN KOSOVO. I'll post parts as I go along. There's some really good stuff later in the report, but I must confess I was really intrigued by the reports' portrayal of ethnic Albanian villagers as sort of dumb-as-they-come yahoos with luxury autos and pockets full of Deutchmarks! Really condescending.




>> This report documents what happened in one village on one day.

Actually, it's three villages - but what the hell, given the obfuscatory, disjointed, and illogical manner in which the whole report is written, this is a small error. There's much more to come.

>> In the early morning of May 14, 1999, in the midst of NATO's air campaign against Yugoslavia, Serbian security forces descended on the small village of Cuška--Qyshk in Albanian--near the western Kosovo city of Pec (Pejë). Fearing reprisals, many men fled into the nearby hills while the rest of the population was forcibly assembled in the village center. An estimated twelve men were killed during the roundup in various parts of the village.

Many of the men fled because they feared reprisals? Reprisals for what? What did they do that they should fear or expect reprisals? Jump to the BACKGROUND section below for a convoluted whitewashing of a possible motive for the alleged attack. The villagers claim there was never any KLA activity in these villages, "ALTHOUGH SOME OF THE MILITARY AGED MEN IN THE AREA WERE ADMITTEDLY MEMBERS OF THE KLA WHO FOUGHT IN AND AROUND PEC, INCLUDING IN THE VILLAGE OF LOA."

Read these two statements again: 1) there was never any KLA activity in these villages. 2) some of the military aged men in the area were admittedly members of the KLA who fought in and around PEC, including in the village of LOA

Go to the footnote on (Loxhe in Albanian)2. Loa (or Loxhe) is just outside of Pec. Now, go to the first sentence of the BACKGROUND section where it states "Cuska is a small village about 5 miles east of Pec […]. On my map that puts Loa and Cuska about 3-4 miles apart. I'd say that's pretty much in the immediate vicinity.

Such is the disjointed and obfuscatory and I believe purposefully confusing nature of this report. This is HRW's standard style of writing regarding the Balkans. This isn't such a surprise when you look at it this way: When documenting human rights abuses, atrocities, genocide is your bread and butter they you'd better produce if you want to stay in business. In other words, follow the money - who funds HRW? For an excellent analysis of the difference between HRW and Amnesty International read the section on NGO's in Diana Johnstone's article SEEING YUGOSLAVIA THROUGH A DARK GLASS:

>> At approximately 8:30 a.m., the security forces in green military uniforms with painted faces and masks separated the gathered women, children, and elderly from the remaining men who had not managed to flee. The more than 200 villagers were threatened and systematically robbed of their money, jewelry, and other valuables. Their identification papers were destroyed.

>> Twenty-nine men between the ages of nineteen and sixty-four were divided into three groups and taken into three separate houses, where they were forced to stand in a line. In each house, uniformed men sprayed them repeatedly with automatic weapons. In one of the houses, a gunman finished off several of the fallen men with pistol shots. Each house was set on fire and left to burn.

>> The events in Cuška are far from unique: hundreds, if not thousands, of ethnic Albanians were killed by Serbian special forces and paramilitaries throughout Kosovo between March and June--many of them in a similar manner.

They must have pulled the above paragraph from one of their earlier reports. This is the same mantra HRW has been chanting at least since early 1998. Read through their reports on their web site and you'll begin to notice a similarity to them. It's almost like they have an "Atrocity Report Template" - just fill in the blanks.

>> But this case has two special characteristics that make it worth a detailed investigation. First, in each of the three groups of men, there was one survivor. Through pure chance, three people managed to crawl from the burning homes, none of them seriously injured.

We are expected to believe that "through pure chance" [or a miracle!] one person from each of 3 separate groups crawled from under dead bodies in a burning house and escaped to tell nearly identical stories of an alleged massacre for which not a single body has yet been produced.

>> They, and many others present that day, have told Human Rights Watch their stories.

The story of escaping a burning house full of dead bodies has a disturbingly familiar sound to it. Haven't we heard this story before? In several different locations?

>> Second, while ethnic Albanian villagers in Kosovo are usually unable to differentiate between soldiers, special police, paramilitaries, and anti-terrorist units, let alone identify individuals, in this case there is powerful evidence to point the finger at some of the specific people involved in these war crimes. Local villagers are adamant that ethnic Serbs from the immediate area were involved in the action.

The absurdity of this paragraph speaks for itself. Why are they unable to differentiate between various law enforcement personnel? Is this a genetic disability, or what? Well, read on. There's an utterly imbecilic explanation for this later in the report.

The villagers "are adamant that ethnic Serbs from the immediate area were involved".

Yet, in the section titled THE KILLINGS IN CUSKA B.B. is reported to have told HRW that "All of them had their faces covered in some way, either with black grease paint or a mask, […]".An unidentified woman told HRW "All of them had their faces painted. We could only see their eyes, so we could not recognize them". Further down in the report C.C. told HRW "I didn't recognize them because at that moment most of them were masked or with black color on their faces".

Then, in the midst of all this babble about ethnic Albanians inability to identify or differentiate between police, soldiers, etc. and unable to recognize the "perpetrators" due to black paint, masks, and scarves on their faces, B.B. tells HRW "I think they were from around here […]. I recognized some of their faces." Another miracle!!

>> Some of the forces spoke to the Albanians by name and asked for specific valuables.

Specifically mentioned several times are Mercedes Benz automobiles, which leads me to wonder - how do peasant villagers in a backwater province of a not very rich country acquire Mercedes Benz autos; especially since the Albanians claim they were all driven from their jobs when Milosevic was elected and have been unable to work for the last 10 years. Must be another miracle!

It reminds me of my disbelief in the early days of the bombing when television began showing "refugees" fleeing across the border into Macedonia attired in $100+ Nike shoes and $200 sports athletic jackets. For people who supposedly had spent days or weeks hiding in the mountains, they looked awfully well dressed and well fed!

>> More importantly, villagers positively identified in photographs two of the individuals that they claim were present in Cuška on May 14 and a third who was present in the nearby village of Zahac (Zahacq in Albanian) on the same day, when nineteen other men were killed. While none of the individuals identified are known to have opened fire on the ethnic Albanian men, their presence in Cuška and Zahac on May 14 means that they should be able to identify the perpetrators, as well as the commanders of the unit. That information is invaluable to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, which is mandated to investigate and prosecute war crimes in Kosovo.

Again, the villagers couldn't recognize any of the faces behind the paint, masks, and scarves but they "positively identified in photographs two of the individuals they claim were present in Cuska on May 14 […].

>> The photographs used to identify the men in Cuška were provided to Human Rights Watch by representatives of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). While Human Rights Watch cannot vouch for the authenticity of the photographs, numerous Kosovar Albanians recognized the men mentioned in this report from these photographs, and placed them among the Serbian forces in the villages on the day of the killings. Some witnesses were able to provide names.

HRW cannot vouch for the authenticity of the photographs, but they'll vouch for the veracity of the villagers' identification!!! Further down the report states that "HRW cannot confirm the authenticity of the photographs since their origin, method of procurement, and ownership record are unknown. The fact that they were provided by the KLA […] should heighten suspicion about their accuracy".

Then why should we believe any of this report, since much of it rests on these photographs and the villagers' identifications, not even as perpetrators of atrocities but just as having been in the area (they think!). Two other identifications were made from the photographs as well and HRW goes on at length reciting all the allegations, hearsay, and rumors of alleged abuses of these two individuals. However, neither of them were involved with the incidents of May 14th in these 3 villages. In fact, one of them (a policeman) was already dead, having been murdered by the KLA!!

I have to break off here for a while. Dissecting this obfuscatory piece of crap is very tiring.


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yep, only ONE brand of crap permitted here...
and dont you forget it!

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Blast Damages Train Bridge in Kosovo

.c The Associated Press

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AP) - An explosion ripped apart the base of a railway
bridge used by Serb passenger trains, raising fears of more violence in a
tense northeastern Kosovo city, a NATO spokesman said today.

It was not immediately clear if the explosion in Kosovska Mitrovica on Friday
evening was intended to go off as a train carrying 400 people passed over the

The explosion occurred around 9 p.m., about two hours before the train was to
cross the bridge, NATO said. Peacekeepers stopped the train a safe distance
from the damaged structure and prevented it from crossing the bridge.

The train normally makes the trip from the northern town of Leposavic to
Kosovo Polje, just south of Pristina, in the afternoon. But it was delayed on
Friday, said Beatrice Lacoste, a U.N. spokeswoman.

Serbs accused ethnic Albanians of targeting the passenger train.

``The (explosive) device was planted on the southern, (ethnic) Albanian side
of the town,'' Vuko Antonijevic, a Serb leader from Kosovska Mitrovica, told
independent radio B-92. ``They obviously made a mistake with the timing of
the explosion.''

Additional peacekeepers were deployed to both the Serb and ethnic Albanian
sides of the divided city in anticipation of demonstrations.

An investigation into the explosion was expected today.

Kosovska Mitrovica, located about 25 miles from Pristina, has been the site
of repeated ethnic clashes since NATO-led peacekeepers arrived here in June.
A bridge over the Ibar river that separates the two groups was cordoned off
by Italian and French peacekeepers, said Maj. Ole Irgens, a NATO spokesman.

Serbs, who live on the northern side of the divided city, announced a protest
against a U.N. decision earlier this week to fire the Serb deputy manager of
the hospital on the northern side of the town.

A bridge over the Ibar river that separates the two groups in the center of
the city was cordoned off by Italian and French peacekeepers, said Maj. Ole
Irgens, a spokesman for NATO.

In another incident west of the city on Friday, an unidentified sniper fired
on a passing car, killing the driver, NATO said. No identities were
immediately available.

NATO also said two German soldiers manning a guard post on Kosovo's border
with Albania were shot at Friday. The bullets fell short of the guards'
position and the soldiers returned fire, the alliance said. One suspect has
been arrested in the incident and an investigation is underway.

AP-NY-11-06-99 0940EST

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'Tommy' you are priceless ...

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On the last page of this story, good wins, evil loses. All else is vanity.

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TO Nalini

Zoja is my sis and it right nor suiboy or Daniela knows us.Anyhow I like your style you seem to be a sane and calm person.I doubt however that you will ever get an answer why they submit false accusations as they don't know me or Zoja


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Came in a while ago from a Serbian friend.One who's not so affraid to see the truth behind the masks

The story behind the Serbian governments official military policies is
important for all to understand. Another report, with the same professional
investigation on how a small handful of Marxist guerrillas became the
catalyst for an armed defense of the Albanian population is another
interesting and important story, but the two stories are very different.

The massive killings of Albanian civilians was not, as the government claims,
just an effort to round up the KLA. It was mass murder of innocent people.
It was ethnic genocide, the same as Hitler did against Jews, the same as
Karadjic did against non-Serbs in Bosnia. Also, it was greed and robbery by
criminals who were allowed to conduct their criminal acts with absolute
impunity by their bosses in the field.

The Serbian government created the militia of Serbian paramilitary groups and
they used jailed prisoners to do it. That is something every Serb must

While we might hate the use of violence that KLA did last fall and last
Spring, we must also realize that the Serbian State, who demands full rights
as a sovereign nation, has special responsibilities on the level of
international law NOT to commit widespread murder against it's civilians.
The KLA is not a State. The facts prove that mass murder, massive
collateral damage to villages and homes, massive damage to the environment
(bodies thrown in thousands of wells to poison their water) and all these
crimes against humanity were done in Kosovo as an organized campaign by the
Serbian police and military officials, and they used hardened criminals to
conduct much of the dirty work.......which is exactly what happened in Bosnia
as well.

While it is painful to separate your mind from the KLA violence, it is very
worthwhile to listen to this report.

****This report was broadcasted no not in Serbia, cause the goverment wouldn't let it. jee do they hide something afterall??
In my opinion both parties have a lot to hide


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And what is the source of this ? PR company of the KLA?

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Daily Mail (UK)
Friday, November 5, 1999

Let's kill the lies about Kosovo
Andrew Alexander

Since truth is the first casualty of war, it should surprise no one
that the Kosovo war has turned out to contain so many lies. But the scale
on which the public was misled about the atrocities - and not just
Nato's bombing 'successes'- threatens to be mind-boggling.

The murder of Kosovars by the Serbians was put by the U.S. Defence
Secretary William Cohen at 'up to 100,000'. Our own Geoffrey Hoon,
Minister of State at the Foreign Office, put the figure at 10,000. The
United Nations suggested, with the relative precision which always helps
make a claim authoritative, that the figure was likely to prove to be

The head of a Spanish team sent out ready to provide 2,000 post-mortems
left last month having found only 187 corpses, some of which may have
been bombing casualties. He guesses that perhaps 2,500 civilians were

A study group examining data so far, thinks the total could turn out to
be a few hundred.

An atrocity is, of course, an atrocity, whatever the numbers. But we
cannot know at this stage how many Kosovars killed might not have been
from the Kosovo Liberation Army, once listed by the U.S. State
Department as a 'terrorist organisation'.

Such deaths would suggest crude justice rather than a simple atrocity
against civilians.

When the final audit is done, two questions will arise. Would the public
have supported the war so readily without the death toll being
exaggerated? And how many murders justify a massive military campaign,
which led us, the Western Alliance, to kill innocent civilians in turn?

Nato knew that its actions against such targets as bridges and
broadcasting stations were liable, even certain, to kill and maim

One other question is mindboggling but inescapable. Could it turn out in
the end that we killed more innocent civilians than the Serbs did?

It is certainly unlikely, but cannot be ruled out as yet.

Belgrade claimed that the Allies killed 1,200 civilians. That was almost
certainly a straightforward piece of propaganda. But journalists and
observers in Serbia were able to identify civilian deaths due to Nato
somewhere upward of 200.

The whole war seems to have been a big lie. Despite 34,000 sorties flown
by Nato, only 13 Serbian tanks appear to have been destroyed.

But all the time we were told by the Nato commander, General Wesley
Clark (who seems to have stepped out of Dr Strangelove), the egregious
Jamie Shea (who seemed to have stepped out of EastEnders) and, of
course, a triumphant Foreign Secretary Robin Cook that Serbian military
might was being destroyed.

One of many unseemly outcomes of the war was that journalists were
berated by No. 10's Alastair Campbell for failing to accept the Western
Alliance's claims.

He owes the Press corps - and the general public - an apology.

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Hindustan Times
November 5, 1999


Prem Shankar Jha

Two days ago, the Congress of the United States began a hearing on human rights. It was not an enquiry into
the state of human rights in America but in Kashmir, in a country that did not elect them, over which it does not
have the remotest jurisdiction, and where even the most calamitous events would not affect America’s political
or economic well-being. A time-traveller who voyaged to Washington from the mid-twentieth century, and
expressed amazement at this extraordinary intrusion into the internal affairs of another country, would be given
the following explanation. America is a nation of immigrants from all over the world. These people maintain a
lively interest in what happens in their ‘home countries’.

A half century ago news from 'home’ came only patchily to them. But Globalisation and the information
revolution has brought it to their drawing rooms and computer terminals. When things go wrong back home’ it
is only natural that they should want America to intervene. They therefore turn to their Congressmen for help:
The Congress is a sovereign body answerable to no one but itself. Since the Vietnam war it has been steadily
wresting power over foreign affairs away from a weakened American Presidency. As a result, the
Administration is less capable than ever before of dictating Congress’ agenda on foreign policy.

All this is true but in the past six months what was previously a legitimate concern for human rights, given the
rise of the ‘global information village’, has been turned into a tool for intervention in the internal affairs of other
countries that poses a deadly new threat to the sovereignty of young nations, and to their internal peace and
stability. The watershed was NATO’s aerial war against Serbia over Kosovo.

Somewhere in the roots of the intervention in Kosovo, as indeed in Bosnia six years earlier, lies a deeply
sincere concern for human rights. Even after sixty years, the horrors of the Holocaust in Germany remain
imprinted in European minds. When Yugoslavia fell apart, and TV began to show burning homes, crumpled
corpses and blood running in gutters instead of water, it seemed that the past had come back to haunt them.
A clamour therefore arose in the West to intervene and stop the bloodshed.

But over the five years between the start of the Bosnian civil war and the Dayton accord that ended it, what
had been a genuine concern for human life and safety turned by imperceptible degrees into a focussed anger
against the Serbs, and an attack, in the person of the Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, on Serb
Nationalism. In the chaos the followed disinteration, the Serbs undoubtedly did the lions’ share of the
‘cleansing’. But all communities had their share of crimes to answer for.

However by some mysterious process Bosnian and Croatian atrocities faded from the public mind, leaving
Serbs as almost , if not quite, the only perpetrators. The impression was heightened by the hugely inflated
casualty figures that the media regularly publicised. Three years into it, the figure had reached 500,000. By
Dayton everyone had settled on a figure of 200,000 dead, and that figure is now, for all purposes, “official”.
In the past three years the two perceptions have been fused into a single monster image of Serbia and Serb
nationalism. Thus was a new rogue state born.

Only much later did a UN inspection team conclude that the total number of casualties among Bosnian,
Croatian and Serb populations, of both civilians and combatants, during the six years of civil war had
amounted to not more than 25,000. But that report was virtually ignored by the media. Instead it was this
monster image, that the West brought to Kosovo when the Yugoslav army mounted its first raid against the
Kosovo Liberation Army in February 1998.

NATO’s decision to bomb was propelled almost entirely by the determination not to let the holocaust and the
‘ethnic cleansing’, be repeated. But had not Milosevic and the Serbian nation not already been demonised by
western spokesmen and the media, it is most unlikely that NATO would have failed to recognise that the
war in Kosovo was not between the Serbs and the Albanians but between the Yugoslav army and armed
KLA insurgents, who were marginalising a democratic Albanian freedom movement at the same time that they
were fighting for an independent state.

This misperception laid the groundwork for the tragedy of errors that followed. The air war greatly
accelerated the very ethnic cleansing it was intended to prevent. From 89,000 on March 23, the day before
the bombing began, the number of refugees outside Kosovo’s borders rose to 700, 000 at the beginning of
May. Instead of 40 aircraft NATO required 1500 and instead of being over in a week, the bombing dragged
on for ten. From defenders of the right of self determination short of independence, NATO turned by
degrees into an ally of a guerrilla insurgent force pounding a small country trying to defend its territorial

Within weeks of the end of the war, NATO was forced to go back on each and every commitment it gave
before the UN in June. It failed so completely to protect the Kosovo Serbs that 192 were killed in the first six
weeks after the war. Instead of ensuring that Kosovo remained multi-ethnic, the KFOR’s role degenerated
into assembling and protecting convoys of Serbs fleeing to Yugoslavia. Instead of disarming the KLA it simply
allowed it to change its name and uniform and emerge as the new “police”. And instead of ensuring that
Kosovo remains a part of Yugoslavia, it has all but created a greater Albania.

But nations do not admit to having made mistakes. The more the achievements of the Kosovo war have
evaporated, the more firmly have the US and UK in particular clung to their success in preventing ‘genocide’
and ‘brutal ethnic cleansing’ in Kosovo. In June, shortly after the bombing ended, President Clinton said “
NATO stopped deliberate, systematic efforts at ethnic cleansing and genocide”. A few days earlier the British
foreign minister Geoff Hoon, had said “According to the reports we have gathered, mostly from the refugees, it
appears that about 10,000 people (Albanian Serbs) have been killed in more than 100 massacres. On August
2, the UN’s chief administrator in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, increased the figure to 11,000, citing the war
crimes tribunal (ICTY) as the source. But the ICTY denied having given any such figure. Despite that the
figure of 10,000 has turned into reality just as the 200,000 dead in Bosnia. In a long dispatch in the New
York Times on Sunday October 31, its correspondent, Steve Erlanger, gave the figure of 10,000 as an
indisputable fact.

The only problem is that the bodies aren’t there. Till October 17th, by when medical and forensic teams from
15 nations had inspected 150 out of 400 reported mass burial and crime sites, fewer than 500 bodies had
been found. The largest team, consisting of 62 persons from the American FBI, had found fewer than 200
bodies in 30 sites. The Spanish team which was despatched to the worst area of slaughter and told to prepare
for 2,000 autopsies had found 187 bodies. At the current rate it is unlikely that more than a thousand bodies
will be found.

A huge chasm yawns between 1,000 and 10,000. The second figure may not compare with the 6 million Jews
killed in Germany, but it is large enough to raise the legitimate suspicion that the killing was sanctioned at a
fairly high level in the Serbian State, and therefore would qualify to be called genocide. The first figure is small
enough to be the work of isolated field commanders and their para-military auxiliaries without any
encouragement by, or involvement of, the Serbian leadership.

But by now the demonisation of Milosevic and the Serbs has become necessary to maintain the credibility and
moral infallibility of the global hegemon. As a result not only has the US refused to allow NATO and the UN
to give even a shekel’s worth of aid to Yugoslavia, but when France and Germany insisted on helping
Yugoslavia to clear the Danube of fallen bridges and offered other assistance to tide over the winter, the US
saw it as a direct attempt to sabotage its attempt to bring down Milosevic and introduce Yugoslavs to the
blessings of democracy. There is a moral somewhere in all this that the world community would do well to

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You posted the following:

>> TO Nalini

>> Zoja is my sis and it right nor suitboy or Daniela knows us. Anyhow I like your style you seem to be a sane and calm person. I doubt however that you will ever get an answer why they submit false accusations as they don't know me or Zoja

I see you are continuing your usual pattern of distortion and dissension. Since your earliest posts in this forum you have continuously misrepresented what others write. You twist and distort their words and interpret meanings that are utter fabrications. Then you carry on an endless vendetta against them, making slanderous statements in posts to other members, particularly those who (you believe) share your poisonous hatred of Serbs.

Your tactics are transparent. There's a brief test for new arrivals who are unaware and susceptible to your con. However, the moment you detect they might have an independent thought or a mind of their own you go on the attack. If they are not going to wallow in your self pity and participate in your obsessive anti-Serb crusade, you will do everything possible to discredit and defame them or drive them out of the forum entirely.

You try to hide your anti-Serb attitudes behind a lot of anti-Milosevic rhetoric. Your bitter negativity and venomous hatred are concealed behind a cleverly concocted façade of pseudo-psychobabble and endless protestations about your fairness, objectivity, and caring about people. Anyone with half a brain can see through your pathetic charade. Please, spare me the speech about how much you care for Serb people. I've already heard it. Interestingly, in all your posts in this forum claiming to care so much about people you have NEVER used the word LOVE in the context of either caring or people.

In your message to Nalini, you accuse Daniela and myself of submitting false accusations (presumably about you and Zoja). Daniela is more than capable of defending herself and a thorough reading of the archives proves it, so I won't presume to speak for her. As for myself, I challenge you to prove any false accusations I have made to or about you or your sister. A word of caution: don't confuse accusations with questions that you might find uncomfortable or are incapable of answering. They are NOT the same thing. Present me with the evidence of my wrongdoing and I will apologize. If you cannot do so, then I expect a full and complete apology from you.


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I forgot to point out that nowhere in any of Nalini's posts has she ever mentioned myself or Daniela making "false accusations", or asked the question.

This is a perfect example of how you distort and twist reality to suit your poisoneous needs.


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