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Well kind of hard to hate Serbs while there your friends Os it?
Even your partner. Like my husband was too. No offense here just plane truth.

Thoughts create reality.
And what Nalini cooncearns if Nalini has an opinion its not my quest to seace it.

In other words keep on posting what you believe in Nalini weather i agree or not.

This so called KLA PR as you call it comes from someone dear to me living Beograd. Seriously


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Forgot something to......I apoligize for your mouthbashing towards me.....NO WAY.
You want to continue stating things from a negative ego/self image fine go ahead, but leave me out of it. You came on the list under false pretences. I want some more information we gave you DANI and so on , but no in fact it was not good enough for you so you start mouthbasing....Well i hope you have fun with it cause apoligizing to you....NEVER!!!

Besides what do you want? huh me sent my birthsertificate, now Bosnian passport as i have two??

Dream on

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Emina (AKA Kolina),

More psycho-babbble and nonsense. I repeat:

I challenge you to prove any false accusations I have made to or about you or your sister.


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Why would I want to see your birth certificate or your passport? What would that prove?

However, it might be interesting to see a copy of your many PhDs you claim to have. I certainly won't hold my breath waiting for you to send a copy.

Instead, why don't you just answer the following:

1. List each PhD & the year you received it

2. The name of the University and Faculty that granted the degree

3. Your area of study

4. The title of your graduate dissertation

Do you think you could do that?


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For a good analysis on the current situation in Kosovo, go to: and read "Violence in Kosovo: Who's killing Whom" This report is balanced and gives a good assessment of the roles played by albanian criminals, serbian paramilitarys, radicallized Albanians, the KLA, and political rivals. phil

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Western Media and hypocrisy
by Emil Vlajki

Now, when it is almost certain that the alleged "mass graves" in Kosovo
containing ethnic Albanians "victims of Serbs", have been a set of lies
intentionally diffused in order to justify the U.S.-NATO aggression
against Yugoslavia making thousands of dead civilians, some western
media (especially in the U.S.) have finally become "objective"
and "honest". It is clear that the part of this "honesty" is due to the
upcoming American presidential elections; republican media are using
Clinton's crimes against Iraq and Yugoslavia in trying to regain the

But things are much more dishonest and hypocritical. As to the U.S.
imperialism, each time when this superpower has attacked one developing
and/or defenseless country (like Granada, Panama, Vietnam, etc.), the
rationales for attacks have been pure lies. Let us take some examples:

-In 1964, American planes hit North Vietnam after the alleged "second
attack" on the destroyer Maddox in order to halt the new aggression.
But there were no North Vietnam attacks on American destroyer.

-In 1990, the manufacturing story about "incubator babies",
"corroborated by phony eye witnesses pretending that Iraqi soldiers
ripped Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, was one of "humanitarian"
reasons for the U.S.-"international community" to start the war against

-In August 1992, the picture of F. Alic an emaciated Bosnian Muslim
caged behind Serb barbed wire, became the symbol of the "Serb
atrocities" performed during the war in Bosnia. In fact, the barbed
wire in the picture was not around the Bosnian Muslims but around the
British cameraman and journalists who fabricated the whole story.

-During the Bosnian war, Serbs were permanently accused of raping
Muslim women. Figures went to 100,000. In October 1993, the UN
commission for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia gave a total figure
of 330 documented cases of rape by all three warring sides. By the way,
in the United States only, and without any war, there are about 1,800
rapes a day (600, 000 a year)!

-Also, during the Bosnian war, Serbs were accused of several massacres
of civilians on the marketplace in Sarajevo and that was politically and
military used against "Republika Srpska" and Yugoslavia. However, it
was shown with the great probability by the UN experts that the mortar
rounds could not have been thrown from Serb military positions.

There is no use to enumerate all of the U.S.-NATO lies serving to
justify their politic, economic and military brutality. Western media
know everything about it. But they make part of the New Totalitarian
Society encompassing the whole planet and supporting the criminal
behavior of the new world rulers. Saying that, we have to consider some

-Public attitudes have been shaped primarily by the media having the
biggest influence on public opinion.

-Some "more independent" media, but without mass influence, are
sometimes more objective in regard to attacked countries.

-From time to time, and without insisting, the most aggressive media
against countries attacked by the U.S.-NATO coalition, show more
objectivity ("proving" that they do not take sides).

-After the U.S.-NATO crimes are committed and the objectives are
reached (e.g. the U.S.-NATO occupation of Bosnia and Kosovo), western
media become suddenly more objective.

Considering this, especially the last point, one can understand the
hypocrisy ("sudden objectivity") of the western media regarding the
alleged "mass graves" in Kosovo. Media play the routine game already
performed on numerous occasions. During the U.S.-NATO military attacks
they stick together with their masters (they are their master's voice)
diffusing all kinds of lies. Later, when the dirty job is already done,
they transform themselves in "good policemen" becoming the part of
the "democratic" imperialism.

Thus, it is quite illusionary to believe that the truth about the "mass
graves" in Kosovo influenced in any way western media to become more
objective. They have been deliberately lying during the 10 years of the
destruction of Yugoslavia. At present, they continue to lie about the
Montenegro-Serbia relationships asserting the old schema: "Serbs-bad
guys, Montenegrins-good guys". In a month or two, with the starting of
the civil war in Yugoslavia openly prepared by the U.S. "covert
actions", western media will again "discover" new "Serb crimes" against
Montenegrins ("brutal dictatorship", "rapes", mass graves", etc.) until
the separation of Montenegro from Serbia would be done.

The ten years of the Yugoslav and Serb calvary have clearly shown that
the efforts of honest people trying to make western media and public
opinion sensitive to the truth about the ongoing tragedy, have been
completely useless. Western totalitarianism led by the U.S. which
integral parts are media and public opinion, is maintained and can only
survive thanks to the neo-colonial policy and exploitation. Moreover,
in the Yugoslav case, this situation can not be change by no means
because the U.S. uses the current balkanization of Balkans for its main
geo-strategic aim: to prevent Europe from unification.

Therefore, Yugoslavia and Serbia can preserve their territorial
integrity and dignity against the U.S.-NATO aggressors exclusively by
force as some other peoples already did (e.g. in Vietnam, Afganistan,
Somalia). Expecting the understanding, compassion and truthfulness from
the western politicians, media and public opinion is a pure waste of
time, of hope and of identity.

*Emil Vlajki is a former political science professor at the University
of Sarajevo and the author of the book The New Totalitarian Society And
The Destruction of Yugoslavia (ed. Legas, Ottawa, 1999)

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Well since T'gunn didn't like HRW's report I posted above, maybe he'll find some redeaming value in, "FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA: ABUSES AGAINST SERBS AND ROMA IN THE NEW KOSOVO" at:

It will be interesting how he spins this one so he can find validation in this report and yet maintain his criticism of the previously posted report.

Spin Tommy, Spin! ;o) phil

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Of course I'll read the latest HRW report. I read everything regardless of who writes it, even the columnists and spokespeople I find truly odious. But don't expect a "spin" ("critique" in my language)on this one. I've waisted enough time on HRW already.

Interesting that you don't refute anything I've said so far about HRW.

Below is an example of real "spin". Mr. Saunders is quoted in an article in the Washington Times by Ben Barber - "Kosovo, East Timor Casualties Inflated". Inflated?? a pretty mild word for what amounts to the greatest LIE of the century, one which will have repercussions well into the next! If you want to see some folks spinning, just look at the NATO apologists falling all over each other putting a spin on the unfolding TRUTH that they can't ignore any longer.

tommygunns (aka suitboy)

From the Washington Times article:

[...] Joe Saunders of Human Rights Watch said, "It's clear numbers were exaggerated. How it happened, I don't know, and the extent to which it was exaggerated, I don't know."

Mr. Saunders and other humanitarian experts said that no matter what the actual or estimated body counts, Kosovo and Timor were extremely violent, dangerous places where human rights were violated and international intervention restored security.

"No one could say the policy in East Timor was off base," said Mr. Saunders, deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch.
However he warned: "Sometimes inflated numbers can undermine credibility in what is a serious issue."

That's from the horse's mouth.

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When self-confessed anti-commie and pro-Viet War columnists write articles like the one below, then you know something is very, very rotten in the state.


by George Szamuely

New York Press, 11/9/99

Ten years ago this week the Berlin Wall came down. Cold War stalwarts like myself rejoiced. Today, however, I rejoice every time I read of a poll that suggests the Communists will soon be back in power in Russia. The demise of the Soviet Union gave rise to the unrestrained global tyranny of the United States. This tyranny brooks no rivals. It disregards election results and robs nations of their dignity. Armed to the teeth with missiles and a relentless self-righteousness, the United States is unable even to respect worthy adversaries like Yugoslavia or Iraq. Military victory is never enough. There have to be sanctions, ostracism, isolation and half-witted attempts at subversion. In this U.S.-led order there is no room for friends – only client-states or supplicants.

Today, the Communists – in Russia, China or Cuba – are heroic fighters. Almost alone they are resisting the relentless juggernaut of the United States and its mindless "market democracy" ideology. Perhaps – and this is what Cold Warriors like me failed to grasp – it was always thus. The Communists were a dreadful bunch. Stalin’s Gulag, Mao’s "Great Leap Forward," Cambodia’s "killing fields" can never be forgotten. Yet, strangely, Communists also often succeeded in restoring dignity to downtrodden nations.

In 1917 Lenin took Russia out of a terrible war and proclaimed his supreme indifference to the war’s outcome. He did the right thing and was rewarded with absolute power. Czar Nicholas II and the hapless liberals who followed him were the Yeltsins of their day. Forever seeking guidance on all matters from Western liberals, they led the Russian people to disaster and themselves to oblivion. In retrospect, it seems amazing that the Communists stayed in power for as long as they did. Surrounded by a capitalist world that wanted them gone, they used all the guile and ruthlessness they learned from Lenin to outmaneuver their enemies. By the 1980s the Communists had made Russia into a formidable rival, if not quite the equal, of the United States. Mao Tse-tung freed China from its century-long submission to foreign powers. Fidel Castro restored dignity and pride to an island with a miserable recent past. For 40 years he defied the United States. He defeated a U.S.-sponsored invasion. He thwarted innumerable assassination attempts. He overcame a crippling trade embargo. What’s in store for Cuba after Castro? Probably nothing more inspiring than becoming a satellite of Miami.

Unlike most members of my generation, I supported the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Whatever the atrocities the U.S. perpetrated, I believed that they were a price worth paying to resist Communism. It is obvious now that Ho Chi Minh, unlike the assorted political hacks who played musical chairs in Saigon, was an authentic leader of Vietnam. He did not need 500,000 Soviet or Chinese forces to assist him. Left to its own devices, South Vietnam collapsed in a few weeks. The Hanoi regime, on the other hand, took everything the United States threw at it and still prevailed.

Today there is no countervailing force to U.S. supremacy. There is no power that can offer support to a nation asserting old-fashioned independence. Washington’s tantrums are international law. Consider the following: Hans von Sponeck runs the United Nations "oil-for-food" program, which allows Iraq to sell $5.2 billion of oil every six months to purchase food and medical supplies. The other day the U.S. let it be known that it wanted him out. His crime? He had blurted out something self-evident to everyone in the world except for Washington. The sanctions on Iraq were hurting civilians and made little sense. Unusually for him, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stood his ground and refused to follow Clinton administration orders. In the meantime, the U.S. government hosted a conference in New York – to the tune of $3 million – for an organization called the Iraqi National Congress. Billed as a meeting to unite Saddam Hussein’s opponents, it really was nothing more than a gathering of out-of-work Iraqis on the U.S. payroll. Now the United States knows perfectly well that this bunch can never hope to overthrow Saddam Hussein. By resisting relentless U.S. pressure for almost 10 years, Saddam has shown himself to be the authentic leader of Iraq, something these toadies can never hope to be. The only way they can come to power is by riding in to Baghdad in U.S. tanks. Since hysteria about Iraq can be turned on and off at will, a full-blown U.S. invasion can never be ruled out.

U.S. policy has been pitiless on Yugoslavia as well. No humanitarian aid. No aid to clear the Danube of the debris from the NATO bombing. No support for the European Union policy of supplying oil to two cities in Serbia, led by opponents of Slobodan Milosevic. Then the other day, to much fanfare, it was announced that the U.S. was changing its policy. It was doing nothing of the sort, of course. Following a meeting of some people described by the State Dept. as a "delegation of Serbian Democratic Opposition Leaders," the hideous harridan of Foggy Bottom announced that she was prepared to "evaluate the EU’s pilot project." She would also "be watching closely to see if the assistance actually gets to the intended recipients in the manner proposed." That was heartening to know. She also announced that the ban on flights and the oil embargo would be suspended as soon as free elections were held in Serbia. However, the pathetic bunch of losers groveling before Dr. Albright (as The New York Times ingratiatingly likes to call her) could not win an election if their lives depended on it. So what happens in the almost certain eventuality that the winner of any elections in Serbia is the nation’s true leader – Slobodan Milosevic? "I have made quite clear that there have to be free and fair elections internationally supervised with observers that come as a result of a free and fair campaign," the fat and stupid one spluttered. "I find it very hard to believe that Milosevic could ever win those kinds of elections… I expect that the people of Serbia…when they have the opportunity to vote for people that are going to provide freedom for them…will choose correctly." In other words, as far as the U.S. government is concerned, "free and fair elections" are those that yield the "correct" results. Interestingly, one of the "opposition" leaders who failed to attend this meeting was Vuk Draskovic. According to The New York Times, earlier this summer Draskovic was all set to lead a transitional government in Belgrade. When the Clinton administration heard of this, it threatened to indict him for war crimes. "Leaders" have to follow Washington’s orders or they might end up in prison.

An arrogant United States has recklessly expanded NATO to Russia’s borders. However debilitated Russia has become as a result of blindly following the "privatization" nostrums of Western advisers, it still mustered the energy to voice a protest. The U.S. response was smugly dismissive. "Quite bluntly," the loathsome Strobe Talbott explained, "Russians need to get over their neuralgia on this subject." That the Russians might view with some concern the American bombing of their ally Serbia or the machinations in the Caucasus would never occur to Talbott. The United States is always on the side of the angels and is always a victim.

A recent opinion poll in the Czech Republic had the Communists ahead of every other political party. This is an amazing reversal of fortunes. Only a few years ago President Vaclav Havel was a national hero. He had resisted Communism and had paid for it by spending years behind bars. Today he is a discredited figure, a man who is seen as little more than a toady of the Western leaders whom he is so anxious to be included among. Not long ago, he spoke of the Czech Republic as being "at a historical crossroads." The Czechs could either embrace "responsible participation in improving the world," or they could build "walls from concrete or [impose] visa requirements, import surcharges and quotas, and a ban on evil foreigners buying houses here." One can see here how much Havel has made his own the gobbledygook of the "market democracy" ideologues. It is a relief to learn that this stalwart of the Cold War is now a deeply unpopular figure in the Czech Republic. Like other nations the Czechs want to retain at least a little bit of dignity. Today’s fighters for freedom are no longer Lech Walesa or Vaclav Havel. They have names like Jiang Zemin, Vladimir Putin and, yes, Slobodan Milosevic.

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Copyright 1999 Reuters. All rights reserved.

Six Bosnian Croats accused of cold-blooded massacre

November 9, 1999

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (Reuters) -- A terrified Moslem woman stood on a
balcony six years ago in the central Bosnian village of Ahmici, her dead
son below, as jeering Bosnian Croat soldiers told her to jump, the U.N.
war crimes tribunal heard on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said the women was one of dozens of victims of a cold-blooded
massacre of Moslem civilians on April 16, 1993, for which six Bosnian
Croats are standing trial.

"This beast in front of me...he knew no limit," a witness was quoted as
saying by prosecutor Franck Terrier in the first day of closing arguments.

Witness D, who testified in closed session to protect her identity, was
alone with her two young sons early on the day of the massacre after her
husband went to pray at the village mosque.

Troops of the separatist Croatian Defence Council (HVO) with black-painted
faces stormed into her house in the Lasva Valley region and forced her two
sons to jump from the balcony, she said.

One was shot dead, the other escaped.

The assault, carried out with surgical precision, killed more than 100
people, forced hundreds more to flee and burnt to the ground every single
Moslem home in the town, Terrier said.

"It was an entire (Moslem) community that was wiped off that location," he
said. "On the contrary, the Croat community was intact. Not a single Croat
was injured."

Triggered by a "logic of terror," the attack sought to serve as a lesson
to other Moslems so Croats could establish an ethnically pure heartland in
the region, Terrier argued.

Rejecting defence arguments that the attack was a spontaneous move by an
out-of-control faction, he said well-organised HVO forces attacked from
three sides, first using heavy weapons to shell the Moslem-dominated

"It was a well thought-out action, perfectly organised from a tactical
point of view," he said.

Later troops went house to house, shooting down fleeing civilians, setting
fire to property and looting livestock.

About a third of those killed were women and children.

Another Moslem woman, witness K, watched as her husband in pyjamas and her
son in his arms were both shot dead in cold blood in front of their house,
Terrier said.

"I was absolutely panicked...I couldn't cry, there were no tears," he
quoted her as testifying. She threw her body over her two daughters to
shield them from a hail of bullets.

Some of the defendants -- Zoran Kupreskic, his brother Mirjan and cousin
Vlatko, Vladimir Santic, Drago Josipovic and Dragan Papic -- had helped
evacuate Croat families to safety the day before.

The six have denied 19 counts of crimes against humanity and violations of
the laws or customs of war. If convicted, they face up to life

They are not the only tribunal defendants accused of war crimes in the
Lasva Valley. Bosnian Croat political leader Dario Kordic and Bosnian
Croat General Tihomir Blaskic have both denied charges they bore
leadership responsibility for attacks on Moslems in the region.

The International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia began work in
1993 to punish those responsible for a wave of ethnic cleansing that swept
Bosnia following the break up of Yugoslavia. It has 32 men in its
detention unit and 32 other publicly accused are still at large.

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a fighter for freedom?

jeez, louise...

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Gen. Short Gets Short End of the Stick from a Retired U.S. Air Force
Colonel's Wife

VIRGINIA, Nov. 5 - You have seen our earlier reference to the U.S. Air
Force Gen. Michael Short's testimony before a U.S. Senate committee. Now,
one retired U.S. Air Force colonel's wife, Stella Jatras, is mad as hell
over things he said on that occasion. Steaming mad!

This Vietnam era bride gave the man who directed NATO's bombing raids
against Serbia from his Aviano (Italy) base a well deserved short end of
the stick. Her open letter was addressed to: The Commander, 16th Air
Force, United States Air Forces, Europe Commander, Allied Forces, Southern
Europe (i.e., to Gen. Short). Here is an excerpt from what Mrs. Jatras had
to say to Gen. Short:

"Dear General Short:

On 21 October, Reuters reported: 'His voice breaking with emotion at a
Senate hearing, the U.S. Air Force general who headed NATO's spring bombing
of Serbia lashed out at France on Thursday for repeatedly vetoing proposed
targets in Belgrade.' You were also quoted as saying, 'This is a personal
thing with me.' You explained that your son flew 40 missions in the A-10 in
Kosovo and that he was hit by an SA-13, and that, 'He called me that night
on a secure phone and the first words were 'Don't tell mom'.'

As the wife of a retired Air Force fighter pilot and the mother of two
sons, I share your concern for the safety of those whom we love; however,
General, just as my husband was a legitimate target when he flew his
missions over Vietnam, your son was a legitimate target, unlike the
civilians he bombed.

Lest what I have to say be misconstrued as being anti-military or
anti-American, let me make it clear that I love our country and I have
always supported our military. However, I deplore the fact that young
Americans such as your son were ordered to attack a sovereign nation, in
violation of international law and the basic tenants of NATO. When the
initial attacks against the military and political structure of Yugoslavia
failed, those young men were ordered by you and your superiors to wage a
war of terror against the civilian population. Our warriors go into battle
trusting in the honesty, honor and ethics of their superiors. 'Theirs is
not to reason why. Theirs is but to do or die.' You and the other lackeys
of the Clinton administration failed them.

I now ask you, General:

- Was it your son whose bombs hit a bridge in central Serbia crowded with
traffic and pedestrians on a Sunday afternoon, where 17 people were wounded
and nine people died, including 'a priest with his head blasted away?'
(Reuters, 30 May). Or was it your son who, four minutes after the initial
attack, hit the bridge again just as help arrived for the surviving victims?

- Was it your son whose bombs decapitated a Serbian child? 'We found the
head of a child in a garden and many limbs in the mud. But you don't want
to report that. CNN filmed the bodies, but they don't show them on
television' (The Independent, 29 April).

- Was it your son whose bombs dismembered Serbian children making it
almost impossible to match the children's torsos with their arms and legs,
although several were recognized by their sneakers? (The Guardian, 18 May).

- Was it your son whose bombs buried people alive under tons of rubble
from destroyed apartment buildings?

- Was it your son whose bombs hit the convoy of ethnic Albanians reducing
the victims to ashes, and then have your NATO pimp spokesperson, Jamie
Shea, have the gall to deny that NATO pilots, possibly your son, were
responsible for this atrocity by blaming it on the Serbs?

- Was it your son who bombed hospitals, schools, orphanages, cemeteries,
churches, 14th century monasteries on the World Heritage list, in a
barbaric act to destroy Serbian culture, society and religion?

- Was it your son whose bombs hit oil supplies polluting the air so that
civilians couldn't breath, as well as water supplies, civilian apartments,
civilian factories so as to destroy the quality of life and terrorize those
who were not killed? And let us not forget the pollution of the Danube
caused by NATO bombs which has affected all the surrounding nations'
international trade costing them millions of dollars.

- Was it the depleted uranium from the shells of the Gatling Gun on your
son's A-10 that poisoned the soil and the air of the Serbian people so that
their children will be born deformed, and rendered the soil unfit to
produce food for the people to eat?

- Or perhaps it was your son who bombed the Chinese Embassy in another

Besides hitting the Chinese Embassy, your not-so-smart bombs damaged the
embassies of Italy, Switzerland, Pakistan, India, Libya, and Iraq. Not only
could your smart bombs not find the right target, they couldn't even find
the right country as they hit Macedonia once and Bulgaria five times.

NATO pilots bombed Yugoslavia more in 78 days than Hitler did in all of
World War II. Can you understand what that means to a people who were our
allies in two world wars? It was the Serbian nationalist leader, General
Draza Mihailovich, who rescued over 500 downed American pilots while
Croatian and Bosnian/Kosovar/Albanian Muslims at the same time were turning
them over to the Germans for execution. […]

And the horror we have wrought on innocent (Serb) civilians doesn't stop
there. NATO cluster bombs continue to kill children. And just what has our
illegal and immoral air campaign against a sovereign nation accomplished?

Since KFOR entered Kosovo, General, this great victory of which you are so
proud, these 'peacekeepers' have stood by while the 200,000 Serbian men,
women and children who remained in Kosovo have been reduced to fewer than
12,000, with the number steadily approaching zero. While the eradication of
Serbs is taking place, NATO and the media remain silent. Serbian nuns are
being gang raped or forced to stand naked before their KLA tormentors,
Serbian priests are being beaten and murdered, 'Grannies' have been
targeted for special horrors, such as decapitation, drowning (in bathtubs),
stabbing or raped and the atrocities continue.

The demonization of the Serbian people is complete. Christian humanitarian
organizations are collecting millions of dollars to help ethnic Albanians
but not one penny goes to a hungry or suffering Serbian child. […]

The American people are finally beginning to realize that they have been
lied to in order for this President (Bill Clinton) to justify NATO's war on
innocent civilians and to send our sons and daughters into harm's way. […]

And with whom have we jumped into bed? We have jumped into bed with a
bunch of narco-terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army(KLA)cutthroats who were
trained in Osama bin Laden's camps in Afghanistan and who have now
established their own mini-Afghanistan in Kosovo. The most disgusting
picture that sticks in my craw is the one of Hashim Thaci, leader of the
KLA, kissing Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, on both cheeks after
he had just executed six of his top officers. And just what have we
succeeded in doing? We have succeeded in turning over Serbia's Jerusalem to
these cutthroats.

And finally, I return to the Reuter's dispatch where you said, 'this is a
personal thing with me.' Just what did you think, General, was happening to
Americans of Serbian descent, many of whom still have fathers, mothers,
sisters and brothers living in the Mother country, watching your son
destroy a nation and a people? Was that not 'a personal thing' for them?

The Serbian people survived 500 years of suffering under the Ottoman
Empire. They survived the atrocities committed under the Nazis by their
fascist Croatian and Muslim enemies. They survived under Tito's brutal
communist system. Now through our ignorance, our gullibility and a
deliberate, concerted campaign of lies and disinformation to destroy these
heroic people, they are facing annihilation by a hostile (western) world.

And finally, General, welcome to the New World Order you have helped to
create. Maybe the job you did in Kosovo and your performance at the Senate
hearing will get you another star on your shoulder. Wear it in shame."

Stella L. Jatras, Virginia

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Topic starter  

To Suitboy/Tommygunns???

A small word from me you seem to enjoy the way you treat Emina...
Well i can only say this please come with relavent pieces and analysis, instead of backstabbing someone you have no ties with.

It just doesn't look very good as you also claim to be a university boy/man you should know better.
Then to lower yourself like this.
I just find it unbelievable how you can accuse someone you claim to have no ties with of HATING Serbian people, and doubt on someones medical abillities.

If i would be Emina i would not answer these questions you pose either. Besides why would someone claim to have had proper medical scholing, if that wouldn't be the case?

I don't expect any answers on this as you can't give any, because you don't know the person involved here. Nor do i know the person involved, but i rather stick to myself meaning no accusations from my side.

I can only wish you well

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Oh, but T'gunn, I do take issue with your interpretation of the HRW report. I could accept your criticism as valid if the authors interviewed only one or two villagers. But the report was a written based upon the interviews of many, many people. Their testimony about events has remarkable similarities which can be corroborated and their voracity tested in a court of law. I suspect they will comport themselves admirably. phil

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Oh, yes, sure...

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