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Russian response  

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April 24, 1999 5:26 pm  

I dont know if your still there, but i am here now.


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April 24, 1999 9:23 pm  

To Jack London

I agree with you that Russia is a puppet now but things have a way of changing over nite! Jelsein is on his way out! He will not make it after this summer. And to Basil DO NOT WORRY HOW RUSSIAN I AM YOU JEW! I AM MORE RUSSIAN THAN YOU CAN THINK I HAVE A BLOOD LINE AND NAME IN A COSSACK FAMILY YOU JEW! AND I AM 2,000% OBBSESSED! I could care less for what you say and think Jew! To others I do not hate other races every one has a right to exsit and if they what to exist with others of there race and live together that is fine with me. Racial, ethic and religious tension are created by conspiring Jew who runs every corprate company in USreal and perfer for us to live on tension while they rape us! From the people who brought you Waco, Ruby Ridge, now they bring on European soil the good old USreal (apple pie for any one!)

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April 25, 1999 5:14 pm  

Milosovic is a very short-term planner. How could he ever believe he would get away with what he is doing? Deporting Albanians, "cleaning" Kosovo, will only result in an independent Albanian Kosovo. Does he not understand that the things he is doing will cause him to lose Montenegro and maybe even Slovenia any time now. Yes, soon Slovenians will say "exclude me from the embargoes, I am not a part of Greater Serbia". Milosovic is as brilliant as Hitler, not very good at building, but a master at destruction.

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April 26, 1999 4:09 am  

Well, well, well... Haven't been here for ages. And the board has been slowly turning form Russian Response into a Punch-And -Fu-ck -Jack -London computer game. Leave him ,guys. Don't roll sh"t over, so it won't stink. The boy has evidently lost his marbles, dreams of working in a puppet theatre or something. He's just another offtopic outsider. He's in pain, so leave him be.

We've got much more important things to discuss.
I personally would like very much to talk to Emina and get first-hand news about what's happening in Kosova, not the CNN/NATO or Yugoslavian official stuff.

It's been a month now, so we can try and analyze the results.

1.The bombing DID NOT bring the results Albright hankered for, it's nowhere near as successful as it was in Iraq. (that's if you call Iraq a success)

2.The Iron Curtain (drawn by Churchill, not by the Soviets) is threatening againg. Does this make anybody happy?

3.All the world (and I assure you, it's a bit more than a group of voters for an Arkansas Rural Loverboy) has learn't that human values are nothing for NATO, and NATO is a huge propaganda, political and war machine , capable of washing many a bright brain. How else can anyone explain a lot of educated europeans cheering "Bomb!!!", "Kill!!!", "Destroy!!!" ?

4.We now know that the late human values are being substituted by some "Western Values". I believe this shift was announced by Jemmy Shea (sp?), when he said that democratic pilots, if needs be and if they do it in good faith are allowed to slaughter civillians, even when they are sure they kill civillians, in our case - Albanian peasants.

More - later, anyone cares to continue?

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April 27, 1999 6:42 am  

To Emina

I'm really sorry if I made you once again suffer through some dreadful experience of yours. Didn't intend. My target was different - to point out that the ongoing airstrikes cause more and more refugees daily.

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November 10, 2005 4:26 pm  

They're making chameleonic B117s now. They blend in with the sky. They are impossible to see from the ground. The'yre also quieter now. Watch Out.

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