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I don't agree with Jack. Human abuse is a daily feature on this planet and Yugoslavia is nothing special. Tito killed a million people on the same soil DURING the Nazi Nuremburg Trials.

Why did NATO jump into this conflict? Lots of reasons: white people, first world, lots of rich europeans were intimidated, weapon testing, deficit spending program, a desire for NATO to push itself toward a global police force ... the rich protect the rich that's why Rwanda was ignored.

The fighting in that part of the world is very old, why we're interested now is a matter for conjecture--whatever you do, don't believe the hype.

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america is a nazi country trying to inpose thire rule on everybody in the world .
america will aventualy be the cause of the distruction of this world ,they must be stoped and destroyed by any means posible including terrorisem.they deserve no mercy.

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to god's angel,

You are god's angel by name only,(you picked it not GOD) it should be to Red Devil.
America will not cause the destruction of this world, countries with leaders like Milosevic if left unchecked maybe, and America will not be destroyed in your lifetime so forget it.

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The U.S. is in social decline.

Walled in communities are not a good sign.

Nor are forced pee samples from Wal-mart employees.

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Article by Pedro Kurdo (business corespondent, Internet Express News)

It would be a good idea to take note about the events that are taking place in the background of the current crisis in Yugoslavia. This can have great consequences on the way some organisations will have to conduct their business, now and in the near future.

Just recently we learned that US Department Of Justice (US DOJ) commenced an action against NATO alliance under Section 2 of the Sherman Act for unlawfully gaining its monopoly in the market of terrorist activities.
As US DOJ put it "NATO is engaged in unfair business practices and anticompetitive agreements directed at gaining total monopoly in the terrorist business."
According to US DOJ, "Carrying illegal attacks on Afghanistan, Somalia and now Yugoslavia, NATO is trying to use backdoor entry to the market, and with all its financial and technological might to push out numerous, small and often independent terrorist groups out of the spotlight."

"We clearly feel threatened", says Osama bin Laden, managing director of a relatively small but well-established terrorist group. "They have all the technology and know-how to carry out mass murder and destruction on a scale we can only dream of. They have a superior infrastructure and propaganda machine required for getting away with this sort of business. This market has to be regulated as soon as possible." (Terrorist Digest, April 99)

But architect of NATO's new policies Madeleine Albright vigorously defends their position "It's a nonsense. Stating that NATO is engaged in unfair practices is just an attempt to put blame on somebody else, which is not uncommon in this sort of business. They have to take a better look into their effectiveness and, if necessary, restructure in the most critical areas of their activities."

Analysts say that, though the marked is still not saturated a sudden arrival of such a powerful organisation into the world, for a long time dominated by small, ethnically and religiously organised businesses, has sent shockwaves throughout the industry.

Another prominent terrorist leader, who wanted to remain anonymous, accused NATO of "dumping" practices, without a doubt another new tactic in the market. "They are ready to invest enormous amounts of time and money in killing and destruction without getting any political profit from it," he said. "You don't have to be a guided missile scientist to figure out the motifs".
What he finds especially disturbing is the use of the latest generation humanoid remote-controlled robots of "Solana" type for public relation exercises. "You can always say, after things start to go wrong, that you didn't want it or you didn't mean it, and put all the blame on a brainless dummy", he complains. "and that will give them enormous advantage by keeping the core of the organisation with all the decision-makers invisible for prosecution."

James Rubin, a prominent advocate of NATO's involvement in terrorist business finds the whole case "misplaced". "We love to compete, and more so, we support competition", he replies passionately. "If our unconditional support for KLA does not illustrate our commitment for small terrorist organisations I don't know what does."

But many industry watchers dispute the idea of NATO's commitment for small subversive organisations, and find it just a cover for achieving the organisation's goals.

The terrorist business is definitely not what it used to be. It has institutionalised and moved mainstream. Like it or not, NATO is here to stay, one way or the other, for a long time to come.

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We live in a small island in the South Pacific. Summers can be hot, but winters are always rainy and windy. That's the time when we watch TV, and lots of it. When we decide to watch TV, we usually turn our heads to the West. That's the origin of our Truth, or so we thought.

But our belief has been shaken with the latest big budget American produced drama.

The plot is very simple: the main character, a splendid actor (earned his fame in the "1001 Nights of the White House") finds a way to redeem himself by abusing a little victim, accused of misconduct. His trusty clique known as "The Organisation" aids him all the way through the gang rape. Every following day the gang is getting more and more perverse, and the orgy of destruction is going on, and on, and on…

Just consider some of the cast:
The President, with an adults only rated political biography and massive military achievements recorded in invisible ink, who repeatedly promises to fight to the last unfortunate refugee or innocent civilian, whichever runs out first.
The Prime Minister with a well-developed distaste for international laws, and tireless support for the humanitarian massacres.
The Secretary Of State with a head not worthy of the cowboys hat on it, blessed with an ugly sense of compassion and physique to match it.
The Unshaved Apparatchik, the present high priest of the nebulous Organisation, who elbowed his way to the top, swapping God Marx for the one called Mars in the process.
The incompetent Overall Commander, turned horror scenarios author, who is busy working on the third sequel of the well-known project called "World War".
The Multilingual Spokesman, who fluently translates the destruction of one country's civilian population and infrastructure into collateral damage.
The morbid looking Defence Minister with a thick accent and frightening thoughts, who used to be, in one of his previous lives, the leader of a destructive Hollywood based German speaking gang, fortunately exterminated by Bruce Willis.

But one day, they told us the truth. This is not fiction, they said, it is a true story. Hey, can you believe it, all of this is not a product of somebody's twisted imagination! This crap is for real!

Who are these people? Where did they come from? Is anyone accountable for allowing them to meet and act without intelligent supervision? Can't concerned citizens just ring the police and get them arrested?

So, I ask all the good smart people of Western Europe and North America to help us find a way to stop proliferation of these monstrous ideas to the parts of the world still unaffected by them.
Is there any cheap way to contain the impact of the madmen, other then building a wall around the areas contaminated by the Organisation as some suggested, which is clearly out of our financial ability? Is there a vaccine available yet?

Thank you. All your thoughts will be appreciated.

Please send your responses as fast as possible, because we may run out of time before they run out of civilian targets. Address your responses to "Save the Peaceful Green Island Foundation".

Pedro Kurdo is the business corespondent for the Internet Express News.
Copyright © 1999

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Mr. Kurdo,
A simple question.
Was your island in the South Pacific
invaded by the Japanese in WWII ?

Were you ever subjects to the Knights of Bushido,
and their "heroic" attrocities?

How much do you value the Liberty
Freedom , Democracy that you have (if you do)?

Who protects them for you?
Simple question - simple answers please.

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Message sent to Congressmen who are working for cessation of the war, who deserve support from every American. Cc'd to others on Appropriations, Armed Services, and International Relations Committees.

Representatives for peace include Jim Saxton (NJ), Dennis Kucinich (OH), Rod Blagojevich (IL), Ron Paul (TX), and Curt Weldon (PA). On the Senate side, Robert Torricelli (NJ), Kit Bond (MO), Slade Gorton (WA), Bob Bennett (UT), Jim Inhofe (OK), Max Cleland (GA), and Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX).

Postal, phone, and email info available at:

If we sit by and do nothing, the U. S./Nato war machine will keep rollin' along and crush our sons and daughters under its tracks.

Honorable Representatives:

Many Pennsylvanians, myself included, heartily applaud each of you who has voiced your dissatisfaction with the Administration's illegal war on Yugoslavia, and taken independent steps to find a solution.

The President rejects every opportunity for peace where peace should be his paramount objective, and presses on with heavy, indiscriminate bombing even while diplomats try desperately to sustain progress toward a settlement. There's something dreadfully wrong, even sinister, in Nato's aims here. Peace isn't in their game plan, as was evident in Rambouillet.

Secretary Albright cautions that "freelance" missions may jeopardize ongoing discussions, but her brand of diplomacy drops from planes at 15,000 feet.

With military targets reduced to dust, tranquil towns are now as fair game as army bases. Nato strategy totally lacks coherence, and has been rife with blunders, the Chinese embassy bombing being the most egregious. We've poisoned relationships that may have been our best assurance of security in the next millennium. The fact is we may be just one "mistake" away from global war.

If this war holds such critical objectives for our European allies, why are they wavering from the cause? And why must American soldiers and taxpayers shoulder the burdens of a European conflict that Europeans abhor?

I submit that those who support these affronts will soon return to private practice.

It has been said that only the most courageous can be peacemakers. To the courageous ones I say bravo, carry on! Rescuing America from this madness will be rewarded at the polls and, perhaps more importantly, in your own hearts.

Thank you all.

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Serbian forces have stunned the world with their determination to defend Kosovo. Despite all predictions they resisted the technically superior enemy for months. Many experts have tried to uncover the secret of their survivability, with more or less success.
Unknown to the wider public, NATO troops have seized a document that illustrates the thinking behind the military campaign in Kosovo, which helped to keep the Serbian Army casualties to the absolute minimum. This paper is a general order that has been issued by a high-ranking Serbian officer. The text of the document follows:

Order to all Serbian troops in the region of Kosovo:

My soldiers, NATO planes mean us no harm. They are on a mission of trying to solve the refugee problem. They have no easy task. Refugees are scattered around and are getting increasingly sophisticated in avoiding the aircraft. We have to assist NATO as much as possible by flushing them out into the open, where the air forces can effectively deal with them.
But this is war. Mistakes can happen. Despite all precautions NATO has taken we can also be hit. To minimise our chances of receiving serious injuries I request you to comply with the following nine points:

1) Do not visit or inhibit civilian buildings:
These are prime targets. An attack can happen at any time. You just senselessly risk your life.

2) Do not dig in:
They have the technology to detect a dead body under the ground from 30km up. On the other hand, if on the ground, you are safe and sound.

3) Do not transport civilians or refugees, even in covered vehicles:
Their missiles are equipped with refugee seeking devices. When associated with the target, you become one.

4) Do not travel in tractors, buses, animal-drawn or any non-military vehicles:
They match the missile's target identification pattern.

5) Do not mix with civilians or refugees under any circumstances:
In a big crowd, your uniform ceases to be your guarantee of safety.

6) Do not apply for a Chinese visa:
If you really have to, do it by mail.

7) Do not travel to Bulgaria.

8) Do not try to make sense of the previous seven points:
The rest of the Planet tried and failed; you will only waste your valuable time.

General Nebojsa Pavkovich (Commander of the 3rd Yugoslav Army)
In Pristina, April 1999.

(End of Serbian text)

Though the US military have been in possession of this document for a while, they don't seem to have taken any steps to capitalise on the knowledge gained.

The author of this article is no military expert by any means, but he has to say that some of the solutions are almost too obvious to be ignored. So I will give myself the freedom to propose improvements that can have an immediate effect on the battlefield.

Firstly, flying upside down will give crews a much better view of the battlefield. It is also a much healthier position to be in, especially in the situation of repeated stress, according to many gurus of the new age medicine.
Secondly, flight maps are overloaded with information, which increases the risk of loosing the wider picture in an ocean of details. Painting different countries on the maps in different colours will greatly enhance the pilot's chances of hitting the right country.
Finally, each aircraft should be equipped with an underwater camera. NATO can't always rely on the Italian fisherman for damage assessment.

This letter has been sent to NATO headquarters. I hope that Dr Jamie Shea will acknowledge my contribution on the next NATO press conference.

Pedro Kurdo is the business correspondent for the Internet Express News.
Copyright © 1999

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I think this war is insane, and I know I'm not the only one. I have seen horrific pictures and I have heard the most outrageous comments!! I believe NATO are in the wrong here...I've read some of the messages and I am apalled!! How can anyone state that the Indians once lived in tents and now they own Casinos and Hotels and are not complaining??? How dare you? Of course, only an anglo saxon fascist would ever write such a comment. As for the suffering of the Kosovar Albanians...we ALL have suffered. It's a pity that the USA and Britain (ringleaders of NATO) don't find other atrocities in the world worth intervening for. Just go and ask an East Timorese person RIGHT THIS MOMENT what their experience is with Indonesian abuse...their pleas are falling on deaf ears because I guess they don't really count in the world arena!! Once again the USA and Britain (the world's two most GUILTY nations with regards to ethnic cleansing!!) have conjured up a world "satan" and need to create a war in order to justify their defence expenditure and stranglehold of the world. It's a pity that those in the US and Britain can't see the lies bestowed upon them by their "righteous" leaders. I am not an Albanian nor am I a Serb...I am an Australian and see this mess from an outside point of view. If you are an Albanian and were "raped" by Serbs and feel you need to blame your hurt on them think again...RAPE EXISTS in the entire world..the "free" world..and we have all been exposed in one way or another to it..As for the horrendous murders and atrocities...I don't need to go any further than ask my Aboriginal co-inhabitants what they endured by the British..the forefathers of ethnic cleansing itself!! They know what it is like to suffer under do the American Indians, so do the Nicaraguans (slaughtered by the USA funded death squads) and countless others in the world...As for Turkey..NATO member..what a joke!!! Funny how NATO ignores the oppression and atrocities committed by the Turks against the Kurds!! Once again..not important to them! Suffering exists throughout the world not only in Kosovo!! The USA and NATO should re-assess what on earth they are trying to achieve by BOMBING THE LIVING •••• OUT OF A COUNTRY...I guess they haven't thought of the future repercussions of this barabaric act..depleted uranium and other radioactive materials not only are hazardous to the region's wellbeing..but to the wellbeing of the entire planet...I don't want my kids to be born with a bloody deformity because NATO (God's chosen clan) decided to bomb the hell out of Serbia. As for you Kosovo you really think you'll be better off after the bombing stops??? So what if Milosevic is tried and found guilty and all of Serbia's militia is brought to justice...will justice save your unborn children who one day will born with more deformities and cancer than any other in the world??? Will justice restore your poisoned earth and land?? Or your waterways?? Think again before assuming that bombing is the only way to go about this issue....DON'T SWALLOW THE NATO LOLLY!!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES AND SAY •••• OFF TO NATO the self centred and murderous THUGS!!! GOD BE WITH EVERYONE IN THE REGION...KOSOVAR ALBANIANS AND SERBIANS ALIKE!!!!

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To Sophie

I am as equally appalled by the genocide committed by Milosevic an his sympathisers. Milosevic was allowed to perfom 'ethnic cleansing' in Bosnia, and now he is doing it again in Kosovo.

I am therefore equeally appalled by people on this board who have the nerve to say genocide is not happening in Kosovo.

The bombing is terrible, I agree. The international community should have intervened ten years or so ago, but nobody then was willing to recognise the danger coming from dictatorial leaders like Milosevic. Back then the intervention could have happened by political means, now we are all stuck with bombing.

Please take the time to read some of the testemonies and the evedence of ethnic cleansing gathered.


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Maybe if we start a nuclear war and destroy the earth we could stop the suffering for all.

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Like many public personalities these days he decided to launch a product associated with his name. "It's going to be really big", he says, "even bigger then The Yorkshire Pudding. I am going to put pride back into British cook books". Considering the size of the headlines, he may be right.

Please welcome Robin The Cook and his new creation "The Big Balkan Nutty Fudge".

The best idea to start the discussion about Robin's dish is by trying it. While it may take the brainpower of a rocket scientist to understand it, the preparation process itself will require no intelligence at all. So, let's make it first using Robin's own recipe:

Find at least two troubled ethnic groups and place them into a dish well oiled with all sorts of geo-strategic interests. Start cooking by simmering them on a slow but constant heat. Add the international law, but with all its unfavourable chapters previously peeled off. Don't forget to throw in the media - democratic ones strongly flavoured, the other ones smoked.
After a while, stir the situation vigorously. Mix in massacre footages. If you can't get the real stuff contact your nearest NATO representative for a substitute. Use your high-powered "democratic peace processor" and chop everything inside to pieces. Bring the whole dish to the boiling point, at least a couple of times, to evaporate possible voices of discontent.
At this stage, lovers of exotic herbs may add the Chinese embassy, finely chopped though.
Don't give up, stir more, it's just about ready. Drain off extensive hope. Sprinkle all over, preferably with crying refugees for a better visual impression. It's hot and ready to consume for primetime news.

The product has been supported with a massive advertising campaign. "Don't ask, Just chew", the slogan goes.
If we are to judge the success by the early feedback, it looks like Robin has collided with a marketing brick wall here. Little wonder, he is trying to sell blood-saturated swill wrapped in the packaging of a fine vegetarian delicacy.

So, what do the celebrities think about it?

The President consumes the dish strictly for health reasons. It's been prescribed to him on a daily basis by his spin-doctors, as the best remedy for his chronic credibility problem.
The Prime Minister never answers a question of this magnitude without consulting his best friend. What's good for Humphrey must be good for Britain. The animal liked it.
While the Chancellor finds the dish smells of nostalgia, intensely revoking the memories of the past glorious days, the rest of his folks smell a rat.
Apparently, after just one mouthful Boris Yeltsin went Ballistic.

How about the Joe Blobs? Well, I gave it a try and have to say it wasn't a memorable experience. I find it hard to swallow, and it tends to leave a bitter aftertaste after a while.

But people are different. You may like it, if for no other reason but because everyone on TV seems to rave about. It's a craze these days, sort of.

Pedro Kurdo is the business correspondent for the Internet Express News.
Copyright © 1999

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As appeared in some obscure
newspaper, somewhere :

"People are full of sh-t.

It is easier to feed
propaganda to oppressed peoples
living in a cornered little insignificant country

than it is to do so to the free peoples of the world.

But even on the internet you will find
oppressed people -
mentally oppressed that is.

They see conspiracy everywhere,
except in the land

Accept and be happy with the FACT
that their arguements will not change the course of history.

The destiny of SERBS has been set.
For being so misguided
They will forever be SERBANTS / servants
... to the Kosovars.

Serbs, enjoy these last days of
unlimited brutality -
while it lasts,
because your time to suffer it has come".

Dicck Turdo.

Dicck Turdo is the financial affairs manager of the internationally reknown firm Ketchem Iffu Khan. Copyright 1999.

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