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Should Kosovo be independent?

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to MAJA..
I have been reading your posts with great interest to me it looks like you are a inteligent girl and you know the history of your country vell now i ask you something who took VOJVODINA BACSKA BANAT FROM HUNGARY??AND WHY? TELL ME PLEASE.NOW THE SERBS ARE ROUNDING UP OUR BOYS AND USING THEM AS SHIELD AGAINST NATO WHY?? TELL ME PLEASE? YOUR SERB BROTHERS RAPED MY MOTHER AND 12 YEARS OLD SISTER AND TOOK MY FATHER AWAY NEVER TO BEEE SEEN ALIVE IN 1948 [NOT NOW] WHAT ABOUT THAT?

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Maja go back to serbia and volunteer to be raped so they dont have to rape women in other countries. You need it.

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Rape is a brutal violation of human dignity.

There is nothing to justify it.
She did not do it unto others
- so don't wish it upon her or anybody else.

Time will come and truth will prevail
Soon enough we will all know more about the concentration camps.
I think the mental anguish that will follow
will be more than any physical burden you can imagine.

So let her state her case in full freedom.
I'm sorry - no rape !

At the most hope for remorse.

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Ex Vojvodina,
Tell me more about VOJVODINA BACSKA BANAT.

Always willing to learn.

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Thank you, ex Vojvodina, for your best wishes. Not that it is any of your business. I have been raped at the age of sixteen. Imagine, it was not a Serb who did it.
About Backa and Banat. I would not know much about that really. Only that Hungary has been a Nazi country and that Vojvodina people do not seem to be unhappy in Serbia. Do you know how many Slovenians have been murdered, tortured and raped by you and your NAZI countries in the second world war? And I am accusing your brothers of anything.

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In the light of the question, my eye fell on this end quote.
And i tought it would probably a good thing to chair our views over this one?


By Paul Goble

Even as NATO continues its air strikes against
Yugoslavia, ever more Western leaders are beginning to focus
on what the Western alliance should do in the Balkans after
the bombing has stopped.
Such discussions are likely to intensify now that the
alliance has issued a communique that suggests its member
states are at least as interested in a diplomatic resolution
of the conflict as in continuing to use military power to
achieve their original aims.
So far, most of the discussions have centered on some
kind of Marshall Plan for the Balkans. Such a program, named
for and modeled on U.S. assistance to Western Europe after
World War II, would apparently involve massive, multilateral
aid from NATO countries to the war-ravaged states of the
former Yugoslavia.
By invoking the name of the largest and most successful
foreign assistance program in history, officials in NATO
countries clearly hope not only to put additional pressure on
Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to reach a settlement
but also to redirect the efforts of the Western alliance in a
non-military direction.
But there are at least three reasons why a new "Marshal
Plan for the Balkans" will have to be very different from its
model if it is to help bring peace and stability to that
turbulent region.
First, the original Marshal Plan was funded and directed
by one country, the U.S. A new such plan for the Balkans
would be funded and directed by a group of states and thus
subject to the kinds of decision by committee that appear to
govern much of NATO's activities. That would almost certainly
guarantee that any program announced would suffer from
inevitable differences of opinion within the alliance and
might even make it impossible for any program announced ever
to be realized.
Second, the original Marshall Plan took shape to counter
a single, overriding threat to Western Europe. While the U.S.
had hoped to extend assistance to all Europe, Soviet leader
Joseph Stalin's veto dashing that hope probably had the
unintended consequence of making the Marshall Plan more
successful than it would otherwise have been.
On the one hand, it meant that U.S. assistance was
focused on a smaller number of countries and thus had a
bigger impact than would have been the case if it had been
spread more widely. On the other, Soviet opposition had the
effect of generating more domestic U.S. support for it
because Washington was able to point to the way in which the
Marshall Plan was contributing to U.S. security interests in
Any aid package to the Balkans will not have that
external disciplining factor. Not only will that mean that
the domestic constituencies in many countries will be
reluctant to fund a new plan at the levels that would be
needed; it will also mean that the lack of an external threat
will almost certainly guarantee that the members of the
alliance will stay less united on this issue, just as they
are on so many others.
Third, the original Marshall Plan was intended to
restore the economies of the countries of Western Europe, not
to create something fundamentally new. Any aid package to the
Balkans would have to address the far larger and more
complicated issues of nation- and economy-building, issues
that few foreign aid programs have been successful at
In many ways, the discussions about a new Marshall Plan
for the Balkans reflect the difficulties of finding a
solution to the conflicts in that region. Obviously, the
people there will need massive amounts of aid to overcome the
tragedies visited upon them by Milosevic and his supporters.
But before the West can design an aid package that will
help them, these conflicts will have to be addressed and some
resolution found. Once that occurs, a genuine assistance
program can be developed to meet the specific needs of the
people and political structures that will then be in place.
In thinking about the future, those proposing a new
Marshall Plan for that region should remember that the
original Marshall Plan was not proposed until more than two
years after the bombs had stopped falling.

Copyright (c) 1999 RFE/RL, Inc.
All rights reserved.


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i was reading the archives and eventough i am sure Maja is still lurking on this board I think its a pitty that she never took the chance of answering a usefull question from Jack about Serbias Information act October 1998.


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I was reading about kosovo in a newspeper yesterday and the kosovoalbaniens says;
Kosovoalbaniens are the thru peopel from Illyricum and from 1350 Kosovo belongs to Yugoslavia.
If it like that then we all need to ask how are the first peopel in ower country and if the country need to be independed from the "ocopater".
I dont accept genocide cleening but I dont like any kind of war (how many wars in history was humany).
The world are so big that we all have place and to live in peace. It´s dificult but if we work it out we can do it.

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i am so proud of serbian people. i pray for you

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Re to Jenny Christina

I do not know what newspaper exactly you were reading but what you stated is kinda false (not unusual in these last times):

A) Albanians claim that they descend from Illyrians, there is no proof of this as there is no proof of it being completely untrue. Personnaly, I am of the conviction that the tribe called Albanoi probably mingled with some other exterior elements in order to form the present day Albanians.

B) I do not know what importance the date 1350 has to the region but Yugoslavia did not exist as a state before 1918 and as a concept before the 19th century when it was, interestingly called the Illyrian movement (the Croats at one point were also convinced that they were the descendants of Illyrians).

C) Kosovo is not a country just as the Great Sahara desert is not one or the Great Canyon isn't one. Kosovo is a geographic region which has falsely given its name to a region 20 times larger.

D) I assure you that the Albanians were not the original inhabitants of Kosovo, actually, I can tell you actually when they started settling in the region today known as the province of Kosovo - around the 14th century is when the first records speak of a few houses in what is today's border region between Serbia and Albania.

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Jenny Christina and Igor,

Just for your information (F.Y.I.)
all this history is irrelevant at this point.

Just so we can move into "solutions",
both sides on this board
Pro-Serbs and Pro-Natos)
have agreed to a FUNDAMENTAL "Principle",
that is in essence :

"Nor history, nor any political or economic motive,
can be quoted to justify GENOCIDE and
the other violations of basic human rights and dignity in the present".

Basically, WHATEVER the history,
it is not an excuse for PRESENT killing, genocide and deportation.
No further discussion needed on this.

Now, you are free to say that the deportation is not real,
that genocide is NATO propaganda,
and that the killings never happened,
just like the Holocaust never happened.

Or you can stick to calling
everything "NATO propaganda" et cetera,
like other Serb-Lovers do.
(We'll just read and weep).

Alternatively, let's talk solutions.

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long live UCK!
long live the Republic of Kosova

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Serbians again and again have shown that they are not civilized. I am a Serbian myself, and I am ashemed of what my people are doing in Kosova. We have treated Kosova like colony for centuries. Let's give a chance to them- they are like everybody else and they deserve indipendence. Serbian brothers and sisters let's open our eyes and understand that Milosevic is leading our country toward the Stone Age. I hope one day we all will apolegize to innocent Albanians for what we are doing to them today.
God forgive us!

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I agree with you Drago, Kosova belongs to the people that live there. And Albanians are the ones the for centuries have lived there. I am a Serbian soldier and I feel that our army is treating Albanians like Hitler treated Jews people in Germany. I am sorry for our leadership and our country. Shame to us, we are giving more reasons to the world to treat us like beast, and this is how we are behaving right now.

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To Drago and Silic

God bless you for keeping yourself sane. God bless you for keeping up the resistance against Slob Milo! God bless you for being so brave in the face of repression.Thank you!

Please be sure that nobody believes all the Serbs are bad. You don't have to excuse yourself for the deed of this nutcase. He has, just like Hitler the power to orchestrate people. Mostly they are victims.

I hope you will be able to keep up morale. I wish you all the strength in the world to acomplish that!


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