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I am looking for a Friend's nephew

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I am jagan64@rediffmail.com, jagan64@yahoo.com
I am looking for a boy from Hyderabad: Named: NITIN PARANKAR, born 27th NOV 1973 working at the WTC NY.If anybody has any information on him please send me an email immediately.I shall be very grateful.NITIN P is related to my colleague at All India Radio.Her name is Jayasri Relekar.

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Hello. I wonder if you are familiar with the case of an Indian woman, Sneha Ann Philip, who may have died at the World Trade Center on September 11th. She was caught on tape with another woman of Indian descent at a department store across from the Trade Center on September 10th

This case is still open because it's not been proven that Ms. Philip died at the Trade Center. I'm a writer in New York and am interested in the case.


David Holmberg