EgyptAir Flight 990
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EgyptAir Flight 990

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Contact with the Boeing 767 was lost after it took off from New York's John F. Kennedy airport with 197 passengers on board. Coast Guard officials in Boston said the debris field was discovered off the coast of Nantucket Island. Investigators at the scene were trying to find its exact location.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Eliott Brenner said the plane departed New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport for Cairo at 1:19 a.m. EST (0619 GMT). It disappeared from radar screens at about 2 a.m. EST (0700 GMT). The last contact was about 60 miles south of Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts. Brenner said the flight originated in Los Angeles.

EgyptAir officials in Cairo said 197 passengers were aboard the twin-engine, wide-body Boeing 767 plane. They were unable to give the precise number of crew on board, but they named the pilot as Captain Ahmed el-Habashy.

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My first thought is "Oh no, not again"

Our heart goes out to the families of passengers on Egypt Air flight 900.

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Egypt Air 990 update:

According to Jim Hall of the NTSB, last radio contact with the plane was a routine call at 01:47. Three minutes later it commenced a very fast descent, dropping from 33,000 to 19,000 in 36 seconds. That translates to 23,300 feet per minute. Impossible in a 767. That is 265 mph, straight down.

I think that suggests airframe disintegration of some sort at 33,000. The interesting thing is, for them to have that altitude information, a mode-C transponder must still have been functioning, and so was an Air Data Computer. So, what kind of catastrophe can befall a 767 that brings it down vertically, but leaves the transponder and ADC on?

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Crew and passengers on EgyptAir Flight 990, as provided by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs New York's Kennedy International Airport, and by relatives and friends. Ages and hometowns given where available.


Capt. El Habashy
Capt. Rauof Noureldin
Flight Officer Adel Anwar
Flight Officer El Batoty
Farouk Tamam
Neama Riad
Maha Ahmed
Janet Fam
Amal Sayed
Hasan Farouk
Hesham Sabry
Mohamed Galal
Maha Elmahrouky
Adel Erian

Capt. Hatem Roushdy, EgyptAir employee but not part of the crew
Flight Officer Hesham Farouk, EgyptAir employee, not part of crew
Flight Officer Heshem Omar, 38, Cairo
Flight Officer Rafaat Ayad

PASSENGERS, embarked in Los Angeles

Ms. Walla Abdelfattah
Sami Abdurbu
Maherhassan Adel
Elsayed Agwah
Mohamed Showadfy Ahmed
Mikhaielna Nasr Ibrahim Aziz
Rashad Alymohd Aly
David Ameeraly
Mrs. Zaki Mohamed Baria
Bahgat Badieh Bassam
Mrs. Taysir El Bagouri
Mrs. Fatma Gabr
Dr. Mohamed Galal
Youssef Genidy George
Ms. Mostafel Shouras Gehane
Mahamed Nabil Ihab
Hussein Ismail
Mohamed Elseman Khaled
Garhi Hassenin Khalifa
Ms. Imilda Kolander, 66, San Ramon, California
Effat Mansour
Mrs. Virginia Mansour
Ms. S. Marufu
Nabilalatif Mohamed
Mrs. Nama Mossad
Ahmed Wasfy Nehad
Mohamed Mohd Salaheldin
Abdullah Saleh
Nasim Saleh
Mrs. Riham Sultan
Mahmoud Akader Tamer
Mourad Omonir Yassa

PASSENGERS, embarked in New York

Salah Adam, 32, Toronto
Shaline Adam, 42, Toronto
Joshua Adam, 4, Toronto
Rebecca Adam, 22 months, Toronto
Saadeldin El Alfy Ahmed
Fouad Abdel Ghafar Ahmed
Badaway Ahmed, 13, Luxor, Egypt
Sayed Abdalla, 43, Richardson, Texas
Hamed Abdel Wahab Ahmed
Hosam El Din Ghafar Ahmed
El Sayed Elnady Ashraf
Fouad Mohdelmansy Ashraf
Ms. Jean Allen
Ms. Dorothy Allen
Abdel-Rahman Amin, Cairo
Alia Abdou, Cairo
Mrs. Judith Bowman, 57, Huntington Beach, California
Essameldeen Bassem
Charles Balassi, Vallejo, California
Ms. Novelle Balassi, Vallejo, California
Mrs. Celine Bienvenue
Gene Billings, 70, Norfolk, Connecticut
Mrs. Barbara Billings, 71, Norfolk, Connecticut
Mrs. Tamsin Barnes, Idledale, Colorado
William Barnes, Idledale, Colorado
Mrs. Dorene Beck, 60, Sweet Home, Oregon
Raymond Beck, 60, Sweet Home, Oregon
Richard Brokaw, 76, Strafford, Vermont
Richard Burson, 77, Venice Isles, Florida
Ms. Lenor Burson, 79, Venice Isles, Florida
Ms. Paula Barnes
Ms. Gloria Berchielli, Jamesburg, New Jersey
Mrs. Carole Bergeron, Montreal
Ms. Virginia Chaplin, 72, Georgetown, Maine
Gerald Dunbar
Ms. Elinor Duckworth, 66,
Luc Desy
Hosny Diaaeldin
Mrs. Aishan Daif with infant
Sahar Elboghady
Aalimelsayed Elkhedaiwy
Abdel Rehem Seleman Emad
Mrs. Judith Ebner
Robert Ebner
Adel Elkousy, 65, Chillicothe, Ohio
Wafaa Elkousy, Chillicothe, Ohio
Abdu Elzanaty, Cairo
Mrs. Barbara Freeman, 65, Alpine, California
Jarold Freeman, 68, Alpine, California
Abed Raboh Fawkia
Robert Fitzpatrick, 68, Southold, New York
Mrs. Sharon Fitzpatrick, 67, Southold, New York
Ms. Dorothy Foth
Rich Foth
Luther Fraatz
Mrs. Beverly Grant, 82, Santa Ana, California
Mohamed Emara Gamal
Miss Hossameldin Gihad, 12, Luxor, Egypt
Mrs. Louise Gamache
Guy Gelinas, 46, Quebec
Stanley Grams
Martin Greenberg, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Natalie Greenberg, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Mohamed Hussein Hanadi
Mohamed Abdel Hamid Hesham
Mostafa Abdel Aziz Hesham
Mohamed Hossameldin
Donald Heck, Chestertown, Maryland
Ms. Jeanne Heck, Chestertown, Maryland
ohamed Saleh Ibrahim
Rafik Iskander, 40, Lakewood, Ohio
Ms. Sheila Jaffee, 63, Huntington Beach, Callifornia
Willie Jackson Sr., 61, Scotch Plains, N.J., and Orlando, Florida
Dr. H. Paul Jacobi, 71, Palm Harbour, Florida
Ms. Patricia Jacobi, 71, Palm Harbour, Florida
Tamer Qassam, 24
Mohamed El Sayed Khaled
Abdul Nasser Khaled
Mark Kogan, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Mrs. Anna Kogan, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Ms. Jacqueline Kurasch
Haitham Kheiry, 24, Maryland
Ghassan Koujan
Larry Kowalsky, 74, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Ms. Edith Kowalsky, 68, West Bloomfield, Michigan
El Sayed Ahmed Khaled
Mrs. Johanne Laferte
Agathe Lavoie
Edmond Greish Magdy
Edmund Miller Sr., West Point, Mississippi
Hannah Miller, West Point, Mississippi
Samy Makary
Ms. Leigh Minturn
Mahmoud Mohamed Magdy
Abdelazim Mohamed Mahmoud
Nabil Saadzaky Mohamed
Abdel Haymohd Shahin Mohd
Mahdmohd Elsayed Mohd
Lotfy Mohamed Mostafa
Claude Masson, 58, deputy publisher, Montreal La Presse
Mrs. Jeannine Bourdages, 58
Ms. Ann McCormick
Thomas McCulloch, 72, La Plata County, Colorado
Ms. Henrietta Mead, 61, Norfolk, Connecticut
Ms. Lois Neufeld
Ahalim Elsayed Nashaat
Jacques Noreau
Hakim Mohamed Nabawia
Arthur Peever
Barbara Peever
Mrs. Noreauluce Poirier
Bernard Poirier
Stephen Reinhart, 38, Lakewood, Ohio
Eugenia Rhodes, 80, Chicago
A. Rosenour
Mrs. S. Rosenour
Robert Rice
Mrs. Mary Rice
Mrs. Doris Rosen
Irving Rosen
Mrs. Stella Ross
Mohamed Abdelbaky Ragab
Kurt Schwenk, 39, Palo Alto, California
Mrs. Mitzi Schwenk
Norman Shapiro, Bloomfield Township, Michigan
Ms. Joan Shapiro, Bloomfield Township, Michigan
Narues Shenouda
Mrs. Betty Smith
Mrs. Barbara Lee Smith, Surprise, Arizona
Gerald Smith, 82, Surprise, Arizona
Gavin Stearns
Thomas Stone, Columbus, Ohio
Willa Dean Stone, Columbus, Ohio
Tobey Seidman, 71, Irvine, California
Mrs. Mary Lou Sterner, 66, Olmito, Texas
Mrs. Erica Schwenk
Salamafereg Samir
Fathy Tawfeq Hesseen Sherif
John Schelpert, Chestertown, Maryland
Joann Schelpert, 71, Chestertown, Maryland
Arthur Simermeyer, 72, Randallstown, Maryland
Marie Simermeyer, 60, Randallstown, Maryland
Leroy Sides
Michael Sides
Arthur Smith
George Small
Ms. Anne Soernssen, Jamesburg, New Jersey
Gerard St. Germain
Yvette St. Germain
Fawzy Sameh, 19, Luxor, Egypt
Mahmoud Shaban Samir
Ibrahim Saleh Talaat
Mrs. Betty Van Buskirk, San Diego
David Van Buskirk, San Diego
John Voelker, Durango, Colorado
Mrs. Lilla C. Wong
Issawahba Wahba
Ms. Sameer Walaa, 19, Luxor, Egypt
Gerald Welsh
Caryl Welsh
Mrs. Alice Walker, 80, Picayune, Mississippi
Mrs. Elaine Walker, 64, Oregon City, Oregon
Neal Walker, 75, Oregon City, Oregon
Ms. Carol White
Frederick M. Wong
Mohamed Kamal Yasser

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If you would like to help family members whose relatives died in the crash of EgyptAir 990 or relief workers involved in the disaster, you may call:

The Rhode Island Red Cross, at 831-7700.

The Newport Gateway Visitors Center, at 845-9118.

Brown University students who want to volunteer may call Stephan Sonnenberg, at 867-6337.

People who want to send flowers or cards may drop them off at the Doubletree Islander Hotel, Goat Island, in Newport. Cards may also be mailed to the Doubletree Islander Hotel, Goat Island, Newport, RI, 02840.

People who would like to donate money to buy flowers and fruit baskets for bereaved families may donate to a fund established by two public-school teachers from Warwick: RI Cares Fund, Box 6757, Warwick RI 02887. (401) 486-6579.

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i am trying to trace relatives of dr h paul jacobi and mrs patricia jacobi who were sadly lost in this tragedy,

please get in touch by e mail">

i will reply to any response.

many thanks.

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I can help you,but why do you want to know.

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Mike - or anybody in a position to assist,

if you have info on next-of-kin of Dr. H Paul Jacobi and Mrs Patricia Jacobi, please send them to Joseph Chukwu ( ¦ who claims to be an Auditor Manager in a South African bank and who, in the line of his fiduciary and due dilligence duties, is understood to be looking for next-of-kins (I'd appreciate a copy of the eventually evolving exchanges).

Anton Keller, Secretary
Swiss Investors Protection Association
cp 2580
1211 Geneva 2
t+f: +4122-7400362

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I am also looking for next of kin of Mr William Barnes, Mrs Tamsin Barnes and Ms Paula Barnes. Please reply to
Thank you

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sadely I lost my dad on egyptair flight 990 which crashed last october 99.

My dad was the second pilot in command Raouf nour el din,anybody who can help me please email me till now we dont know what happened to this flight,at least i think that the family members have the right to listen to the voice recorder of our beloved ones,please help us we dont know what to do any body who can help us please email me on my email address,we contct NTSB and we told them that the pilot families are willing to hear the voice recorder they said its not our right do u think soo also?? how come i think that we are the only ones' who have the right to listen to the voice recorder to listen to the last seconds in our beloved dads please help us help us help us

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i am looking for the Daughter of late Mr.Mahmoud Shabah Samir