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22/12/1999 3:45 am  

Does anyone have any information about Erin Cunningham from San Diego and Jasmine Shafer from Seattle. They are traveling together in Venezuela and we are worried about them with the tragedy that has happened there. Are phone lines working?

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22/12/1999 7:11 am  

Dear friends:

As you have heard, Venezuela is under an emergency situation due to severe floodings and mudslides, which have affected around 300.000 people. CANTV Servicios (major ISP), Cámara Venezolana de Comercio Electrónico (E-Commerce Venezuelan Chamber), Asociación Bancaria and Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad (a MAJOR non-profit organization helping HOMELESS) have set a web site - - in which all interested people can donate
online using their credit cards. No matter the amount of your donation, it will help us to get out of this situation.

Please feel free to pass this message to all your friends and colleagues. Thanks in advance

If you want more information about venezuelan situation, you can go to any
of the following web sites:

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22/12/1999 11:08 am  



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22/12/1999 11:44 am  

International K-9 Search and Rescue Services is available to assist those in need of assistance, in looking for their missing loved ones.

I.K.9.S.A.R.S. PO Box# 30364,
Portland, Oregon 97294 USA
(503) 618-0497. Pager (503) 505-7224.

Contact us immediatetly if you need help.

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22/12/1999 12:35 pm  

I have a friend in the peace-corp and I am tring to locate her...Her name is Anne Pilarski. Thank you very much, We will pray for all of your families.

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22/12/1999 5:46 pm  

Please I am searching for a childhood friend of mine. His name is Oswaldo Bello. He lives with his family in the outskirts of Caracas. I am worried that he might be hurt. Please if anyone has any information on the Bello family (mom, dad, son, daughter) Please let me know any information is greatly appreciated. I am praying for you all. Thank you. Mary Walker (Shell - maiden name)

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23/12/1999 1:57 am  

My boyfriend Alberto Salazar Leon flew to Caracas from Montréal, Canada on wednesday the 15th with is family. He is Venezuelian. Since that time I dont have any news.
If you get some news, please write back to me.

Joanie Lafrenière

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23/12/1999 3:34 pm  

Este mensage es para el Dr. Gustavo Mendez que trabaja en el hospital Vargas en Maiquetia. Es tu amiga Alba Nury Arroyave quiero saber si te encuentras bien. Aqui en los estados unidos nos hemos enterado del desastre que ocurrio hace unos pocos dias si puedes por favor dejame saber como estas y tu familia, espero que se encuentren bien.

mi numero de telefono es (252)946-9740
mi direccion es: 124 Fairway Dr. Washington, NC 27889

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23/12/1999 4:31 pm  

Looking information of my friends, Matti and Taru Kivelä. They were living in Caracas...
if you have any information, i would like to know.

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23/12/1999 5:03 pm  

I can see that a lot of people is asking for other people that are in Venezuela. There has been an excellent control of the people that is being asked for and has been rescued. Thanks to the brilliant help of the people that is taking advantage of the internet you can search by names is you go to this websit:

I want to also make clear, that because somebody is in Venezuela it doesn't mean that they are affected. There are many affected areas in the country, but the horrendous death toll is only in the coastal area of Edo. Vargas. This is not Caracas, this is located 1 hr. (by car) towards the north coast, near the international airport.

Good luck!

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