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I am currently a volunteer structural firefighter and a member of the EMS. I am very interested in becoming a smokejumper, and would appreciate any information on doing so.

Posted : 28/10/1999 2:10 am
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looking for contact information for all the smoke jumping training programs in US. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted : 28/10/1999 2:11 am
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hello all. i am an ex army ranger. i have jumped out of 768 airplanes and would like to get into smokejumping. i would appreciate any info that you could give me. thank you very much. always remember... keep your feet and knees togother....AIRBORNE...

Posted : 31/10/1999 8:25 pm
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I have a friend who is interested in doing a photohistory of firefighting in general and smokejumping in particular. I am an ex jumper and would like to help her out on this project. Any feedback would be appreciated. Anyone who would like can email me at Thanks

Posted : 06/04/2000 4:57 pm
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can someone give me an idea of the salary of an average smoke jumper?

Posted : 08/04/2001 4:44 pm
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Who or what is a smoke-jumper?
Love these American terms.
Is there much left to burn in the States?
What have been the environmental consequences if any of last summer's fires?

Kim(from the Russia board)

Posted : 08/04/2001 5:11 pm
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check out

Posted : 28/06/2003 1:08 am

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