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"over there"?
do you mean at that link?

that's where the 3 mp3s from my 'psychedelic' band
are, Das Ludicroix.[lots other stuff too!]
you can also listen w/o downloading...

if you axually do, and it's okay if you dont, i'd
suggest "moon healing activation"

barcelona? cool!
you must know at least 2 languages, maybe 3? wish
i knew many languages.

hope i dont confuse you with the way i write..

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no, you are confusing me just a bit - here comes a shy expression
in a combination with a smile, a humble one, but with a devilish eye sparkle

was that confusing ?

hmm, listening to psychodelic music can explain the nature of your posts...
I must hear that, send it, please...

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New book by Sandro Provvisionato: KLA, A SHROWDED ARMY
Kosovo Liberation Army -A war between mafia, politics and terrorism

In Kosovo,16 months after the war waged by NATO was over, massacres are
continued. A new ethnic cleansing is in action, perpetrated by KLA against Serb
civilians. Cunningly disguised into Kosovo Protection Corps formed by the West, KLA
remains the chief element of volatility in the whole Province. Separatist Albanian
formation is being studied under a still unanswered question: What is really KLA?
Secessionist force, or Albanian mafia funding the creation of an independent
Kosovo, a new narco-state, a Columbia under the nose of European Uniopean Union?
The origin, history, secrets, crimes, deals, alliances, past and present of an army that
has won a war with all the battles lost. If NATO's war in the Balkans aimed at
stopping ethnic cleansing, the result is actually an ethnically clean Kosovo, but
reversally. Sandro Provvisionato, director of Radio Città Futura (The Future City),
editor-in-chief of News at Canale 5 (Tg5), was covering the whole war and post-war
period in the Balkansas a reporter. Among his books, there are: "The longest
Republic Night", "The Mysteries of Italy", "Mafia Secrets", "Corruption at High
This book is going to be promoted on Monday, October 30th, 2000, in Rome. Beside
the author, the participants will be:
LUCCIO CARACCIOLO, director of Limes Institute
MAURO DEL VECCHIO, former commander of Italian KFOR troops Kosovo
TOMMASO DI FRANCESCO, editor of foreign policy columns in "Manifesto"
MIODRAG LEKIC, former ambassador of FR Yugoslavia in Italy
MARIO MARAZZITTI, as representative of St Egidio community

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y'know, it's difficult to grin and take another
shower and swoon all at once...
what an image sequence from you. i'm slightly

"was that confusing"? you ask?

men _ache_ to be so confused. positively ACHE.

and i suspect you know that already, cheri.

thanks for the address! i dont want to use up your
space allotment for your mail; the song is about
4.1 mb.
i'll be going to to get it myself, as i
had to erase my disk this summer after a virus.

have you stayed up all night,? england is 6
hours ahead of me , dunno if barcelona is the
bedtime soon for me, with visions of a certain
'devilish eye sparkle' swirling and sparkling
before me as i drift off....
well, let me say "wow" 50 or 60 more times, try to
snag that song, and get to bed.

what a day. what a night.
thank you.

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ps>> yes, back to reality!

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Not at all.Pleasure is mine ( devilish wink comming...)

How did you know when I had a shower ?

Your suspicion may be right...wink back

UK is 1 hour behind European time.
I've slept all day, that is why I'm up now - don't ask. It just happened.
This music got us into this; do you think?

have some nice dreams
(this comes with just a smile,'warm' and sincere )

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"how did i know when you had a shower?"

are you saying...are you saying we...we...
gasp!, i WILL faint now!
somebody throw a pillow under me before i
[a little while later]
yes, we can blame it on the music
why not?
[cue: sinatra, "strangers in the night"]
[w/ massive grinning for you]

speaking of which
i downloaded the das ludicroix mp3 for you.
it was 'translated' on a realplayer
but i dont believe that will be a problem
if you play it through something else.
i hope not.
tomorrow i'll try to download at least one of the
mp3s you put on the SC page
before they disappear.
hi there, yugo pals in the audience!
are you pleasantly scandalized?
please allow me to accept your smile as intended
and offer the same to you in return.
good night, daniela.

if we meet in a dream later...
well, there we'll be.
there we'll be.

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the mp3 has been sent!
i hope it'll play for you...

me go sleep now


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it is just loading, this very minute
'real p.' is going to be just fine, I have a few
gadgets around fot it...

"are you saying...are you saying we...we...
gasp!, i WILL faint now!"

nooo...I wasn't saying that ! it was just an innocent joke

we have 'yugo pals' on this board? who?

and, is there something french about you
or it's just occasional words you've been using
to sound more colourful...some remains from school days

W + DG

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I like this !
Send some more, please.

You are so diferent here for the public...
more 'devilish' kind of

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diFFerent, yes

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Good afternoon, daniela!

no no, innocent jokes are fine! really!
i was referring to we in the _shower_, no other
room of the house. [wink]
dont wish to spoil the grinning-
because that was really, really great.
well, tommygunns and kim arx are 'yugo
perhaps anyone else 'lurking', passing through...
no, cheri, no french class pour moi; i just like
words, and the sound of words. although, i'm 25%
french. sometimes i use a lot of japanese words; i
wish i knew both languages, but i dont.
hmmm...very cool you liked the das ludicroix
'song'; i picked for you the one most 'song-like'.
there are 2 others; one about 3 1/2 minutes with
some pretty crazy guitar, and one over twice that
long, pounding away w/3 guitars.
i should look into getting something that i wrote
and sang. uh-oh!
interesting you mentioned the difference between
my communicating 'in character' and communicating
'in private'. one approach more irreverent than
the other, i suppose, reflecting a style i used
when i had an opinions column for a music magazine
[for 13 years].
how 'consciously' do i do this? i think it's more
that you are perceptive, and conscious of

[grin] would you prefer me being more 'devilish'
in private? my _writing_, of course.

as easy as it might be to hang around here all
day, i have some things to do, but i'll certainly
be back before long...
and there we'll be.

W/DG received and returned!

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there is an old american slang expression, "coke
on you!", which means if 2 people say the same
thing at the same time, the first of them to say
"coke on you!" is owed a bottle of coca-cola by
the other.

2nd day in a row we've posted at the same time.

coke on you!

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But you didn't manage to record those songs ?

Being an ex music critic I am scared what comments you may have for it...Are you still writing there?

I knew it - there was something definately French about you; 25% is not to be neglected, en contrare, cheri - DG

I might just change my mind about these innocent jokes - G
In your writing too (?).

My 'subtleties', as you called it, are often a surprise to myself, something like sixth or seventh sense.

"We" say - the whole truth - about something two people do at the same moment, whatever they say or do then.

I will allow myself more time in here for tonight,
so it would be nice to see you later.
(...your song just appeared on the headphones, it sounds even better when I play with this equalizer).

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alas, alas...
when i erased my disk in the summer i lost my
mp3s. no zip drive pour moi! -_-
what mp3s there are, are scattered twixt 3
parties, the most from a fellow in another state
who doesnt respond very often.

we had begun the project of digitizing the
material from my 'real' band, disarray, before all
the original tapes crumbled [and some have
crumbled]. but as i do this for free, at the
largesse of a busy friend and his equipment, we
havent done much lately for too long.

moi? concerned about your comments? i was very
pleased that you would like "moon healing..."
please, say what thou wilt,, it'll be okay.
really, to release or submit 'blaster' lo-fidelity
recordings is a total _bluff_, madmoiselle.
to have such recordings succeed to _any_ degree,
while there are throngs of bands and musicians who
take everything far too seriously and then succeed
'less' than my lo-fi improvisations, then the
bluff works! the joke is on them!
as far as the criticism, i wrote music reviews for
a sunday newspaper for three years, until the
paper hired syndicate reviewers. no, i wasnt the
only reviewer, but the editor liked me and allowed
me to do as i pleased. since the 'payment'
consisted of the item i reviewed, [subsequently
traded in at a record store], that was a suitable
the column i referred to yeterday appeared in a
'punk fanzine', w/a 3-5000 print run. it had more
editorial than musical content. honestly, i
thought 'punk rock' was silly the way i think
'space rock' is silly, so i was pleased to annoy
those most inclined to be annoyed by me.
[grin] i suppose i have done much the same at
but i havent done any 'serious' writing for a few
years [long story] and i think the DMS-type
writing is good practice/better than nothing.
and sometimes i _learn_ things, or modify my
opinions...from you too, sometimes!
what kind of music criticism did you do?
your '6th or 7th sense', a/k/a 'woman's
intuition'? heh.
i surely will be here later; wont keep you up all

W/G !

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