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"Berliner Zeitung" daily write that, in a report of Finnish experts for forensic medicine,
there are no evidence of massacre of Albanian civilians in Racak village in Kosovo, January 15

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"But it was also because unless Milosevic could be blamed for the collapse of the talks, it would be difficult
to justify the use of force against him, and—in NATO's eyes—without the start of a military campaign, attacks on the Kosovo
Albanians could continue unhindered. The next best outcome was therefore that the Kosovo Albanians would sign and Milosevic
would not. If neither side signed, the killing would continue, and it would have been difficult for NATO to do anything about it. It
was therefore necessary to tilt in favour of the Kosovo Albanians—and as we discuss above, the USA was prepared to tilt further
than the United Kingdom-French co-chairs."
... #a22

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House of Commons Foreign Affairs - Fourth Report [UK Confesses War Guilt Over Kosovo]

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This press release was sent out last night. Please note the
invitation to
The Day of Truth
in 'Add Copy': any feedback from Yugoslavia re the situation in the FRY
would be appreciated.

Immediate Release from CANA Christians Against Nato Aggression

note our new e mail address; it is
(discard any other)

tel/maual fax 44 20 88 02 21 44

83 Black Boy Lane London N15 3AP UK


Carla del Ponte should be shunned by all right thinking people, particularly in Belgrade, says William Spring, CANA Director.

'Many years ago a distinguished journalist said to me: "my dear boy, everything is permissible, except bringing the law into disrepute."

The comment, thrown out almost inconsequentially, while he, & we, (his acolytes),were engaged in the obligatory muddy walk around Robertsbridge has remained graven in my memory.

He made the remark in relation to the Nuremberg Trials & I'm sure if Malcolm Muggeridge were alive today he would feel the same sentiments at the obscene spectacle of the quasi- judicial tart, Carla del Ponte hawking
her wares all around Middle Europe.

What does she want to go there for? She's already had Jamie Shea, (in a linen cupboard @ The Hague), & Cook, or Cook's had her, (ugh!), she's even had the irresistible Albright.

Who else can she impress with her forensic charms?
Why does she so desperately want to be introduced to Vojislav Kostunica?

What exactly is she offering the Serbian people? A fair trial for Milosevic?

Evidently not. No trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for The Former Yugoslavia (ICTFY) can be fair: such a concept is alien to a
Court funded by Soros & the CIA, offering the very best in kinky so called justice, (secretindictments/masked witnesses / headless judges & ku klux klan style institutionally racist inquisitorial prosecutors).

Could Carla del Ponte ever offer to hand over for trial before the Yugoslav Courts, the NATO leaders? Obviously not. And the point is there are indictments in Serbia against all the NATOleaders.
No discussion therefore should be held with Ponte about anything until first all the NATO leaders surrender for trial in Belgrade.

CANA requested that she commence proceedings against the western leaders responsible for the March 99 NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. She refused, as she, & her predecessor Ms Arbour, refused many other requests of a similar character from human rightsgroups & jurists world-wide.

Her sudden discovery now that we might have a case after all; when so many people are dying of leukemia, & the DU scandal cannot be hidden any
longer, tells us volumes about her cynical approach to her supposed duties.

The ICTFY was never set up to try War Crimes, but to persecute the Serbs.

They are & have become sacrificial victims to expiate the failure of US/British & French policy
which has handed hegemony of the Balkans to the new German Reich.

CANA welcomes the decision of Mr Kostunica not to meet Carla del Ponte in Belgrade; we trust that in difficult conditions he finds a way to maintain
the integrity of the Yugoslav constitutional process, & to remind the world, when he has the
opportunity, (perhaps with Tim Sebastian on Hard Talk due to be screened on BBC 24 Hours 18th January) who the real aggressors are & were.

'Yugoslavia's crime in the eyes of the West was one & only one: it did not have a nuclear weapon. Only for that reason was it an appropriate target for a humanitarian war.'


Today a great sadness has afflicted us, a sense of loss for someone I can't say I ever really knew, except very indirectly, having come into
contact with Auberon Waugh through the ICBH, (Institute of Contemporary
British History) which sponsors lectures & seminars etc at the University of
Senate House
(Local History Room) & I had corresponded with him about CANA & other

He knew about CANA & CJPY & was very sympathetic to us, & our aims.
Every fortnight or so since Blair's War he'd used his column in The
Telegraph to tell Blair what a dishonest & beastly idiot he is.

His father Evelyn Waugh, apart from being, (with George Orwell), the
most distinguished English novelist of the twentieth century, during
second world war was parachuted into Yugoslavia, together with Randolph
Churchill, son of the British Prime Minister.

Evelyn Waugh's gift was bequeathed to his son, & his political opinions
least in terms of support
for the Yugoslav state, our former allies, who made common cause with
against Hitler,
before America even entered the war.)

Auberon Waugh's death at 61 is a profound loss: but the mantle of
has already fallen upon Elisha;
& his friend columnist A N Wilson will continue to defend Serbia &
international law, and the acerbic,
only occasionally misanthropic satirical tradition of English
(of Swift, Chesterton, Muggeridge,
Orwell, & the Waughs, a literary craft but vaguely understood, or not
all, by most of our serious minded
American cousins.)

From CANA we send our our condolences to the family of Auberon Waugh.

William Spring London 17th January 2001


CANA (Christians Against Nato Aggression) is having its Second One Day
Conference on 24th February 2001 @ The Friends Meeting House Euston Rd
London, simultaneous with the CJPY (Campaign for Justice for the People
'DAY OF TRUTH ABOUT YUGOSLAVIA'. Our aim: to expose the rotters.

Details from CANA Tel 44 20 88 02 21 44 or from CJPY

Further information re speakers etc will be sent with our next

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SIRIUS: The Strategic Issues Research Institute
Benjamin C. Works, Director
718 937-2092;;
E-mail: @AOL.Com">Benworks@AOL.Com
--Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil--


SIT 6-12; June 12, 2000

Kosovo: One Year On

Hobbes on life in "The State of Nature:"

No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all,
continual fear
and danger of violent death; and the life of men, solitary,
poor, nasty,
brutish and short."
- Thomas Hobbes; Leviathan; 1651; I, 13

A year ago NATO forces entered Kosovo, enabling some
800,000 refugees to
return to their homes. We had been told that NATO
suspected that tens of
thousands of Kosovo Albanians may have been slaughtered in
a systematic
planned war crime of ethnic cleansing, called "Operation
Horseshoe." Now,
the International Committee of the Red Cross tells us that
only some 2500
remain missing (of whom at least 400 are Serbs kidnapped by
the KLA since the
war) and estimates that the roster of dead is around 4000
people of all
communities and sides: KLA, Serbs, Gypsies, Turks, Gorani
and others.

People did die, but not in the ways NATO alleged last year.
There are some
more mass graves to be opened and they contain many
non-Albanians as well as
the dead from local gunbattles, NATO bombs and some murder
victims. NATO
will try to report the gross numbers, but not the details
so that it can
maintain the illusion of systematic war crimes by Serbs
against innocent
Albanian civilians, but even that falls apart as forensics
experts report to
their national media.

Meanwhile, a German general has exposed the "Operation
Horseshoe" hoax.
American troops were sent to war in a politically-motivated
con job abetted
by all our major media.

Our US, Canadian, British and other troops stand exposed,
in the long term,
to legitimate war crimes charges and their excuse will be
the same one the
Germans gave: "I was only following orders." Meanwhile,
the liars who
perpetrated and journalists who abetted a monstrous
propaganda campaign are
now fighting a desperate rear-guard action against the
truth, labeling we who
present the facts as "revisionists." Tell that to our
troops on the ground
in NATO-occupied Kosovo --they know who the liars are and
who the thugs are.

Theory can obscure but not eradicate fact: History and
human relations have a
way of getting even with sophisters and manipulators over
the long term. The
Kosovo of the KLA and of racist Albanian politics is an
mountain of contradictions. Serbs, Gypsies and others need
only be patient
while the melt-down continues; difficult as waiting
patiently may be.

Almost 15 months ago, President Clinton allowed then-NATO
Secretary General
Javier Solana to launch an illegal war against Yugoslavia
over the alleged
oppression of the Kosovo Albanians. A year ago, today, the
Yugoslav Army
(VJ) and Ministry of Interior police (MUP) began their
withdrawal from Kosovo
under revised terms of a brokered ceasefire which allowed
both NATO and
Yugoslavia a plausible means for ending what was becoming a
military fiasco
for NATO.

It is a matter of fact, not "feeling" that the war was
illegal under the
terms of the UN Charter. The US and its NATO allies knew
that a Security
Council resolution authorizing the attack would never get
past Russia and
China's vetoes. But the war was also illegal in that it
violated other
treaties, as well as NATO's own charter and other
international agreements.
Mr. Clinton allowed Mr. Solana -a "recovering Communist" to
launch the war,
which means that it will be difficult to lay blame on any
one person or

Now that I have made that important point, one purpose in
writing is to
underscore that America's soldiers, and Canada's, Britain's
and others
already understand that the war was illegal --or highly
irregular-- and also
understand, after a year inside the Kosovo mad-house, that
we are enmired in
a criminal mess, with no sign of an exit strategy. In
Kosovo, the lunatics
have been running the asylum for the last year, thanks to
NATO. But the
lunatics of the KLA cannot get rid of the Russian military
task force, which
prevents NATO and the Albanians from stealing independence
from Yugoslavia.

The fact is that most of our soldiers do not understand the
degree to which
Serbs have been demonized by a long-running propaganda
campaign mounted by
Croat, Albanian and other interests in Washington. But they
do understand
that they have found no credible evidence of widespread
massacres, of "rape
camps," of "death camps" or the "crimes against humanity"
that NATO alleged
before and during the 78-day air war. They also understand
that the KLA is
nothing more than an armed an ugly gang of thugs, and they
do know about the
heroin and cocaine smuggling, white slavery (kidnapping
girls and forcing
them into prostitution) and the other activities of the KLA
and Kosovo Heroin
Mafia.. Further, our military personnel understand how
little damage the NATO
air forces inflicted on the Yugoslav Army and police.

But for today's essay, it is important to note that our
troops can see just
how incompetent the UN and NATO are at restoring even the
most basic aspects
of civil government in Kosovo. It has been a whole year
and the occupiers
have not even been able to re-initiate garbage collection,
nor to provide a
reliable flow of electricity. An entire year, mind you!

Consider this, after a hurricane, tornado or flood in
America, if you did not
start restoring services in 49 hours, there would be a
growing level of
public impatience with government and local utilities. And
imagine if the
Federal Emergency Management Agency, governments and
utilities did not have
"normality" restored in a week. The hue and cry would be
universal. But the
UN viceroy in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner --a "caring
socialist" incompetent who
postured his way into the Nobel Laureat for his Doctors
Without Borders
agency-- tells a sympathetic press that the UN mission
(UNMIK) has only just
begun. He has had more than the time it takes for a woman
to get pregnant
and give birth, yet he has not even squared away garbage
collection in the
major towns.

Nor has UNMIK been able to establish a credible court
system, and as a
consequence, UNMIK is imposing injustice in Kosovo, rather
than restoring
justice. The US Constitution's preamble lists the six
purposes of government:

"to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure
tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the
general welfare, and
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our

After a year, the UN and NATO have not achieved even the
initial steps in
those six purposes. Instead, we have managed to re-create
the conditions of
Hobbes' state of nature and life in Kosovo is truly,
"nasty, brutish and
short." One thousand Serbs, Gypsies, Turks, Gorani,
Egyptians, Croats and
other minorities have been murdered, as well as a
Bulgarian-American employee
of the UN. At the same time, another thousand or so
non-Albanian minorities
have been reported missing, some kidnapped, some probably
murdered. On top
of that, there have been some 400 or more Albanians
murdered by the KLA, by
mafiosi, or in "blood feud" attacks. This category
includes at least 23
prominent KLA and political leaders in factional
fighting. Though there have
been several high-profile murders in Serbia and Montenegro
in recent months,
the more interesting political murder campaign is ongoing
in Kosovo.

Among the Gypsies (or Roma) the situation is doubly
tragic. The Roma enjoy
full civil rights in Yugoslavia and are more involved in
the economy and
society than any where else in Europe. But in Kosovo, the
Agence France
Presse reported on June 10 that 14,000 out of 19,000 homes
owned by gypsies
have been burned by Albanian xenophobes who are busy trying
to chase every
other ethnic community out of this ancient Serb homeland.
And Muslims are
just as much a target of this xenophobic ethnic cleansing
conspiracy, as
Slavic Catholics and Orthodox Serbs. When NATO entered
Kosovo last year, they
found the housing stock surprisingly intact, given all the
propaganda about
the Serbs burning villages while implementing the vicious
Milosevic scheme
"Operation Horseshoe," that NATO alleged as the
justification for its
actions. In fact, in the few photos I saw shown as proof of
burning villages,
typically showed one burning house on a village outskirts,
probably the
result of a local gunfight between the KLA and the police,
or possibly the
result of an air force attack on a hidden tank.

About 100 Serb monasteries and churches have been destroyed
in the last 12
months. Many of these dated back to before the Turkish
occupation in the 15th
and 16th centuries.

Nor is there any prospect of a decline in the rate of
murder, robbery,
looting, and all. Last week there was a surge of violence,
leaving 8 Serbs
dead (including two women and a four year old boy) and 20
wounded. A land
mine that killed two and wounded three, was barely missed
by a loaded school
bus just minutes earlier --that was probably the target the
KLA wanted to hit.

If anything is clear about this ongoing failure, it is that
our own "Posse
Comitatus" Act of 1873 is a profound insight that we should
consider. That
law recognized that the attempt to restore order in the US
South after the
Civil War by using army troops was a failure. Soldiers are
not cops, and
cannot substitute except in an extreme emergency, for a
short time. The UN
cannot use international military forces as a substitute
for law enforcement
professionals either, and for the additional reasons that
politicians are much less willing to risk casualties among
these occupying

About Operation Horseshoe:

As to Operation Horseshoe, The Sunday Times of London
reported on April 2
that the whole thing was a propaganda tale, spun in haste
by German
intelligence. Here in America, Joseph DioGuardi, Bob Dole,
President Clinton
and others quickly took up the lie to cover over what was
an increasingly
lengthy war with no end in sight. Horseshoe helped sustain
the illusion until
the Columbine High School massacre allowed the
administration to divert the
media's attention away from the Kosovo mess entirely.

Here's part of what "The Times" reported on April 2:

"Horseshoe - or "Potkova", as the Germans said it was known
in Belgrade -
became a staple of Nato briefings. It was presented as
proof that President
Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia had long planned the
expulsion of Albanians.
James Rubin, the American state department spokesman, cited
it only last week
to justify Nato's bombardment."

All those people were fleeing the bombs and it must have
been deliberate
province wide cleansing, wasn't it? Heinz Loquai, a retired
general, explained in a new book that it was all made up.
The proof is
indicated by the fact that those who made it up mistakenly
used the Croat
term for horseshoe, "potkova," rather than the Serb
"potkovica." Time after
time, I have found, it is that extra little embellishment,
which liars cannot
resist and which only "gilds the lily" that gives the lie

There were two reasons for the massive exodus last year.
The early
departures for Macedonia, included many non-Albanians just
trying to get out
of the way of the bombing and fighting. Civilians always
take the
common-sense option of getting out of the way of bombs and
artillery --it's
called the will to survive. But many Serb-speaking
Muslims, Serbs and Roma
were misrepresented by American TV reporters as being

The Albanian refugees came in response to orders from their
clan chiefs and
KLA leaders --if you did not "flee" you faced murder to
satisfy the "blood
feud" clan law under the Kanun of Lek Djukajini. Here's
testimony from
Cedomir Prlincevic, a leader of the Jewish community in
Pristina, a community
that was entirely cleansed by the KLA under NATO's watchful

"For months people in the West, and also, through satellite
those of us in Yugoslavia, have been bombarded with Western
media claims that
NATO, that is the US and Germany, want to create, in
Kosovo, a multiethnic,
democratic society. The disadvantage of citizens of Serbia
in dealing with
NATO is that we tend to believe that other people mean what
they say. And
therefore I and others in Pristina believed that when KFOR,
that is NATO,
marched into Kosovo, they would protect the rights of Serbs
and other

"The KFOR troops and the UCK crossed the border into Kosovo
together; they
came down the roads together; they entered Pristina

"Immediately the UCK and gangster elements under their
leadership took over
government institutions and fanned out, going after the
homes of
non-Albanians and pro-Yugoslav Albanians. I lived in a
large complex of nice
apartments inhabited by doctors, lawyers, university
professors, managers of
various institutions, the intellectual core of Pristina
society. Right after
KFOR arrived, the gangster elements attacked this section,
called Milana.
They moved up and down through the buildings, banging on
doors, breaking down
doors, throwing tear gas into people's apartments, forcing
them out on pain
of death.

"The Western media claims that KFOR has been "unable" to
control the action
of "mysterious gangs" who unfortunately have targeted
Serbs, nor have they
the manpower needed to prevent ethnic Albanians from Kosovo
from exacting

"This is simply untrue. For one thing, the Albanians who
attacked our
apartment complex spoke a dialect that made it clear they
were from Albania,
not from Kosovo.

"When the Albanians attacked, one of my neighbors (a
doctor) called KFOR. An
English Major arrived with his squad. But the Albanians
did not flee.

"I spoke to this Major. I asked him why he didn't do
anything. He said
"This is a job for the Civil Authorities." But you see, by
then there were
no civil authorities other than the UCK. He said KFOR was
only interested in
cases of murder.

"I showed him documents, confirming that I was the
President of the Jewish
community in Pristina. He replied: "Later." He didn't
have time to examine
these papers. While the Major and his squad were there -
before their eyes -
the gangsters continued their work. In some cases, when
residents appealed
to these British KFOR troops, the KFOR people took the part
of modern day
Solomons. The Albanians explained their plight: "We have
no place to stay
tonight." You see they felt themselves to be victims of a
housing shortage.
So the KFOR people said, "Why don't you share this
apartment amongst
yourselves!" - in other words, the gangsters were to move
in with the prey.
SO KFOR left, the Albanians moved in, and then the
Albanians said, "Now leave
or we will slaughter you."

"Under these circumstances, who would stay? We lost
everything, years of our
lives - our lives, and our community, the only place we can
ever be at home -
gone. Stolen.

"About 30,000 people were driven from this huge complex in
Milana in a matter
of days. I have had to flee to tiny quarters in Belgrade,
I and my family,
including my 81 year old mother.

"The Jewish community in Pristina existed by fortuitous
accident. During
World War II the ethnic Albanian fascists in alliance with
Italian and then
German forces shot some local Jews. Then they arrested the
rest and shipped
them, in stages, to death camps. One large trainload of
Jews took a wrong
turn and got stalled several days at a train station, and
was liberated by
the Russian Army. My family thus exists only by virtue of
error; but my
81-year-old mother, alive through this accident of fate,
now has to face the
destruction of her life, of all our lives. I personally
was Chief Archivist
in Pristina, and now at 61 years of age, what am I to do?
What are any of us
to do?

"The behavior of a large part of the Albanian population
was terrible. They
lied to support the NATO campaign of lies, inventing tales
of harassment and
mass executions. Secretly, and then openly, they supported
the UCK. These
people would never have done such terrible things were it
not for years of
encouragement from two centers - the United States and
Germany. Albanian
culture unfortunately includes a strong strain of
intolerance; it also has a
powerful Clan structure which puts Clan leaders in a
dictatorial position.
These two cultural traits have been utilized by NATO to
provide foot soldiers
for modern-day fascism, complete with a liberal rhetorical

"Recently I have tried to communicate to interviewers why
the Albanians left
for Macedonia and Albania during the war. I told the
interviewers they
didn't understand the significance of certain features of
modern Albanian
culture. It is very closed off, very self-oriented, and
very much under the
control of the leaders of Clans. The word 'clans' is not
used here simply to
describe a formal structural feature of Albanian society.
Quite the
contrary, clans are the actual, functioning social unit of
vast numbers of

"During the bombing, my neighbor, an ethnic Albanian,
left. And I said to
him why are you leaving? We're not getting killed in this
development, we're all helping each other, and we're all
together in the air
raid shelter - why are you leaving? And he just looked at
me, and he said,
"I have to. I've been told to leave now. Everyone will be
leaving now."

"And that was that. This man and his wife, who were
intellectuals, whose children played with the Serbian
children, whom I had
considered to be friends - they were leaving.

"Many opponents of the war thought the UCK was making a big
mistake by
terrorizing Albanians. But it wasn't making a mistake. It
was making a
point to the clan leaders: we have the backing of NATO and
we will kill
Albanians who buck us. Given the existence of anti-Serb
racism among
Albanians, this we're-the-winning-team argument brought the
leaders into

"Huge numbers of Albanians left Kosovo during the
bombing. They did not
leave because Serbs were slaughtering them, which was a
made-up story. They
did not leave because they were getting bombed; though they
were getting

"They left because they were told to leave by their clan

"Vast numbers of people from all over the world have
protested the bombing of
Yugoslavia. In doing so they have created a movement out of
the political
shambles of our world.

"And yet it is now, after the cessation of bombing, that we
have entered the
worst hell. This terrible fascist-like invasion has
created far worse
suffering than the bombing. Some are driven out, some
disappear, some are
murdered and their murders attributed to forces beyond
NATO's control. Some,
like the Serbs and Roma of Orahovac, have been imprisoned
in a new Warsaw

"I urge those who care about Justice not to remain silent."

* * *
More of Mr. Prlincevic's testimony may be found at "The
Emperor's Clothes

© Copyright 2000 by Benjamin C. Works --SIRIUS
Readers may repost this report, in whole or in part, for
"fair use only," so
long as this copyright notice is included. ;%20Kosovo.txt

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Kosovo Peacekeepers Detain Voice of America Reporter, 2 Others

PRISTINA, Jan 25, 2001 -- (Reuters) NATO-led peacekeepers said on Thursday they had detained three Kosovo Albanians, including
a journalist and a spokesman for a guerrilla group, for attempting to enter Kosovo illegally.

Shaqir Shaqiri, spokesman for the political wing of an ethnic Albanian guerrilla force, another man and Voice of America reporter
Linda Karadaku were detained on the boundary between Kosovo and a volatile region of southern Serbia.

They had tried to enter the province on Wednesday afternoon from a small road without a regular military checkpoint, Major Steve
Shappell, a spokesman for the NATO-led KFOR force, said.

On Wednesday the Presevo Valley area on the Serbian side of the boundary was the scene of another outbreak of the sporadic
fighting between the guerrillas and Serb security forces that began around a year ago.

Representatives of both sides said two people had been wounded in the latest clashes.

KFOR said it had detained the two men on the boundary because they were suspected of being members of an ethnic Albanian
armed group. They would be held at a U.S. military base pending an investigation. Karadaku was released.

The three apparently came from a five-km (three-mile) wide buffer zone on the Serbian side of the boundary created as part of a
deal that ended the 1999 NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia and governed withdrawal of Serb forces from Kosovo.

Peacekeepers have patrolled the boundary more vigorously in recent months, detaining numerous ethnic Albanians suspected of
being guerrillas crossing back and forth.

The increase in patrols followed complaints from the Belgrade government that guerrillas were still getting through and firing on
Serbian police from inside the zone.

The guerrillas say they are defending local ethnic Albanians from Serbian police persecution. Serbian authorities say the group is a
collection of separatist terrorists who want to join the Presevo Valley onto ethnic Albanian-dominated Kosovo.

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"Then, with a powerful -- some would say predominant -- injection of American funding, manpower, and technology, the court
adopted rules that would not be tolerated in the United States. The accused has no right to confront his accuser. That means
accusers may remain anonymous and, as the American Bar Association has noted in a critique, immune from cross-examination. In
short, contrary to the American system of justice, the accused, whether Serb, Croat, or Muslim, is held guilty until proven

By David Binder Legal Times April 22, 1996

"All's fair in love and war,'' the venerable English saw tells us and, looking at the performance of the international tribunal in The
Hague, it could be updated to "All's fair in love and war crimes prosecutions.''

Lopsidedness persisted for more than two years as the tribunal dealing with the Bosnia conflict indicted more and more Serbs on
allegations of mass murder, but seemed to be uninterested in identical crimes by Croats or Bosnian Muslims in the three-sided civil
war. Although this has been redressed somewhat (at this writing, 57 suspects have been indicted: 46 Serbs, eight Croats, and
three Muslims) the imbalance continues, and the impression remains that The Hague method may be the judicial equivalent of
"shoot first, ask questions later" -- that is, "indict now, investigate later."

This impression hardened through the seizure and arrest of a general and a colonel of the Bosnian Serb army earlier this year by the
forces of the Muslim-led government of Sarajevo, and through the ex post facto endorsement of this action by Richard J.
Goldstone, the South African judge who is the outgoing chief prosecutor of the tribunal.

Under considerable pressure from the United States, the Muslims handed the two Serbs over to NATO, which swiftly delivered them
to Mr. Goldstone's custody. He indicted General Djordje Djukic, the chief logistics officer, on February 29, on allegations that he
took part in the siege of Sarajevo. His fellow prisoner, Colonel Aleksa Krsmanovic, though unindicted, was not set free, but was
returned April 3 to the very people in Sarajevo who had seized him -- Serbs say "kidnapped'' -- in the first place, for "further

By extrapolation, this seemed to posit the Muslim government as a police force empowered to seize as a potential war criminal any
Serb who ever put on a uniform in the last four years. The Djukic-Krsmanovic seizure has already proven to be a dangerous
precedent that could be employed in retaliatory fashion by Bosnian Serbs against Muslims.

For a time the Muslim-Goldstone actions stalled further implementation of the peace accords agreed in Dayton and signed in Paris
last year because the irate Bosnian Serbs simply broke off talks with the peacemakers. Even the U.S. government, the chief
advocate of the Bosnian Muslim cause for the last four years, was displeased with this sequence of events which called into
question the purpose of the Dayton-Paris accords: Was it to bring peace to the ethnically jumbled and now almost hopelessly
hostile mountains and valleys of Bosnia and Hercegovina? Or was it an instrument principally for prosecuting war criminals, mainly


The tribunal at The Hague has to be the strangest court in the world. It has no power to enforce an order to arrest suspects. It
has limited powers to investigate alleged crimes on site and a doubtful capacity to conduct fair trials. It lacks adequate funding and
it has had to change chief prosecutors just as the first trials get under way.

There is no comparable institution in the short history of international law. Nuremburg, after all, was created by the victorious
powers of World War II to prosecute the Nazi losers.

Rather, The Hague tribunal is primarily a political creation, pushed upon the international community by a nervous Clinton
administration in May 1993, with Madeleine Albright in the lead at the United Nations, as a fig leaf to cover up the deliberately
adopted impotence of the United States toward the Bosnian conflict at that time.

The court was established by the United Nations Security Council under Chapter
7, the organization's vague, all-encompassing instrument for dealing with any casus belli. This alone was unusual. In classical
terms, it should have been established by convention in the General Assembly (with now more than 170 members), which would
have then required accession by treaty ratification of each member. But the United States was, as usual, in a hurry and it was
decided to sidestep such niceties.

Then, with a powerful -- some would say predominant -- injection of American funding, manpower, and technology, the court
adopted rules that would not be tolerated in the United States. The accused has no right to confront his accuser. That means
accusers may remain anonymous and, as the American Bar Association has noted in a critique, immune from cross-examination. In
short, contrary to the American system of justice, the accused, whether Serb, Croat, or Muslim, is held guilty until proven

Nor are the rules of evidence even spelled out.

Its initial practice showed that the tribunal was virtually incapable of prosecuting Dusan Tadic, the first and, for a long time, the
only (Serbian) defendant in its hands, because the interpreter hired by the court was incomprehensible.

Goldstone has been described by a senior U.N. official as "in equal measure political and judicial.'' His recent activities would seem
to bear out the political side of that analysis. He lobbied in the press and on television in Washington, New York, and Brussels for
more money and more time, threatening to quit over the former and hinting that he would like to stay on, in the limelight of The
Hague, if people really wanted him.

In January he complained bitterly that he had to beg for alms every three months -- $7.6 million in alms -- to keep the 282-member
Hague operation going. "No criminal justice organization should be dependent on handouts,'' he declared. Mr. Goldstone has since
been replaced by Louise Arbour, a judge from Ontario, Canada. The senior U.N. official expressed the hope that "his successor
might be more judicial and less political.''

So what are the prospects for prosecutions now, especially after Mr. Goldstone and others have declared that their investigations
and indictments would be carried up the line of command to the very tops of the Balkan war crime gangs?

We know they have done that with General Ratko Mladic and with Dr. Radovan Karadzic on the basis of their responsibility for
alleged massacres of Muslims around Srebrenica last July. (Karadzic has told me and I guess others that he is prepared to go to
The Hague and face the music.)

But those were easy, the Republic of the Serbians and its leaders being the pariahs the so-called civilized world has made them. As
for apprehending them, Lt. Gen. Patrick Hughes of the Defense Intelligence Agency predicted in March that "the U.S. element of
IFOR [implementation force] will do that when the time comes.'' A few days later John Shalikashvili, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, said he was "absolutely'' opposed to such an operation.

Concerning Srebrenica, the tribunal has been all over the place with its allegations of Muslim massacre victims, ranging from 8,000
down to 3,000. Characteristically, in early April, John Gerns, its representative on the scene, had plenty to say as teams of
investigators probed possible massacre sites around Srebrenica and nothing to say when he went to a mass grave site in Mrkonjic
Grad where the corpses of 181 Serbs massacred by Croats last summer had just been exhumed. The press also continues to be
selective, rushing almost like ghouls to sites where Muslims were killed, but studiously ignoring those of murdered Serbs.

But, what about Slobodan Milosevic or Franjo Tudjman or even the Bosnian Muslim leader, Alija Izetbegovic?

If Bill Clinton was shaking hands with these men in Paris and Ambassador Richard Holbrooke changed from calling Milosevic a
"Communist thug'' a year ago to the Prince of Peace today, you can bet your bottom dinar that this tribunal is not going to be
prosecuting them.

Nor is it likely that either Belgrade or Zagreb is going to deliver many of the most prominent indicted men to that spiffy former
insurance company building in The Hague.

For that matter, not even the funding of the tribunal is certain, for all the moralistic bombast of the Clintons, Albrights, and
Holbrookes, especially in a budget-conscious election year in America.

Moreover, there is a debate under way in the United States about whether The Hague tribunal might set a dangerous precedent for
creation of a permanent international criminal justice system, posing the issue of infringement on U.S. sovereignty. The argument
pits conservatives against liberals (personified by the World Federalists, who have long lobbied for such a global criminal justice
institution). That debate is not likely to be settled in favor of the Goldstones of this world, unless Ambassador Albright prevails with
the idea that, as a permanent Security Council member, the United States could simply veto any procedures against Americans
charged with war crimes -- a kind of "not in my backyard" on a global level.

David Binder is a correspondent at The New York Times,
where he has covered Balkan affairs since 1963.

Legal Times is an affiliate publication of Court TV.
Copyright ) 1996, American Lawyer Media

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KFOR News Update
Pristina, 01 February 2001
Captain Richard Kusak, KFOR Spokesman

Incidents During the Past 24 Hours

Multinational Brigade North

Yesterday early afternoon in Mitrovice / Mitrovica, around 300 Kosovar Albanians
gathered at the southern part of the West bridge. Some Molotov cocktails were
thrown at KFOR Multinational Brigade North soldiers who responded by using tear
gas. Then the crowd moved to the Maison de France before splitting into two
groups. One group went back to the West bridge and started to throw stones and
improvised explosive devices at the soldiers. As a consequence of the attack, 20
soldiers were slightly injured and an other one more seriously. In the evening the
situation calmed down.

Truck Driver Shot
Yesterday afternoon near Koshtove / Kosutovo, KFOR Danish soldiers found a
truck driver shot in his head. A KFOR medical unit was sent to the scene and after
examination decided to evacuate the driver to the Mitrovice / Mitrovica hospital.

Multinational Brigade Centre

Search Operation; Weapon Found
Yesterday morning, a KFOR Multinational Brigade Centre patrol conducted a
search operation in Vojinovce / Vojnovc. Among the illegal items found and
confiscated in one house was one rifle.

Search Operation; Weapons Found
Yesterday in the early morning a KFOR Multinational Brigade patrol conducted a
search operation in Prishtina / Pristina. Among the illegal items found were one
AK-47 assault rifle, one rifle, one pistol, and 20 rounds of ammunition. The patrol
detained one man in connection with the search, and later on handed over the man
along with the weapons and ammunition to UNMIK Police.

Multinational Brigade East

Suspected UCPMB Member Detained
Yesterday afternoon in Viti / Vitina, KFOR Multinational Brigade East soldiers
detained Skender Habibi. Skender Habibi, a member of the municipal assembly in
Viti / Vitina, was detained because he is suspected of providing support to the
UCPMB. KFOR soldiers conducted a cordon and search of his house and a local
restaurant in Vitina and nothing was found. He was transported to the Camp
Bondsteel detention facility where he his being held pending an investigation.

Suspected UCPMB Members Detained
Yesterday, KFOR Multinational Brigade East soldiers detained three Kosovar
Albanian men attempting to cross into Kosovo, two of them near Mahala and the
other one near Dobrosin. They were taken to Camp Bondsteel detention facility
where they are being held pending an investigation. The men are suspected of
being members of an ethnic Albanian armed group.

Multinational Brigade South

Yesterday early afternoon in Rrahovec / Orahovac, around 200 Kosovar Albanians
gathered and then split in two groups. One group attempted to go to the Kosovo
Serb village of Velika and the other one to the Kosovo Serb district in Rrahovec /
Orahovac. Both groups were stopped by the KFOR Multinational Brigade South
troops and they dispersed peacefully.

Multinational Brigade West

Search Operation; Weapons Found
Yesterday morning, a KFOR Task Force Falco patrol conducted a search
operation in Gjakove / Djakovica. Among the illegal items found were two AK-47
assault rifles, one rifle and 120 rounds of ammunition. The patrol detained three
men in connection with the search, and later on handed over the men along with
the weapons and ammunition to UNMIK Police.

Search Operation; Weapons Found
Yesterday afternoon, a KFOR Italian Military patrol conducted a search operation
near Peje / Pec. Among the illegal items found and confiscated were two AK-47
assault rifles, and 30 rounds of ammunition.

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merci for your note...
a settlement/approval has been reached;

music should follow.

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German troops accused of smuggling guns
from Kosovo

By Imre Karacs in Berlin

5 February 2001

German troops in the Balkans are smuggling lorry-loads of
weapons into Western Europe, some of which could be
finding their way to terrorists and criminal gangs.

According to Der Spiegel magazine, a German army
sergeant-major was convicted of gun-running last November,
while a major, a captain and two sergeants are about to go on
trial on 10,094 counts of illicit handling of explosives and
7,144 violations of gun laws. They are alleged to have
smuggled truck-loads of guns, mortar shells, hand grenades,
mines and other explosives into Germany.

The soldiers all worked for the German peace-keeping corps
in Kosovo, a country awash with all kinds of weapons,
including unexploded bombs dropped during the Nato air
campaign in 1999. One of the main tasks of the troops is to
locate and destroy all these, as well as guns held by the
Kosovo Liberation Army.

Some of the 5,200 German troops stationed in Kosovo were
apparently offended by the wasteful nature of their job.

The Germans seized a small arsenal at the Yugoslav army's
abandoned barracks in Prizren. But instead of destroying the
bounty, as ordered, they organised its transport to their home
base in Germany. They were loaded on to army trucks and
taken to another base in Yugoslavia. Seven crates of
munitions were eventually dispatched to Germany with the
help of a private haulage firm. The loot was discovered by
customs officers in Darmstadt.

Der Spiegel reports that the scheme was an open secret
among the German troops, and even the colonel in charge of
the ensuing investigation showed little interest in the content
of the 18 crates that remained stranded in the Balkans. What
fate awaited the weapons in Germany is unclear. Among the
most frequent items were AK-47 rifles – a popular weapon for
terrorists – which can easily be sold on the black market.

The peace-keeping forces in the Balkans are the first big
deployment of German troops abroad since the Second World
War. While their military conduct so far has been beyond
reproach, this is the second scandal surrounding the
Germans' personal behaviour. Last year some of their
soldiers in Kosovo were accused of involvement in child

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"Unborn children of the region [are] being asked to pay the highest price, the integrity of their DNA."

- Ross B. Mirkarimi, The Arms Control Research Centre, from his report: ‘The Environmental and Human Health Impacts of the Gulf Region with
Special Reference to Iraq.’ May 1992

I have recently received large numbers of photographs of horrendous birth deformities that are being experienced in Iraq. I have not, quite frankly, ever seen
anything like them. I urge you to copy this page / these pictures and circulate them as widely as possible. "


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Bye bye independent Kosovo.
See you yesterday.
Written complaints can send to the Enver Hodja's grave.

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Could you please help to build up a complete link list to non-mainstream media regarding the NATO war against Yugolslavia?

That's what I already collected:

In English organization for fair reporting in media Sehr gute tiefergehende Artikel Sehr gute tiefergehende Artikel realtiv wenig umfangreich, wohl recht gut Yugoslav academic circle, against Milosevic and NATO sehr gut tägl. ca. 15 neue Meldungen vom Belgrader Infoministerium, alles wird archiviert und ist nach Datum oder Text suchbar, Fotos, Video, RealAudio (Milosevic-freundlich und schlecht argumentiert, Zusammenfassende Artikel sind noch am besten -natürlich aus Regierungssicht) ANTI-NATO-War-Webring 153 Sites Beispiel für das ökonomische Interesse des Kriegs (Mazedonien, früher Bestandteil Jugoslawiens) mehrsprachig mit Bildern+Links kurzfassung many articles-not only kosovo war anniversy US progressive (oder so ähnlich)
Newsgroups: news:// Uni Belgrad some links, among them: KLA-UCK Information links Questions & Opinions by Dr. Rajko Dolecek INTERNATIONAL PHOTO EXHIBITION
NATOlink to Turkey LM magazin (closed because publishing the NATO-Propaganda lies warlinks UNO resolution 1244 or ?

Racak 2001: "late" "Racak massacre" results Report of Finnish Investigators
(Berliner Zeitung, 1/18; Deutsche Presse Agentur, 1/18)

For Berliner Zeitung's Web Site, see


German language sites

Links zum NATO-Krieg gegen Jugoslawien (nur non-mainstream Quellen)

In Deutsch:
Infosammlungen: (seit NATO-Besetzung täglich mehrfach Morde, Bomben, Anschläge auf Serben im Kosovo) viele Jugoslawienartikel Hintergrund-Artikel Artikel,Konkret Serbisches Dokumentatoinszentrum (in Deutsch+Serbokroatisch)

Propaganda: Videofläschungsfall von ITN Wo sind die Leichen geblieben? Internationales Tribunal über den NATO-Krieg gegen Jugoslawien vom 5. Juni 2000
Kollektive Schuld und kollektive Unschuld Masken der Beitrag:"Krieg im Kosovo: MAD lieferte Rüstungsgüter nach Albanien", Manuskript bestellbar bei WDR, ggf. unter Kerninfo: Kohl fördert via BND/MAD Aufbau/Unterstützung der UCK-Schießereien durch Kohl/BND/MAD bereits 1991!!! enthält unrichtige Meldungen (nicht weitgehend genug) inklusive einiger NATO-Falschmeldungen umfangreiche Linkliste zu Kosovo nicht mehr da ! tägliche Infos von Yugoslawien DE/AKTUELL/ nicht mehr da ! (Weißbuch und AktuellesMerkblatt) nicht mehr da ! die wichtigsten Infos habe ich aber Deutsche Friedengesellschaft/verein.Kriegsd.gegner, inkl. Mainstreampressefehler Videofläschungsfall und weitere deutschspr. Dienst des "Voice of Russia" hat wo was forum amselfeld

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L'menexe, howz it going? I c "D" is in 'verbose mode.' Somethings just never change...heheh. How has everyone been? Any of the old'timers still hanging out here? I've been up to my ears in work. Started a new business and yet have the same ol 'day job' working for the State, well at least for another three years at which time I'll retire. Take care all. phil

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