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yeah, the name's familiar but, um..Howdy.
are you from the days when the Yugo page was busy, like those NATO days of '99? you must be. ...and i would conclude that NATO destroyed Yugoslavia over an 'ethnic cleansing' which did not exist.
I moved to the Russ page, late '99;
Kissie/Kisako/Delenn was there, and only recently left.
(we'll hope she comes back, because she's the best.)

I correspond off-page w/Tommygunns, but he doesnt come around DMS anymore.

....then there was 'emina/kolina/nalini', teller of 1000 lies....i got suckered pretty good back then;
she told me her husband and 3 children had been slaughtered/she'd been beaten/raped/tortured...
she escaped by crawling 30 miles under barbed wire, snipers firing overhead...
when she told me this, i broke down sobbing in my kitchen...
so i grabbed my virtual AK-47 and committed my one and only 'virtual kill', of one of emina's antagonists, 'nick'.
blew his ass away, lemme tell ya...

but emina told too many stories; _way_ too many stories, and i was the last to figure it out -_-

actually she seems to be part of this religious/outer space/new age 'cult'.
(that part is true; i've been to their site.)
so after making nick, 'h'niq', my one 'virtual kill',
a year or so later there i was, having a brief, whirlwind 'virtual liason' with his 'virtual widow'
...i 'virtually loved' her a lot.
indeed, she _was_ beautiful, like nick always said [gloated?] was 3 days...or 9 days...i dunno, i couldnt have been _more_ clumsy, to the one i'd wanted to be the _least_ clumsy...
but you know how those stoopit americans are...oy...

but i read her material, [which i had asked for] until my brain glazed over; it was like cramming for a final exam.

but her intensity and conviction, for zero gain of her own, leads me to think she's been right.
maybe not 100% right, but i dont believe in '100% right' anyway, from anyone.

i will respect her efforts; she _deserves_ that.
otherwise we stopped communicating....

i dont know about my 'ladies of the realm of the fleshless':
*kisako/delenn in the middle east [more than you know]
*and 'daniela' involved w/ yugoslavia...
*and there's a third lady friend on another board, in northern ireland!

conflict, conflict, conflict.
"D" hasnt been around the yugo board lately; feedback from you could elicit a reaction...maybe, if that's what you want.

and there's always the Russ page...oy..

cheers, then!

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Heheh...No I don't want "D" to 'spam' the board anymore than necessary. So much reading is mind numbing and after a while, redundant. I would much rather read someone's own words about an issue which, of course, are linked to source material. But, to post entire articles without comment is like kissing your mother.

Good to hear that the 'T-man' is still around. Daniela and Kissie too.

I got pretty burnt out on Kosovo. Went on to other things, like SlashDot, GeekCom, Kuro5hinOrg, Gnutella News, IDGNet, and Zeropaid. All good sites devoted to the Free Software/Open Software movement and aimed at bringing Gates down a peg or two (which he sorely needs.)

Been downloading a lot of older 'rock' music using P2P file sharing programs like Napster, Gnutella, Aimster and BearShear.

Also been following Eric Corely's ( case through the appeals process (as well as the Napster case).

Anyway, these topics are less taxing and of course less frustrating.

Decided to get my own domain name while in one of my more irrational moments. ( will give you some insight as to my reading intrests. But damn! There is some great reading 'out there.'

Well, work calls. Take care. phil

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Sat 1142
good morning to you, Daniela

...this whole situation must be so intense for

...and you have been powerfully intense all along.
wishing a moment's relief for you

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