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Typhoon Bart knocked out power at a U.S. Marine Corps base in northern Okinawa and claimed the lives of two workmen on the Japanese island of Kyushu on Wednesday.

The monster storm brought with it winds of up to 150 mph and dumped heavy rains across the region. At 0500 HKT September 23 (2200 GMT September 22), Bart's center was 50 miles west of Okinawa moving north-northeast at 8 knots.

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At least 10 people were believed killed in southern Japan as typhoon Bart, packing winds of up to 144 km/h (90 mph), hit.

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A deadly typhoon threatened the tip of Hokkaido island Saturday after lashing Japan with rains and winds that killed at least 26 people as it flooded homes, set off landslides and downed power lines.

Typhoon Bart, packing winds of 67 mph, churned toward Japan's northernmost island at 31 mph, and was expected to hit the port town of Wakkanai, 675 miles north of Tokyo, according to the Meteorological Agency.