Disaster Message Service

The Disaster Message Service (DMS) was developed to facilitate communication and provide information about and during disasters around the world. This service is provided through message board discussions. DMS was first utilized after devastating hurricane Marilyn unleashed hundred mile an hour winds on the Caribbean. In 1996 DMS provided service to those seeking information about the Great Flood of Oregon. DMS was also used in 1998 when Hurricane Georges caused mass destruction across Central America. Discussion boards were added in 1999 to include the Colorado School shootings and to provide over 460,000 users with a forum for discussing the controversial crisis in Yugoslavia. In August 1999, DMS users were provided with up to date discussions and information after an earthquake struck Turkey. More recently DMS was a central location for communications about the 9-11 attacks on America. DMS will continue to provide a central location for discussion and information on current world disasters. Today the world watches as war unfolds in Iraq; a DMS message board has been added to discuss the events. ‘When disaster strikes DMS is here!’

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    • 9-11 Attack On America
      On September 11th 2001 the New York City Trade Center and the United States was under attack by terrorists. These messages represent a real time living history of what was happening and how the people of the United States felt.
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    • Columbine High School Shooting
      Tuesday April 20th, 1999 at Columbine High School in Columbine. Two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killed 12 students and one teacher. Read the messages of condolence and concern from around the world.
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    • Disease
      This is a place to exchange information about disease relief efforts, post updates, and discuss the disaster.
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    • Drought
      "Residents in the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states have been given mandatory and voluntary water restrictions to combat one of the century's worst droughts. " Jane
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    • Hurricane
      Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to coastlines and several hundred miles inland. Winds can exceed 155 miles per hour. Hurricanes and tropical storms can also spawn tornadoes and microbursts, create storm surges along the coast, and cause extensive damage from heavy rainfall.
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    • Crisis in East Timor
      August 1999 East Timor voted for independence. After the vote Indonesian military-backed militia and paramilitaries went on a terror campaign. Very little coverage was seen in the US.
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    • Second Chechen War
      On the 1st October, 1999 Russian troops entered Chechnya. The campaign ended the independence of Chechen Republic and restored Russian federal control over the area.
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    • Tornado
      "I found my brother yesterday. On the off-chance that power had been restored, I tried his phone number. Power had just come back on and he answered the phone (I THANK GOD HE'S OKAY). CaBev "
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    • Winter Storm
      Q: It's the day after the storm. Are you digging out today? Are your neighborhood roads clear? Tell us what it's like in your Area.
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    • Y2K
      Q:Do you think the problems associated with many computers' inability to process the year 2000 will cause more problems than expected, or do you expect the problems to be minimal?
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    • Kosovo War
      NATO's bombing campaign lasted from March 22 to June 11, 1999. The campaign was designed to destroy Yugoslav air defenses and high-value military targets.
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    • Volcanoes
      This is a place to exchange information about volcano relief efforts, post updates, and discuss the disaster.
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